Leviton 6287 Noise Block

Leviton 6287 Noise Block

Problem Free HID & Low Voltage Lighting



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  • Use this filter with X10 receivers to fix bothersome problems. If you can turn on an X10 device remotely, but not turn it off, then this filter will help. When the device is on, (and generating noise), the X10 receiver can't "see" the X10 off signal because of the noise. When the device is off, there is no noise, so the command is easily recognized on the AC lines. Install this filter as close to the noise generator as possible. It needs to be installed between the X10 receiver and the device being controlled. Please note that the filter will NOT WORK for two wire wall switches that do not have a neutral wire. If installed on two-wire switches, it will also filter out X10 signals. See the wiring diagram on the right for more information.

    Install this unit when installing HID lighting to prevent erratic operation. High Pressure Discharge lighting (HID) often generates a significant amount of noise when turned off. The noise usually turns the X10 module back on immediately after it is turned off. If the X10 module chatters then turning on HID lighting, this filter will alleviate the problem.

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    Manufacturer Product No.:6287
    Dimensions:1 7/8 in. x 1 9/16 in. x 3/4 in.

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    Review of 4835 Review by JEANNE
    Review of 4835

    Seems to be working: the flakey X10 switch is much more reliable since installing the noise block on a new electronic ballast.

    Posted on 3/3/2013

    Review of 4835 Review by DAVID
    Review of 4835

    Works the way one would expect.

    Posted on 2/19/2013

    Review of 4835 Review by CHRISTOPHER
    Review of 4835

    I installed this product inside the outlet that was powering an appliance that was causing noise and affecting my X10 gear. It worked perfectly and without using a wall wart for noise filtering! I'll definitely purchase more of these as the need arises.

    Posted on 1/9/2013

    Review of 4835 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 4835

    Fixed my low voltage noise problem and now my x10 stuff works just fine.

    Posted on 12/30/2012

    Review of 4835 Review by Denis
    Review of 4835

    I have been using 4 of those units, one each together with a keypadlinc dimmer, with the goal to improve power line communication load for each are 5 fluorescent bulbs.
    This has created major issues with the dimmers when they are restarted power turned back on, as they 'sense' the load. Dimmers are oscillating powering on, resetting cycle constantly. On two of the fixtures, it seemed to work OK and communication did improve but after power loss in the house, the 2 dimmers have been in this reset/on blinking state until I pulled the power latch at the bottom of the keypadlinc.
    I had to take them out as wife was getting very upset about those lights blinking.

    Posted on 12/28/2012

    Review of 4835 Review by JOHN
    Review of 4835

    Small and compact, works perfect.

    Posted on 11/16/2012

    Review of 4835 Review by DOUGLAS
    Review of 4835

    Did the job. Brought some X10 stuff back to life after I figured out that some new Evolve Z-wave switches were sucking up the X10 signal. Putting this thing in the supply to the z-wave switches cured the problem. (By the way, I am quite happy with the z-wave switches in all other respects).
    Only gets 4 stars because I feel it is annoyingly expensive for what it is. (But it did the job)

    Posted on 11/15/2012

    Review of 4835 Review by Pat
    Review of 4835

    Based on the many good reviews here, I bought this filter to put on my newly installed 4 bulb T-8 flourescent lamp in my shop. The light fixture, a Home Depot purchase, puts out an amazing amount of light in my basement shop, but, unfortunately, also puts out an amazing amount of EMI - to the point I can't play my radio. I get nothing but static. The filter accomplished effectively nothing. Back to the drawing board.

    Posted on 10/16/2012

    Review of 4835 Review by TOMMY
    Review of 4835

    This device works - mostly. I still have one device that does not report a status if the florescent light with the noise blocker installed is turned on. The other 5 Insteon devices are working now.

    Posted on 7/18/2012

    Review of 4835 Review by STEVEN
    Review of 4835

    Solved my problem

    Posted on 7/8/2012

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