Leviton OSSMT-GDW No Neutral Multi-Technology Designer Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor, White

Wall Switch offers Automatic Lighting Control that Provides Energy Savings and Convenience
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  • Leviton's Designer Multi-Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor is designed to detect motion using the passive infrared (PIR) sensor from sources (such as a person entering a room) within its field-of-view (monitored space) and automatically switch lights ON. The Occupancy Sensor senses motion within its maximum coverage area of 2400 sq. ft (223 m2). The ultrasonic (US) sensors work with the PIR to keep lights ON when occupied. The controlled lights will remain ON until no motion is detected and the scheduled time-delay has expired, at which point the lights will turn OFF. In adapting time-out mode, the sensor adapts its time delay settings to the occupancy patterns of a room.

    This occupancy sensor is designed to control a single lighting control circuit and provide the energy savings of an occupancy sensor. This device does not contain a neutral conductor. It is intended for use in retrofit applications where a neutral is not available in the wall box. It is a single relay device, which can be Auto ON or Manual ON. The device contains a photocell that provides an Ambient Light Hold Off function. The device is configurable for either Ultrasonic with PIR or Ultrasonic Only modes of operation.

    The PIR Occupancy Sensor uses a small semiconductor heat detector that resides behind a multi-zone optical lens. This Fresnel lens establishes dozens of zones of detection. The Sensor is sensitive to the heat emitted by the human body. In order to initially trigger the Sensor, the source of heat must move from one zone of detection to another. The device is most effective in sensing motion across its field-of-view and it is less effective sensing motion towards or away from its field-of-view). Keep this in mind when selecting the installation location.

    The US Occupancy Sensor uses a non-audible, high frequency (40kHz) to sense Doppler shifts caused by motion in the space. The US is more sensitive to small motion and does not rely on line of sight for detection. If both sensors have not detected any motion for the set timeout period, the relay and its corresponding load will be turned OFF.

    Additional Features
    • Factory Settings: The sensor is shipped from the factory to work in almost all situations, without any added adjustments. The factory settings are: Blinders open, 10 minutes fixed Time-Out, Lights always turn ON regardless of existing light levels, Medium passive infrared (PIR) range, and High Ultrasonic range. The PIR and ultrasonic technologies are both active.
    • Blinders: The blinders are two independent shutters that can narrow the field-of-view from a maximum of 180° down to 32°. The blinders are operated by moving the blinder levers towards or away from the center of the Sensor. The blinder levers can be found above the control dials in the
      control panel (refer to Control Panel Diagram).
    • Time-Outs: The Sensor has three types of Time-Outs: Fixed, Adapting, and Walkthrough.
      • Fixed Time-Out: The value of this Time-Out is user selected through the use of the Time Control Setting (refer to Control Panel Diagram and Time-Out Settings).
      • Adapting Time-Out: When activated, the value of this Time-Out (30 minutes) is changed by the Sensor based on room occupancy and lighting conditions.
      • Walk-through Time-Out: The value of this Time-Out is preset to 2.5 minutes and only exists in the Adapting Time-Out mode.
    • Adapting Time Delay: The Sensor has built in adapting intelligence that changes the Adapting Time-Out duration in response to the occupancy conditions of the room it is installed in.
    • Walk-Through Time Delay: The walk-through feature which is only active in the Adapting Time-Out mode, is useful when a room is momentarily occupied. With this feature, the Sensor will turn the lights OFF shortly after the person leaves the room.
    • Ambient Light Override: The Ambient Light Override is used to keep the lights OFF if there is already enough natural light in the room.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Leviton
    Manufacturer Product No.: OSSMT-GDW
    UPC: 078477406960
    Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC
    Operational Frequencies: 60Hz
    Ultrasonic Operating Frequency: 40kHz
    Load Rating: Incandescent/Tungsten:800W @ 120V
    Fluorescent: 1200VA @ 120V, 2700VA @ 277V
    Motor: 1/4 HP @ 120V
    Wire Designation: Line - Black, Neutral -White, Load - Blue, Ground - Green
    Neutral: Not Required
    Storage Temperature Range: -10° C to 85° C
    Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing
    Dimensions: 4.06" H x 1.75" W x 1.85" D (103.2mm x 44.4mm x 47.2mm)
    Switch Type: Single-Pole
    Adjustment: Self-Adjusting
    Technology:: Multi-Technology PIR/Ultrasonic
    Pattern Degrees: 180
    Coverage Range: 2400 square feet
    Time Adjustment: 30s-30m
    Photo Cell: Ambient Override OFF
    Certifications: UL and cUL listed, CEC Title 24 Compliant, FCC Compliant
    Warranty: 5-Year Limited

  • 8 Reviews

    Review of 36529 Review by CHRIS
    Review of 36529

    Tried to install, Worked properly for less than a minute then failed. Customer service would not replace or refund this item. Very expensive paperweight.

