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* Offer valid on retail orders, with coupon code, from 12:01am PST on Thursday 9/1/2016 through 11:59pm PST on Tuesday 9/6/2016. Enter coupon code E16LAB23 at checkout to save 23%. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions, or previous purchases. Smarthome reserves the right to cancel or alter this sale at any time. $199 free shipping applies to standard items; for heavy or bulky items, heavyweight shipping charges will be added and displayed - click here for additional shipping information. The following Insteon products are excluded from this sale: already discounted Insteon Installation Kits, Starter Kits & Bundles, Multi-Packs and Expansion Packs.

Complete list of excluded SKUs: 12236K1, 12236K2, 12236K3, 12237K1, 12237K2, 12237K3, 128301d, 14303K1, 14303K2, 14303K3, 14304K1, 14304K2, 14304K3, 16LS-VIPKIT1, 16LS-VIPKIT11, 16LS-VIPKIT12, 16LS-VIPKIT13,16LS-VIPKIT2, 16LS-VIPKIT3, 16LS-VIPKIT4, 16LS-VIPKIT5, 16LS-VIPKIT6, 16LS-VIPKIT7, 16LS-VIPKIT8, 16LS-VIPKIT9, 21000, 21001, 21002, 21003, 2244-234, 2334-222-2PK, 2334-222-4PK, 2334-232-2PK, 2334-232-4PK, 2411R-2PK, 2423A5-2PK, 2423A5-4PK, 2441TH-2PK, 2441TH-4PK, 2442-222-2PK, 2442-222-4PK, 2457D2-2PK, 2457D2-4PK, 2457D2-5PK, 2475DA1-2PK, 2475DA1-4PK, 2475SDB-2PK, 2475SDB-4PK, 2477D-2PK, 2477D-4PK, 2477D-5PK, 2477DBK-2PK, 2477DBK-4PK, 2477DBK-6PK, 2477DH-2PK, 2477DH-4PK, 2477S-5PK, 2487S-2PK, 2487S-4PK, 2522-242, 2582-242, 2582-252, 2635-222-4PK, 2672-222-4PK, 2672-222-5PK, 2674-222-10PK, 2674-222-5PK, 2842-222-2PK, 2842-222-4PK, 2843-222-4PK, 2852-222-2PK, 2852-222-4PK, 2852-222-6PK, 2864-222-2PK, 2864-222-3PK, 2864-226-2PK,2864-232-2PK, 4444-1K3D-INS, 4444-EINRM001, 4444-HC2, 4444-HC2-BUN, 4444-HC2-INS, 4444-HKD2, 4444-HKD2-BUN, 4444-HKD2-INS, 4444-HKD3, 4444-HKD3-BUN, 4444-HKD3-INS, 4444-HT2, 4444-HT2-BUN, 4444-HT2-INS, 4444-K15KL3, 4444-K15L2A, 4444-K15L2B, 4444-K15L2C, 4444-K15L4, 4444-K15L5, 4444-K16B6, 4444-K16B6A, 4444-K16B6B, 4444-KD2, 4444-KD2-BUN, 4444-KD2-INS, 4444-KD3, 4444-KD3-BUN, 4444-KD3-INS, 4444-PK001, 4444K01, 4827-2PK, 4827-4PK, 75790-2PK, 75790-4PK, 75790WH-2PK, 75790WH-4PK, BUN140010A.

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