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  1. Embrace the future of home monitoring systems today with Insteon's low voltage / contact closure interface! Keep your home secure with ease, order now!
  2. Keep your home secure with Insteon's smart smoke bridge! This is the future in emergency systems. Easily detect smoke and carbon monoxide levels!
  3. Install this DIN Rail On-Off switch to provide more customizable options and greater organization when managing complicated wiring circuits.
  4. Install this DIN Rail Dimmer switch to provide a more custom and organized way to handle complicated wiring circuits.
  5. Control lighting, appliances and more from the palm of your hand with a versatile Insteon wireless mini remote control.
  6. Control 4 devices or groups of devices from your palm, the wall or your car visor with this white wireless mini remote touchpad from Insteon.
  7. Put a switch anywhere-even on a concrete wall-with no wiring required! This Insteon mini remote switch gives you convenient control of your lighting.
  8. Install this convenient, compact Micro On-Off Module to add remote control to virtually any switch or outlet.
  9. Install this Dual-Band Micro Dimmer behind your existing switches or fixtures to add dimmable remote control functionality to your lighting.
  10. Control the Insteon On/Off Smart Outlet through a voice assistant, smartphone, and more. Plug-in your favorite appliances and make the smart. Shop now!
  11. Get control of your lighting while retaining a clean, professional, built-in look with this Remote Dimmable Outlet.
  12. Use this weather resistant Outdoor Automation Module to conveniently control your outdoor lights or appliances with a remote controller.
  13. Control indoor small appliances up to 1800W with this Insteon home automation module. It provides a remote on/off switch. It can be voice controlled with Alexa.
  14. This adjustable simple remote control lamp dimmer plug-in has dimmer presets and local control. It uses dual-band technology and doubles as an access point
  15. Control non-dimmable lights, fans, and other appliances in an Insteon home control network with a remote control on off toggle switch. Easy to install.
  16. Select this Remote Toggle Dimmer Switch to easily and quickly add lighting control with a familiar look that matches your home's decor.
  17. The most advanced remote control on off switch available. Remotely control any load type. 1800 watt capacity for commercial and residential use. White.
  18. Get complete local control of your automated lighting systems or remote control with your smartphone with this Remote Dimmer Light Switch.
  19. AmerTac’s electronic timers have multiple programming modes for increased flexibility and accuracy. Programming is easy with up to 20 programs per week including Random, and Daylight Savings Time options.


    List Price: $9.99

    Your Savings: $0.31

  20. The switch allows you to wirelessly schedule and control of any hard-wired light sources or ceiling fans in your home from anywhere, at any time.


    List Price: $44.99

    Your Savings: $5.02

  21. This Z-Wave device replaces you current light switch using your existing wiring and provides Z-Wave wireless control of overhead lighting. Not only does it act as a switch but the GE In-Wall Smart Motion Switch has a built in PIR sensor which can control the local and be set in occupancy or vacancy mode.


    List Price: $54.99

    Your Savings: $5.49

  22. Ring Pathlights are motion-sensing smart lights used in multiples to illuminate paths and accent landscape features. Battery-powered for easy no-wiring installation Pathlights also add further motion detection reach.


    List Price: $29.99

    Your Savings: $0.01

  23. The Samsung SmartThings Outlet allows you to have control over your lighting and compatible electronic devices by app or with your voice. Learn more here!
  24. The Samsung SmartThings Plug allows you to automate devices and control them at all times, even when you’re not home. Learn more here!
  25. Automate your home with the click of a button with the Samsung SmartThings Button. You can control lights, small appliances, and much more!


    List Price: $14.99

    Your Savings: $0.01

  26. Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb is easy to control and will save you money and energy. Take control of your lighting today. Learn more here!
  27. The 2.0 male cable 6 feet is ideal for patch and short run applications.


    List Price: $10.00

    Your Savings: $9.01

  28. The Decora Smart with Wi-Fi Technology family of products feature five devices including in-wall dimmers, a switch, and plug-in modules for appliances and lamps.
  29. The FIBARO KeyFob is a compact, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus compatible remote control. Six buttons allow you to control other devices through the Z-Wave network and run various scenes defined in FIBARO System
  30. The iDevices Switch is a smart plug compatible with both iOS and Android, which allows you to customize your home just the way you like it.
  31. The Lutron Claro 2-Gang decorator screwless wallplate in white adds style your Lutron Maestro, Diva and Skylark dimmer or wall switch installations.


    List Price: $9.80

    Your Savings: $1.81

  32. Schedule your plug-in lamps, holiday lighting or small appliances to turn on/off from anywhere using a compatible Z-Wave® controller. Installation is simple and requires no new wiring - simply plug in the device and enroll it to the hub. Features two-way status updating for immediate notification and precise automation scheduling.


    List Price: $34.99

    Your Savings: $6.64

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