    Posted on 12/2/2012

    Review of 36529 Review by John
    Review of 36529

    Fantastic product. This switch replaced an older, less expensive, single technology PIR Leviton occupancy sensor wall switch. No comparison.

    List of problems caused by single tech switch:

    Very sensitive to vibration. Lights would turn on in kitchen if someone walked into the bathroom on the second floor. Bathroom is above kitchen.

    Very sensitive to heat coming out of vent beneath sink. Light would turn on in winter every time furnace came on.

    Not sensitive enough to small movements. Standing still in kitchen reading or making small movements with hands on cutting board was not picked up and lights would turn off while in kitchen.

    Not sensitive enough to large movements upon entering kitchen. Because it was only PIR based, due to the layout of the kitchen, you had to be pretty close to the switch for the lights to come on.

    Almost every problem listed above was solved by installing this multi-tech PIR and Ultra Sonic occupancy sensor. I said almost because at this time, it's still summer and I haven't seen how it behaves with the heat vent/furnace issue. However, this unit is adjustable for PIR sensitivity where the cheaper units are not.

    There are many ways to set this light up. You might want to read the manual that's linked to in the description of the product.

    So far, I use the light in the default mode as shipped from the factory. Both PIR and Ultrasonic modes active. Ten minute time out.

    One benefit of the way I'm currently using the switch is the ability to manually turn off the lights when I'm leaving the room and have the switch automatically put itself in auto sense mode 10 minutes after movement has stopped in the room. The older PIR switch couldn't do this. When it was manually turned off, it had to be manually turned on.


    Wiring this unit was made more complicated by my lack of understanding of electrical grounding. Let's just say I'm grateful for circuit breakers, luck and YouTube. The box where this switch was installed did not have a standard ground, it had a floating ground. Solved the problem by going to my local hardware store and buying a package of grounding clips less than $5. You can also use grounding screws, but they require that the box have screw holes already drilled or you have to drill them yourself. Super easy to attach clip. Problem solved. I originally confused the neutral and hot wires. Problem solved by using YouTube to find a video that used a muti-meter pick up a cheap one for this to show how to determine hot, neutral and ground wires.

    Posted on 8/9/2012

    Review of 36529 Review by BRIAN
    Review of 36529

    I think this is the best motion sensor switch I have used. Leviton is top notch. The US sensor is perfect for bathrooms that don't have line of sight to the switch. No neutral required, but ground is. Make sure you have a connected ground for installation. Can also be used in a 3-way circuit, that is my next project.

    Posted on 6/20/2012

    Review of 36529 Review by CHARLES
    Review of 36529

    An excellent product with excellent instructions - which do need to be read before installation. This is being used in a narrow hallway to iluminate the hallway when a person in a wheelchair approaches, passes though, and leaves the hallway. Installation was easy to someone familiar with electrical wiring work.

    Posted on 11/25/2010

    Review of 36529 Review by MALCOLM
    Review of 36529

    Works great although for my application, it would be nice if the shutters had more lateral range.

    Posted on 8/22/2010

    Review of 36529 Review by RYAN
    Review of 36529

    Sensor works great. Love the on/off push button switch verses the slide switch on other models. The instructions and programming are "advanced" in their understanding. You WILL have to read the manual to program. Ultrasonic detector adds significant range including behind objects the motion sensor would never get. Highly Recommended!

    Posted on 4/26/2010

    Review of 36529 Review by CHRIS
    Review of 36529

    I've always had a motion sensor for the lighting in my garage - never need to walk into a dark garage with your hands full again. My new home has fluorescent lighting, and unfortunatley the normal, inexpensive motion sensors don't work with fluorescent. After a fair amount of searching, this one offered the featuers I needed for the lowest cost. Installation and setup was very simple thanks to the clear instructions. A big bonus that helps justify the cost of this unit is the sonic sensor - now when I'm out of range of the motion sensor in the 3rd bay of our garage, I no longer get left in the dark when the light times out. The sonic sensor can hear me moving around and knows to keep the lights on. We're very happy with the product, and strongly considering buying another for our laundry room.

    Posted on 12/27/2009

    Review of 36529 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 36529

    Worked as stated but a little bit more optional technical information would be nice.

    Posted on 12/20/2009

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