La Crosse Technology WS-2815U-IT Weather Pro Center

La Crosse Technology WS-2815U-IT Weather Pro Center

Advanced Weather Monitoring Package Delivers Accurate and Up-To-Date Conditions
  • Included PC Interface for convenience
  • Observes Wind Chill, Direction and Speed
  • Solar Powered Wind Sensor
  • Provides Rain Data
  • Forecast with Tendency

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  • The WS-2815U-IT from Weather Pro Center is an advanced weather monitoring package that gathers and observes wind chill, direction, speed, rain data, indoor/outdoor temperature, and indoor/outdoor humidity. In addition, it monitors and alerts you of upcoming storms and includes the PC interface which breaks down information for you in an easy to read format. This package provides everything needed including a solar powered wind monitoring unit. This advanced package is ideal for weather enthusiasts or anyone else who enjoying monitoring the weather around them.

    Receiver: 9.5" x 1.36" x 7"
    Thermo-hygro:3.13" x 3.54" x 7.45"
    Rain Sensor: 5.18" dia. x 7.19"
    Wind Sensor:9.84" x 5.74" x 11.11"
    Time display in 12/24 hour time format
    Automatic time and date (PC time) update from USB transceiver if connected
    Calendar display (date, month, year)
    Weather forecast with 3 weather icons (sunny, cloudy, and rainy) with weather tendency indicator
    Temperature display in °F/°C: from-39.8°F to 139.8°F
    Humidity display in RH%: from 1% to 99%
    Dew point display in °F/°C: from-39.8°F to 139.8°F
    Wind chill display in °F / °C: down to -39.8°F
    MIN/MAX values of indoor/outdoor temperature, indoor/outdoor humidity, dew point display with time and date of recording
    Relative air pressure reading in inHg/hPa: preset range 27.10 to 31.90 inHg
    24h/72h history graph selectable
    Wind speed displayed in mph, km/h, m/s, knots, and Beaufort scale: 0 to 111.8 mph
    Wind speed & direction with LCD compass display (16 steps/ 22.5 degree)
    MAX records for wind gust with time & date of recording
    Rainfall display in inch/mm: from 0" to 393.6"
    Rainfall data for total rain, last hour, last 24h, last week, last month
    Weather alarm modes: temperature, humidity, wind gust, wind direction, air pressure, 24h rain and storm warning
    Buzzer on/off select
    LCD contrast setting
    Storage of 1750 sets of weather records with user selectable recording interval from 1 minute to 24 hours
    IN/OUT Temp
    IN/OUT Humidity
    Weather Alarms w/ Storm Warning

    Weather history PC software:
    Stores collected weather data, creates graphs, synchronizes time/date, updates user settings and sets weather alarms
    Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

    Wireless USB transceiver:
    USB transceiver plugs into your PC to transfer and share the collected weather data from your weather display with your PC

    Wireless rain sensor:
    Self-emptying bucket
    Transmission range: 200 feet (Open field, free of obstructions)

    Wireless solar-powered wind sensor:
    100% solar-powered with built-in rechargeable alkaline power cell
    High-efficient solar panels maintain operation throughout all seasons
    Transmission range: 200 feet (Open field, free of obstructions)

    Wireless thermo-hygro sensor:
    Transmission of temperature and humidity data
    Transmission range: 200 feet (Open field, free of obstructions)

  • Manufacturer: La Crosse Technology
    Manufacturer Part No.: WS-2815U-IT
    UPC: 757456986470
    Indoor temperature range : -40°F to +139.8°F
    Outdoor temperature range : -40°F to +139.8°F
    Indoor humidity range: 1% to 99%
    Outdoor humidity range: 1% to 99%
    Wind speed / gust: 0 to 111.8 mph
    Wind chill: -40°F to +139.8°F
    Rainfall: 0" to 393.7"
    Transmission range:
    Wireless: 330 feet
    Power requirements:
    Receiver: 3 "C" Alkaline Batteries
    Thermo-hygro sensor: 2 "C" Alkaline Batteries
    Rain sensor: 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries
    Wind sensor: Solar powered

  • 4 Reviews

    Review of 19438 Review by Mary
    Review of 19438

    It does NOT include everything! It contains NOTHING with which to mount the equipment. We've had this for over 6 months and it's still not put up because we are having a hard time due to lack of time finding a proper method of mounting it to the house. We've gone shopping locally 2-3 times and just can't find a mast that will fit. Haven't found one on this site either.

    Posted on 2/22/2014

    Review of 19438 Review by DOUG
    Review of 19438

    Excellent product...especially handy with the bone chilling weather this winter!!!!

    Posted on 1/5/2014

    Review of 19438 Review by BRUCE
    Review of 19438

    Works as advertised. Set up was a bit difficult. Called technical service and they were helpful. Best to download the full user manual before set up, as the quick set up guide is insufficient. Key issue is getting the solar-driven anemometer to function right. Advice: (1) Charge up this part of system before setting up the rest so that it will be powered to engage when the main part is set up. That will avoid having to do a system reset. (2) Check that all components are operating properly near the base station before deploying them in final locations.

    Posted on 7/12/2013

    Review of 19438 Review by Jim
    Review of 19438

    Wind direction and speed sensor synced up with base only when sun was on photovoltaic cell not at all Pro! Then I wanted to return the weather station to Smarthome and they told me I could only exchange the piece of junk NO Refunds. I suggest you do as I am going to do and not shop at Smarthome.

    Posted on 6/16/2013

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