Lapka Sensor Set

Lapka Sensor Set

View the Environment Around You that the Naked Eye Can't Necessarily See
  • Set of 4 personal environment sensors
  • 1 Geiger counter, 1 EMF sensor, 1 Organic sensor and 1 Temperature/Humidity sensor
  • Connect directly to iOS smart device to provide real time data
  • Save data and share it with friends using the Lapka app
  • Compact sensors are easy to carry with you at all times



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  • The Lapka Sensor Set consists of four different environmental sensors designed to provide you with real-time data of the environment around you. The set includes a radiation Geiger counter, an electromagnetic field (EMF) sensor, an organic food sensor and, a temperature/humidity sensor. Each miniature sensor connects to a compatible iOS smart device (iPhone 4 and higher, iPad, iPod Touch 3rd generation and higher) with an included connecting cable to display data on the Lapka app. The data is designed to help provide a better understanding of the environment around you that you can't necessarily see with the naked eye, such as the amount of electromagnetic pollution in a given room. The sensors are compact making them easy to bring with you just about anywhere you go for use at a moment's notice; they'll fit in your pocket, purse or backpack with ease. After getting a reading from one of your sensor you can then save the data for use at later time or share it with friends and family to let them know, for example, which store in town has the most organically grown fruits and vegetables.

    EMF Sensor
    • Detects electromagnetic fields and displays them in real time on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen. The EMF Sensor will measure high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) fields that are caused by electronic devices, nearby power lines or wireless transmitters. By identifying areas with low electromagnetic pollution, in your home for example, you can now determine the ideal placement for your bed or perfect room for doing yoga. Rearrange furniture in your home or office so that you aren't spending large amounts of time in spots that have high electromagnetic pollution.

    • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    • Provides time temperature (in &degF or &degC) and relative humidity (RH%) readings of the climate around you on your iOS smart device. This Lapka sensor uses a Honeywell HIH-4000-001 relative humidity sensor to simultaneously generate these climate measurements.

    • Organic Sensor
    • Determines if raw fruits and vegetables are truly organic as it measures the concentration of nitrates that are left behind in the food that are a result of using nitrogen-based fertilizers; the smaller the quantity the purer the food. Results will be shown on the app interface to let you know the food temperature and concentration of nitrate ions so you will have an accurate reading of how organic the food truly is. Save your data so you can keep track of the stores with the most organic produce and share your findings with friends and family. The Organic Sensor probe should be cleaned after each use to ensure an accurate reading of each individual fruit and vegetable tested.

    • Radiation Sensor
    • Determines the amount of radioactive particles in the air around you. This tiny, handheld Geiger Muller counter displays the amount of hard beta and gamma particles you are being exposed to through the Lapka app. Begin running the two minute air quality test on the app to initiate sampling and to yield more precise, accurate results allow it to continue to run; the longer it runs, the larger the sample size and the more accurate your reading will be. As you begin to move around you can see the various particles appear on the screen of your iOS device and now determine which areas have the greatest amounts of radiation and the lowest amounts. The Radiation Sensor comes with a list of preset scenarios, places and situations that it recommends you to measure the radiation levels of such as your home or office.

    • Lapka App
    • Ambient Mode - At the bottom of your screen you'll notice animated particles moving around that match the symbol of the sensor you're using. These are representations of every particle counted in your environment allowing you to visualize your environment in real time.

    • Diary - Saves your results. They'll be stored in your Lapka diary as little blocks, which you can access when a device is not plugged in. Give your iPhone a shake and the blocks will shift from device used to preset used to the type of result. You can review each moment you captured in an individual day or explore by month.

    • Share - There are various options for sharing your measurements. Email an office measurement to your employer who's thinking of getting some humidifiers for the workplace. Text a radiation result to a family member, letting them know you're safe and sound. Tweet about how fresh and delicious your apple is. Or simply choose to copy the result and paste it anywhere you feel like. When you share, a link is provided that brings you to a beautiful, animated visualization of the moment you captured. If your result is saved to your diary, you can always share it later.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Lapka
    Manufacturer Product No. LAPKA_PEM_SET
    UPC 856194004009
    Compatibility iPhone 4 and higher
    iPod Touch 3rd generation and higher
    App Free in iTunes App Store
    Connection 3.5mm headset jack
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
    EMF Sensor
    Dimensions L 2.24 inches x H 0.74 inches
    Weight 1oz
    Detects High and low frequency cell phone antenna activity, microwaves and exposed wires
    Sensors High Frequency: coil antenna used to capture frequency range from 500kHz to 3000MHz
    Low Frequency: magnetic antenna used to capture frequency range from 50Hz to 500kHz
    Output Analog volt interface
    Operating Range HF: 0 to 10V/m
    LF: 0 to 10000mG
    Operating Temperature Range 40° to 100&degF
    4° to 37&degC
    Accuracy +/- 10%
    Calibration LF: 40 seconds
    HF: 7 seconds
    Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    Dimensions L 1.49 inches x H 0.74 inches
    Weight 0.88oz
    Detects Temperature and relative humidity
    Sensor One (1) Honeywell relative humidity sensor
    Measurement Units Humidity: RH%
    Temperature: &degF or &degC
    Output Analog volt interface
    RH Operating Range 0 to 100% RH noncondensing
    RH Response Time 15 seconds
    RH Recovery Time 5 to 15 minutes depending upon air velocity
    Long Term Stability 0.2% RH/yr
    Operating Temperature Range -22° to 122&degF
    -30° to 50&degC
    Accuracy +/- 3%
    Organic Sensor
    Dimensions L 2.24 inches x H 0.74 inches
    Weight 1oz
    Detects Concentration of nitrate ions left behind by nitrogen based fertilizers used on fruits and vegetables
    Sensor Conductivity sensor with custom made stainless steel probe
    Measurement Units Parts per million of nitrate nitrogen (ppm NO3-N)
    Output Analog volt interface
    Operating Range 0 to 5000 ppm NO3-N
    Operating Temperature Range -22° to 122&degF
    -30° to 50&degC
    Accuracy +/- 10%
    Radiation Sensor
    Dimensions L 3 inches x H 0.74 inches
    Weight 1.2oz
    Measurement Units Microsieverts per hour (uSv/hr)
    Sensor Geiger Muller counter (hard beta and gamma GM detector) CJ32
    Output Analog volt interface
    Operating Range mR/hr: 0.001 (1uR) to 100
    uSv/hr: 0.01 to 1000
    Operating Temperature Range -40° to 140&degF
    -40° to 60&degC
    Sensitivity to Gamma Radiation 188-235 Pulses/s/R/h
    Accuracy +/- 10% after 3 minutes
    +/- 5% after 10 minutes
    +/-1% after 20 minutes
    Calibration Up to 10 minutes. Precise measurements are possible by using built-in computations and algorithms based on professionally calibrated devices and research
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    • 1x - EMF Sensor
    • 1x - Temperature/Humidity Sensor
    • 1x - Organic Sensor
    • 1x - Radiation Sensor
    • 1x - Connecting Cable

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