Light Effects 01-0126 Etched Lace Window Privacy Film, 24" x 36"

Light Effects 01-0126 Etched Lace Window Privacy Film, 24" x 36"

Decorative DIY Film Allows Natural Light into Room while Providing Privacy and Style
  • Easily installs on an existing window
  • Adds privacy to home window while still letting in sunlight
  • Provides 90-99% protection against UV rays
  • Cut or combine to fit any window size and shape
  • Apply to interior or exterior of window



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  • This do-it-yourself simple solution adds a decorative accent to any window, in any room while also increasing the windows ability to provide privacy from onlookers. The 24" x 36" Light Effects Etched Lace Window Privacy Film easily installs on the interior or exterior of an existing window and provides 90-99% protection against UV rays from entering through the window. The window film can be cut or combined with additional film to custom fit windows of all shapes and sizes. This DIY solution will add to the artistic decor of a room while still allowing natural sunlight to filter through the window and fill the room. The Light Effects window film can be removed from the window and reused by peeling it off.

    • Step 1 - Measure the window to determine how much of the window film will be needed. Trim the film on a flat, smooth surface as needed.
    • Step 2 - Clean the window surface to remove all dirt and debris. This can be done with any commercial glass cleaner.
    • Step 3 - Fill a spray bottle with cold water and mix in a few drops of dish soap. Spray the window with a generous amount of the cold water/dish soap mixture.
    • Step 4 - Begin peeling the film from the paper backing and keep the paper backing dry. Keep the film protected from lint and dust. Tip: If you are having trouble peeling the backing from the film try putting a small piece of tape in the corner of the backing and the corner of the film then pull apart to begin separating process.
    • Step 5 - Begin installing the film by positioning it on the window and wetting the textured side of the film. Using a squeegee begin to flatten the film onto the window while at the same time pushing out the excess amount of water. Continue to squeegee the film until water pockets are gone and film is flush with the window. Tip: Have a rag handy during this process to soak up the water being squeegeed out.

    • Hands-On Review
      It's easy to install and works great. I live on a first floor apartment in a heavily trafficked area and have used Light Effects privacy film for a while now on a few of my windows and am very pleased with it. It's really nice being able to leave all the blinds open to let in sunlight without feeling like every single person that walks by is peering in. They are easy enough to be installed by one person but the task is obviously much quicker with the help of someone else. Doing this on my own took a little over 30 minutes and when I had help it took about 15-20 minutes. They look nice on the window and I haven't noticed or had any issue with them starting to peel off on their own.
      Jason T - Smarthome employee

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Artscape Inc
    Manufacturer Product No. 01-0126
    UPC 895425000090
    Dimensions 24 inches x 36 inches
    Style Etched Lace
    Window Placement Interior or Exterior
    UV Protection 90 - 90%
    Installation 1 to 2 people
    Custom Fitting Yes, this window film can be cut to custom fit a smaller window or combined with another window film for a larger window
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