Leviton WSS0S-P0W LevNet RF Wireless Self-Powered Single-Push Remote Switch, White

Enjoy Remote Lighting Control Throughout your Home with No Wiring or Batteries Required
  • Self-powered switch - zero power consumption - no batteries or external power required
  • No wiring - hassle free installation for the average DIY'r
  • True wireless communication with all LevNet RF and EnOcean Receivers via radio frequency
  • Wireless range of 50-150 feet
  • Aestheticsally blends with home d



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  • Leviton WSS0S-P0W LevNet RF Wireless Self-Powered Remote Switch allows you to control one light or one group of lights This switch controls the connected load using a single push on off operation. After pressing down on the On/Off paddle, the paddle returns to a neutral position. Each press of the paddle allows the built-in micro-generator to produce power for the transmission of wireless RF (radio frequency) signals. One switch can control an unlimited number of LevNet RF Receivers that are within range, and are perfect for multi-location (3-way or 4-way) switching applications. LevNet RF Remote Switches use no wires or batteries resulting in zero power consumption and no energy used. Pressing the switch or inserting a key card into a holder provides the energy to transmit a wireless signal that controls lights or other devices connected to LevNet RF Receivers.

    Wireless Switches are primarily used to control lights in businesses or homes, but they can be used to control virtually any on/off device. Each Self-Powered Wireless Remote Switch can be placed anywhere within range of a Receiver. Traditionally the Remote Switch is surface mounted on a wall with screws or industrial tape, but can also be used in a standard switch box or as a wireless handheld remote. The unique ID of each Switch activates only the intended Receiver(s). Wireless, self-powered technologies make them the ideal solution for retrofits and new construction. Installation is quick and easy with no additional wiring required. It takes only minutes to install and configure. The LevNet RF line includes multiple products that operate in the uncrowded 315MHz band offering greater transmission range (50-150 feet) than other wireless technologies and minimal competitive traffic.

    This product is also available in:
    Light Almond

    If you would like a standard rocker style switch try the Leviton WSS0S-D0I LevNet RF Wireless Self-Powered Decora Single Rocker Remote Switch, and for controlling two lights or two groups of lights, consider using the LevNet RF Wireless Self-Powered Decora Dual Rocker Remote Switch, sold separately. Each rocker on the Dual Rocker Remote Switch can separately control an unlimited number of LevNet RF Receivers that are within range.

    LevNet - Enabled by EnOcean
    Self-Powered Wireless technology means no wiring is required. Leviton LevNet RF Self-Powered Wireless Solutions are easy to install and maintenance-free, utilizing no batteries and free to operate, saving ongoing labor and material costs while saving energy. LevNet RF devices offer zero power consumption and zero maintenance for recurring savings for the building owner. EnOcean technology allows energy harvesting LevNet RF Transmitters to operate indefinitely without the use of batteries. The human motion of a switch actuation, light on a solar cell, or temperature differentials in the environment provide power to LevNet RF Transmitters, eliminating additional expenses to the end user's energy bill and allowing zero maintenance
    wireless devices.

    Leviton LevNet RF Devices are ideal for use in a variety of applications:
    • Retrofits - New construction
    • Conference rooms - Classrooms
    • Lounges/Lobbies - Private offices
    • Executive offices - Restrooms
    • Daycare facilities - Multimedia areas

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Leviton
    Manufacturer Product No. WSS0S-P0W
    UPC 078477484487
    Frequency 315MHz
    Range 50 - 150 feet
    Transmission Interval Human Touch
    Transmission Time Milliseconds
    transmissions 3-5 packets per press or release
    Mechanical Cycles >50,000
    Device Address Unique from factory
    Power Supply Self-generated when switch is pressed
    Output Channels Only limited by number of receivers in range
    Usage Indoors only
    Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    Radio Certification FCC Certified for Wireless Communication (U.S.), I.C. Certified (Canada)
    Warranty Manufacturer limited 5 year

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