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  1. The Indoor wifiSmart Lamp Timer extends your control to individual lighting fixtures. This screw-in light control works with all types of bulbs up to a maximum of 100 watts.


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  2. 16-Color Home Toilet Bathroom Human Body Auto Motion Sensor Seat Light Night Lamp.


  3. The Element Classic A19 LED Smart Lighting Starter Kit is the easy, affordable way to get whole-home smart lighting. Use included hub to schedule, dim, and turn bulbs On/Off, and run preset routines for Wake Up, Energy Saving, and more.


  4. Get app-controlled color temperature tuning and scheduling with Element Plus A19 bulbs. This long-lasting programmable LED bulb works with wall dimmers, SmartThings, Wink, and Echo Plus (with integrated hub).


  5. LIFX Z is the lighting strip that uses Wi-Fi to create the perfect light for you at. Simply install and plug in the strip, download the LIFX app to fine tune your lighting experience.
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