Leviton ODS10-IDI Commercial Grade Wall Mounted Occupancy Sensor, Ivory

Automatically Turn Off The Lights When The Office Is Empty
  • Adjustable timer settings of 30 seconds, 10, 20 and 30 minute durations
  • 180° field of view with 40' range
  • 2,100sq/ft coverage
  • Manual push-button ON/OFF override
  • Easy three-wire installation



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  • If you need extended motion sensing range, a longer timed duration (10-30 minutes), higher power handling, or the highest possible quality and reliability in a motion sensing light switch, choose this Ivory Leviton Commerical Grade Wall Occupancy Sensor. This is a switch produced for the demanding requirements of offices and commercial buildings. It has 180° field of view with a 40' range to cover up to 2,100sq/ft and will fit into any Decora Wallplate (sold separately).

    Push-button Manual Override Control
    For manual control, the wall sensor features a convenient push-button switch. If the lights are OFF, pressing the button will turn lights ON and keep them ON for as long as the room is occupied. The lights will be turned OFF once the room is vacant, after the delayed-OFF time expires. If the lights are ON, pressing the button will turn lights OFF and keep them OFF even if the room is occupied.

    Field of View
    The wall sensor provides a 180° field of view with a maximum coverage area of approximately 2100 square feet. The maximum sensing distance in front of the sensor is 40 feet, and at each side is 30 feet. A "small-motion" zone detects relatively small body movements and allows the lights to stay ON even though a person may not be moving or walking around the room. The remainder of the field of view, the "large-motion" zone, exhibits a lesser degree of sensitivity and requires larger movements. Integral sliding blinders on each side of the lens may be used to restrict the 180° field of view down to 32°. This will prevent unwanted detection in areas such as hallways. Reducing the coverage range allows the unit to ignore motion at the far end of its range and avoid unnecessarily switching lights ON. The range can be adjusted from 100% to 36% of the total coverage area.

    Delayed timer
    A choice of four delayed-OFF time settings is available: 30-seconds (for walking test purposes only), 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes.

    Background Light
    To maximize energy savings in some installations, the ambient light override feature will prevent the wall sensor from switching lights ON when there is ample natural sunlight, regardless of occupancy. This adjustment should be made when the ambient light is at the level where no artificial light is needed. Adjustable Ambient Light Override ranges from approximately 2 foot-candles (2 lux) to 500+ foot-candles (500+ lux.); wallplate sold separately.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Leviton
    Manufacturer Product No.: ODS10-IDI
    Line Voltage: 120/277 VAC
    Operational Frequencies: 60Hz
    Wire Designation: Line-Black, Load -Blue, Ground-Green
    Load Rating: Fluorescent: 1200VA (10A) @ 120V; 2700VA (10A) @ 277V
    Incandescent:: 800W (6.67A) @ 120V
    Motor: 1/4 HP (5.8A) @ 120V
    Minimum Load Required: None
    Compatible Loads: Electronics Ballast, Magnetic Ballast, Electronics Low-Voltage Transformers, Magnetic Low-Voltage Transformers, Incandescent Lamps, Fans
    Operating Temperature Range: 32&degF to 122&degF
    Relative Humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing
    Agency Approval: UL Listed, CSA Certified, Complies w/ California Title 24 Energy Code, Complies with FCC Regulations

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    Review of 2520i Review by ERNEST
    Review of 2520i

    Very satisfied. Eliminated the need to rewire new switch on the other end of the breezeway.

    Posted on 6/1/2014

    Review of 2520i Review by LOUIS
    Review of 2520i

    Great folks to deal with and a very good switch

    Posted on 5/14/2012

    Review of 2520i Review by DAN
    Review of 2520i

    This switch worked great on an electronic ballast

    Posted on 11/19/2011

    Review of 2520i Review by ROY
    Review of 2520i

    Other than being a bit tricky to uncover the options panel, this was a breeze to install and has so far (a few weeks) worked flawlessly

    Posted on 3/16/2011

    Review of 2520i Review by ELLEN
    Review of 2520i

    After much searching for an occupancy sensor that was compatible with the flourescent light fixture that we just purchased, I found this site. It was very informative and even mentioned that it was compatible with the electronic ballast that this fixture had. I purchased the sensor which was very easy and it arrived earlier than anticipated. It installed easily and works like a charm. We love being able to come into the house and have the light turn on (and off)as we are entering the room. It is a great item and the quality of the sensor is definately commercial grade. We look forward to many other replacement items that are more eco friendly as we continue our remodel.

    Posted on 9/30/2010

    Review of 2520i Review by DON
    Review of 2520i

    Excellent product at a very reasonable price. Delivery was very fast and hassel free. Smarthome is a good place to shop.

    Posted on 7/1/2010

    Review of 2520i Review by TERRY
    Review of 2520i

    I have installed two of this model and the have worked fine so far. We are 3 weeks into the initial burn-in period. It is my experience using about 50 residential motion sensors that about 20% fail in a year of service and must be replaced. We hopefully wish this commercial product will be better.

    Posted on 1/9/2010

    Review of 2520i Review by JIM
    Review of 2520i

    These are great for instant on lighting of any sort with plenty of options for particular area needs such as manual on with automatic off(timed lighting) or automatic on and off.

    Posted on 7/3/2009

    Review of 2520i Review by JUSTIN
    Review of 2520i

    I love this product. The range and sensitivity are fantastic and it was very simple to install.

    Posted on 1/19/2009

    Review of 2520i Review by LARRY
    Review of 2520i

    Easy to install, works as advertised

    Posted on 5/31/2008

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