Leviton 51120-3 Three Phase Whole House Surge Suppressor Surge Protector

Protect your Home or Business from Costly Electrical Surges
  • Unlimited main breaker panel current
  • Transient surge capacity - 950 joules
  • Maximum surge current - 50,000A
  • Response time - Instantaneous



List Price: $531.06

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  • Provide your home with protection from high-energy transient voltage surges that can damage sensitive electronics such as computers, audio and video gear and other electronic appliances. The Leviton 51120-3 Whole Home Surge Protector and Supressor can be used individually or as part of a coordinated application strategy, to protect sensitive electronic equipment, in industrial, commercial and residential locations. This device will divert damaging voltage transients, or surges, away from electronic equipment offering protection against catastrophic failure, costly downtime and data disruptions.

    The Leviton Branch Panel Mounted transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) devices have been designed to protect residential as well as small commercial establishments from high voltage transients. Standardized J-Box metal enclosure with prepunched standard size knockouts simplifies flush mounting in typical frame construction environments, and provides convenient connection means to existing branch panels. Some of the features are:

    Additional Features
    • Tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41 standards
    • Single high-energy solid-state semiconductor surge suppression circuitry per phase
    • Real-time diagnostic visual indicator shows power and suppression status for each protected phase
    • Each phase provided with independent thermal fuse protection
    • Feature a low VPR to ensure protection of sensitive electronic devices including LCD TVs, PDAs and computers
    • Standard J-Box enclosure with pre-punched standard knock-outs can be easily surface mounted in typical frame construction
    • Internal DIN rail module provides for easy replacement (on Type 1 outdoor unit only)
    • All versions are compatible with Leviton Decora Home Controls

    • Protection for whole-house lighting control systems
      While this whole house surge suppressor is great for protecting computers, TVs and other electronics, it can also protect against damage to lighting control systems such as INSTEON, X10 or Z-Wave. Voltage spikes of several hundred or even thousands of volts generated by outside sources do occasionally occur. We know of customers that have had several X10 components fail simultaneously for no apparent reason except for one clue, home control components that happened to be plugged into a surge suppressor/surge protector power strip were still functional.

      If you are going to be using a significant number of remote control light switches in your home adding a whole house surge protector will give you a good insurance policy against costly damage to both your home control system and other delicate electrical equipment in your house.

      We recommend that whole-house surge protector units be installed by a licensed electrician.

      This latest version of the Leviton Whole-House Surge Suppressor has greatly increased surge handling capacity. This surge protector unit is an essential component when installing an extensive whole-house lighting control systems. LEDs on the panel show operation status.

      Installation Connections:
    • J1=L1
    • J2=L2
    • J4=Neutral
    • J5=Ground

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Leviton
    Manufacturer Product No.: 51120-3
    Voltage Configuration: 50kA
    Surge Counter: No
    Disconnect Switch: No
    Enclosure Rating: NEMA 1
    Protection Mode: 4-Mode
    Diagnostics: LED
    MCOV: 150V
    AC Noise Rejection: N/A
    Standards and Certifications: UL1449 / CSA / ANSI/IEEE Cat ABC
    Warranty: 5 Year Limited

  • 8 Reviews

    Review of 4861 Review by sch
    Review of 4861

    FWIW the Sycom unit boasted about sells for about $50 and
    is rated at 10KA, only 20% of the Leviton 50KA rating.

    Posted on 12/5/2013

    Review of 4861 Review by CET
    Review of 4861

    Don't bother with any of these Leviton Surge Protectors. 50k is no where near enough current protection, and the other improperly listed specs tell me it's not worth $5. Joules means nothing and is not an accepted SPD standard.
    Also, if this is Three Phase, you can't put it on your single phase house. If it's really single phase, then it's totally mislabeled.
    Hire a qualified electrician to install a Sycom for you. Homeowners have no business hooking up anything like this anyway.

    Posted on 3/26/2012

    Review of 4861 Review by DAVID
    Review of 4861

    Seems very well-made and easy to install, but time will tell about protection from surges. I purchased this because we had failures in the remote circuitry for two ceiling fans. The replacement cost for those far exceeded the cost of this surge protector.

    Posted on 9/2/2010

    Review of 4861 Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 4861

    Shipped and received quickly and in good order. Instructions were clear and installation by me, a DIY guy, was a snap. My only question is, how do you know if there was a surge and it worked? I guess its a case of "no news is good news!

    Posted on 7/8/2010

    Review of 4861 Review by PETER
    Review of 4861

    All hooked up and ready to go. Good price and thanks for getting it to me so quickly

    Posted on 1/30/2009

    Review of 4861 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 4861

    It's a must have for your business!

    Posted on 12/1/2007

    Review of 4861 Review by ANIBAL
    Review of 4861

    Worked as expected

    Posted on 9/4/2005

    Review of 4861 Review by RICARDO
    Review of 4861

    If you have problems of interference " NOISE ". This is an exelente option to solve this problem

    Posted on 9/14/2004

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