Kreative Power P108W5B2-1P2 POWRAMID with 2 USB Ports and 5 Foot Cord

Space Saving Power Supply and Quality Surge Protection Accommodates Different Sized Adaptors
  • Widely spaced receptacles allow for six standard and non-traditional plugs
  • