Omnistat2 Multistage and Heat Pump with Humidity Control Thermostat

Leviton Security & Automation RT200-W Omnistat2 Multistage Thermostat - White

Save Energy and Maximize Comfort with this Elegant Thermostat
  • Learns heating and cooling patterns to control equipment and optimize efficiency
  • 3 simple buttons for easy menu navigation
  • Can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a control system
  • Built-in motion sensor turns on large backlit LCD screen, which has adjustable colors
  • 7 day schedule with copy function and vacation mode
  • Formerly an HAI product



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  • The Omnistat2 line from Leviton Security & Automation offers the latest in programmable communicating thermostats. It includes all the standard features such as creating a 7-day schedule with separate weekday, Saturday and Sunday heating schedules; as well as a vacation mode. It is also fully interactive with the Omni family of Leviton Security & Automation Central Automation Controllers. What really makes this line of thermostats unique is the ability to learn your patterns of operation and use that information to create maximum efficiency; conserving energy while keeping you comfortable. Generally up to half of your electric bill can be accounted for by your heating and cooling system, so managing them is the best way to cut energy costs. Some other cool features include a simple 3-button user interface, a filter reminder for peak efficiency, simple or advanced display, motion sensing large digital LCD screen, adjustable backlit LCD screen, energy monitoring with real-time costs and bills, and smart metering communication with your utility company (where available).

    In addition to all of these premium features for the Omnistat2 line of products, the RT200-W Multistage and Heat Pump with Humidity Control Thermostat also includes:
    • • Single stage including gas, oil, steam, hydronic, forced air, radiant, electric 2 stage conventional
    • • Heat pumps, including air to air heat pumps or geothermal
    • • 2 Speed heat pumps with 3rd stage auxiliary heat
    • • Compatible with zone control systems that require a master thermostat
    • • Variable speed fan control
    • • Dual fuel heat pumps
    • • Humidity sensing and display
    • • Humidifier control
    • • Dehumidifier control

    Energy Efficiency
    This thermostat is equipped with Energy Efficient Control (EEC) that continually monitors the performance of the HVAC system and uses Stage 2 (heat or cool) and Stage 3 (auxiliary heat) only when necessary. If it determines that Stage 1 is able to heat or cool at a rate of 5 degrees per hour or better, Stage 2 will not be used. If Stage 1 is unable to heat or cool at this rate, the thermostat will use Stage 2 as needed. Under these conditions, Stage 1 will run continuously and Stage 2 will cycle on and off as needed. In extremely cold conditions, the auxiliary heating will be used when Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 is not heating at a sufficient rate.

    Cool Anticipator
    This adjusts the tendency of the HVAC to run the cooling system to refresh and dehumidify the air before the temperature rises to the desired cool settings.

    The HAI Omnistat2 Multistage and Heat Pump with Humidity Control Thermostat works with HAI home control systems and other manufacturer's automation systems. There is an expansion port for wireless communication.

    Temperature Sensor
    Supports one external temperature sensor for indoor or outdoor, sold separately. Please note that if an outdoor sensor has been set up, the outdoor temperature will recognized and displayed.

    Remote Control
    It has the capability to be controlled remotely through the telephone or Internet, separate connections and parts required.

    In 2012, HAI was acquired by Leviton, with the transitional name, “HAI by Leviton” applied. Mid 2013, “Leviton Security & Automation” was formalized.

    The previous HAI part number for this product was RC-2000WH.
  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:RT200-W (Formerly HAI Part # RC-2000WH)
    Electrical Rating:Designed for 24 VAC heating and cooling systems; 2 A; 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Current:2 A on any circuit, 3 A total
    Systems Supported:
  • Single Stage Heat/Cool Conventional
  • Two Stage Conventional (2 Stage Heat / 2 Stage Cool)
  • Heat Pump (2 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool)
  • Two Speed Heat Pump (3 Stage Heat / 2 Stage Cool)
  • Dual Fuel Heat Pump
  • Humidifier and Dehumidifier Control
  • Certifications:UL, FCC, CE, Energy Star compliant
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