Leviton 16450-4D Keypad 3 Address + Dim/Bright, Ivory

Build High Quality Custom Control Panels in a Flash!
  • Totally new model with Intellisense AGC and bigger code wheels!
  • Keypad labels are customizable
  • LEDs show ON/OFF status
  • Gang units together to create custom features
  • Easy 2-wire installation


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  • For each keypad you buy, you will need to purchase a separate base unit. This Leviton Keypad 3 Address + Dim/Bright in ivory is compatible only with the #4210R base unit. Trim plates not included.

    Now you can easily create custom-designed wall switches to meet your exact needs. These X10-compatible transmitters give you the power to control up to 4 sequential X10 addresses from a single wall-mounted switch. They work just like the tabletop X10 Mini Controllers but are permanently mounted in a standard wall switch box and fit standard Decora® wall trim plates.

    Each button features an ON/OFF LED that lights up when you press the ON or OFF key. Built-in receiver circuitry even turns the LEDs ON/OFF when an ON or OFF signal for the same address is detected on the powerline transmitted from another source. It's ideal for checking the status of a light or appliance that's out of sight.

    The controller comes complete with clear labels (Hall, Bath, etc.) that you can slip behind each key so you'll know at glance what they control.

    Programming takes only a few seconds. Simply pop off the keypad and set the start address of the controller on the unit and house code dials beneath. For example: Set a Leviton keypad to "C4" and the controller will control addresses C4, C5, C6, C7.

    Unlike the standard wall-mounted controllers, these controllers are sold in two parts--the base unit and the keypad. You'll need to order a base for each keypad. Trim plates not included. Important Note: The #4201 through #4207 bases are not compatible with the #4211R through #4217R keypads. Additionally, the Leviton base is incompatible with previous versions of keyplates with LEDs and these new keyplates (#4211R - #4217R) are incompatible with older Leviton base units.

    Expand your X10 system with wall-mounted control panels designed to fit your exact needs. Order your customizable Wall-Mounted X10 Controllers with LEDs today.

    These controllers are sold in two parts, a BASE UNIT and a KEYPAD. For each BASE UNIT you buy, you will need to purchase a separate KEYPAD. This BASE UNIT is compatible only with the KEYPADS shown on this page. Trim plates not included.

  • Specifications

    Leviton Product No.: 16450-4D
    Compatibility: X10
    Use with #4210R base unit
    Addresses: 3
    Controls: Dim/Bright
    Color: Ivory

  • 6 Reviews

    Review of 4216ir Review by ARNO
    Review of 4216ir

    useless with out the companion unit which is discontinued, and not mentioned in the description of the product. No other ac power line multi switch unit is offered, anywhere that is x-10 self reliant, aka not Insteon proprietary.

    Posted on 1/1/2014

    Review of 4216ir Review by William
    Review of 4216ir

    I have some in use for 30 yearscontrols 4 lights

    Posted on 8/30/2013

    Review of 4216ir Review by kurt
    Review of 4216ir

    After using this technology for 12 years, I've had to replace about 80% of these devices. They just fail after awhile. I beleive they heve ESD problems electro-static-discharge

    Posted on 1/26/2010

    Review of 4216ir Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 4216ir

    Works much more reliable than the X-10 brand dimmer switch.

    Posted on 9/30/2009

    Review of 4216ir Review by GENE
    Review of 4216ir

    Excellent product - please keep these in stock!

    Posted on 9/9/2004

    Review of 4216ir Review by RAY
    Review of 4216ir

    I put one in place of the lightswitch entering a room and get 3 not 1 light controls AND dimming. LOVE IT!

    Posted on 5/5/2004

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    • Leviton Wall-Mounted X10 Controller with LEDs - Ivory 16450-4D

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