Kwikset 910 CNT ZW 11P SMT CP Contemporary Smartcode Z-Wave Deadbolt - Venetian Bronze


Kwikset 910 CNT ZW 11P SMT CP Contemporary Smartcode Z-Wave Deadbolt - Venetian Bronze

Modern-Style Lock Connects Wirelessly with Your Home's Z-Wave System
  • True remote locking because of motor-driven bolt
  • Code capacity: 30 codes of 4-8 digits in length
  • Bolt-lock can be retracted and projected wirelessly
  • Full 128-bit encryption
  • Customizable auto re-lock feature
  • Tapered deadbolt compensates for door misalignment conditions such as a warped door
  • Includes SmartKey Re-Key Technology
  • Wink App Compatible (Wink Hub Required)



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  • There's a new, smarter way to connect to your home, it's called Home Connect Technology. This technology works by allowing your front door lock to wirelessly talk to other things in your house, such as the security system, lighting, thermostat, & entertainment system. Now Kwikset, the leader in residential door hardware, brings home automation full circle with the addition of the Kwikset 910 CNT ZW 11P SMT CP SmartCode Wireless Z-Wave DeadBolt. This fully automated SmartCode motorized deadbolt secures your home with a new level of functionality that provides security and convenience and is completely integrated with the Z-Wave system. The motorized deadbolt installs in minutes to replace an existing deadbolt. No hardwiring is required because the deadbolt uses 4 AA Batteries.

    The Deadbolt includes SmartKey Re-Key Technology with BumpGuard Protection. Kwikset's SmartKey re-key technology provides you the flexibility to re-key your own locks quickly and easily without removing them from your door. Re-key your SmartKey locks as frequently as you wish while maintaining the highest level of security.

    Imagine opening the front door and having your house effectively greet you. The lights turn on to your exact specifications, your favorite music starts playing, and the A/C kicks in for that just-right temperature. Also, imagine locking your door from your cell phone or receiving a text message letting you know your child just got home from school. In case of an emergency, unlock all doors at once so there is no delay in getting out of the house. Home Connect Technology has the power to make it happen.

    The SmartCode Z-Wave DeadBolt is also available in Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel, and Satin Chrome. For the same great features with a more classic style, please see the Kwikset SmartCode Wireless Z-Wave Deadbolt.

    Wink App Compatible vs. Wink App Ready

    Products that are Wink App Compatible must be connected through a Wink HUB. The Wink HUB allows these products to connect with the Wink App (available for iOS and Android) and interact with other Wink App Compatible or Wink App Ready products – see below. They use communications like Z-Wave, Zigbee and ClearConnect to improve battery life and extend the range of smart products around your home. The Wink HUB allows them to speak the same language, so you can easily control them – and customize their interactions – all from the Wink App. Click on the icon to the left for additional Wink App Compatible products.

    Products that are Wink App Ready have Wink technology built in and can connect directly to the Wink App (available for iOS and Android) without the assistance of the Wink HUB. Once connected, the Wink App allows you to interact with other Wink App Ready or Wink App Compatible products. Wink App Ready devices use Wi-Fi to connect to your wireless router and communicate with the Wink App - so you can easily control them and and customize their interactions. Click on the icon to the left for additional Wink App Ready products.

    Wink App

    The Wink App allows you to access and control all of your Wink App Compatible and Wink App Ready devices. You can monitor devices while you’re away, unlock doors remotely, adjust your thermostat, receive text/email status alerts and more. From the Wink App you’ll have 24/7 monitoring capabilities of your home, provided you have internet access to connect to the App. The App is available in the iTunes App Store for devices running iOS 7.0 or later (optimized for iPhone) and in the Google Play Store for devices running Android 2.3 and up.



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    Great lock, easy to install / use Review by Cardey
    Great lock, easy to install / use

    This lock is great and installation was relatively easy. The manual/install instructions could have been improved (vague in areas) and the instructions and website had nothing about how to go about removing the previous lock (same brand). The lock itself is great though and very convenient. Be aware there is no direct wireless app, you need a z-wave compatible home automation hub if you want to control remotely. We are perfectly happy with the keypad. Also, rekeying was super easy!

    Posted on 2/3/2016

    Works as advertised Review by jose sneeze
    Works as advertised

    We purchased one and installed it on our front door -- we wanted to be able to leave to walk the dogs without having to take our keys. Worked perfectly, purchased two more for the garage and backdoor and installation was smooth. We've had them for a couple of weeks now and all doors are working perfectly. We did notice that one of our doors was not drilled out deep enough for the lock to fully deploy. Once we drilled it out deeper the lock worked fine.

    Posted on 2/3/2016

    Review of 51048BN Review by MICHAEL
    Review of 51048BN

    Potential safety hazard caused by lock-in condition. I have the Satin Nickel version of this deadbolt which uses the same mechanism. I had the first one for about 2 months, then the mechanism jammed and the deadbolt was left in the half thrown position. In this position, the manual turn knob became inoperable. The only way to open the lock was to exit through another door and use the key to force it open. After that the lock seemed to operate normally. Smarthome was great in replacing the lock with a replacement. A month later, the replacement lock did the same thing. I have the auto lock feature set. After I enter the house, I will manually throw the bolt to avoid having the lock automatically lock, thus extending the battery life. On one instance, I happened to throw the bolt manually while the bolt was going through its auto-lock sequence. Right after that, I noticed that the bolt was left in the half thrown position. Once again, I had to exit through another door and use the key to force the lock open. After that the lock seemed to work normally. I contacted Kwikset and apparently they are aware of the situation. They said that the remedy is to force the lock open or closed using the inside manual turn lever. Unfortunately, the turn lever is too short to provide the necessary leverage to do this, thus creating a "lock-in" safety hazard. I did mention to Kwikset that this method of force opening needs to be added to their instructions. Unfortunately, Kwikset did not take my concerns seriously. With the first lock set, I recall that as I was closing the door, the auto-lock mechanism had activated and the deadbolt hit the strike off center and had to retry three times before it locked. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized that I was unable to unlock the door. Seems like this lock-in condition is created when the deadbolt mechanism is unable to complete its locking cycle without interference.

    Posted on 3/28/2012

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