Leviton AEM65 Architectural Edition JBL 6.5-Inch Dual Voice-Coil 2-Way Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker

Leviton AEM65 Architectural Edition JBL 6.5-Inch Dual Voice-Coil 2-Way Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker

Enjoy Two Channels of Stereo Sound from a Single Speaker
  • Unique dual-channel design reproduces two channels of stereo from a single location
  • Maximum output up to 100 Watts
  • Paintable grille


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  • The Leviton AEM65 Architectural Edition JBL 6 1/2-Inch Dual Voice-Coil 2-Way Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker is a unique design suitable for surround-sound installations where a minimum of holes in the ceiling is desired. With this product, it is possible to produce both left and right surround-sound channels from a single speaker location. The AEM65 combines two stereo channels in a single speaker through its dual tweeter array and dual voice coil design. This two-way in-ceiling loudspeaker delivers powerful, clear JBL sound in a space-saving package. A single speaker reproduces two channels, so it's perfect for remote rooms in a multiroom application, or for upgrading a 5.1-channel home theater to 7.1 channels without making additional cutouts. Or use it anywhere you need two channels but only have space for one. The titanium-laminate cone woofer with rubber surround delivers tight bass for extended listening sessions. Included are integrated dog-ear brackets for retrofit applications

    Leviton / JBL
    Leviton and JBL have partnered together to create the Leviton Architectural Edition powered by JBL program, which consists of a complete line of installed multi-room music, outdoor and home theater entertainment systems, making it easy to design and build award-winning JBL sound quality into any residential project. When it comes to reproducing their work, performers and recording professionals insist on JBL speakers in the studio, on tour, and behind the screens of the world's best movie theaters. Leviton/JBL components are engineered using the same advanced materials and technologies found in JBL professional systems to deliver a professional quality listening experience right in the home.

    Installation Considerations
    The AEM65 has the capability of playing two channels through one loudspeaker, thanks to its dual-tweeter/dualvoice-coil construction. Since the tweeters are close together, in general they should be aimed away from each other for best coverage. For two-channel (stereo) applications, e.g., as a single speaker in a remote room of a distributed audio system, install the AEM65 stereo speaker centrally in the ceiling for best stereo imaging, swiveling the tweeters so that one points toward the left and the other toward the right of the listening position, aimed at ear level height. The AEM65 stereo speaker may also be used to play the left and right surround channels in a 5.1-channel home theater system, in which case it should be mounted in the ceiling slightly behind the listening position, centered from left to right and with the tweeters pointing toward the left and right of the listening position, aimed at ear-level height. For 7.1-channel systems where it is desired to use two AEM65 stereo speakers, one to play both the left surround and surround back channels and the other to play both the right surround and surround back channels, mount each AEM65 stereo speaker in the ceiling, slightly behind the listening position, one closer to the left side of the room and the other closer to the right side. Aim the

    More About the Leviton Architectural Edition
    An entertainment system - like a chain - can only be as strong as its weakest link. The Leviton Architectural Edition series ensures that all control and distribution elements are as "state-of-the-art" in performance as the systems' speakers and electronic components. Leviton's award-winning System Matching module and Strauss Transformer-Free volume controls use advanced aerospace technology to deliver ruler-flat frequency response to every zone of a multi-room audio system. Architectural Edition wall plates provide audiophile-grade connectivity in a quick, easy-to-install format.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Leviton / JBL
    Manufacturer Product No. AEM65
    UPC 078477288894
    Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power 100 Watts
    Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
    Frequency Response 40Hz - 20kHz (+10dB)
    Crossover Frequency 3000Hz
    Sensitivity 88dB (2.83V/1m)
    Tweeter Dual 3/4" (19mm) Titanium-laminate dome, w/Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal waveguide and swivel mounts
    Woofer 6-1/2" Titanium-laminate cone w/rubber surround
    Plate Size (Dia.) 9-3/16" (233mm)
    Mounting Cutout Size (Dia.) 7-7/8" (200mm)<</td>
    Mounting Depth 4-1/4" (108mm)
    Weight 4 lb (1.8kg)
    Manufacturer Warranty 5 Years

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    • 1x - Leviton AEM65 Architectural Edition JBL 6 1/2-Inch Dual Voice-Coil 2-Way Stereo In-Ceiling Speaker
    • 1x - Grille
    • 1x - Template / Paint Shield
    • 1x - Owner's Manual

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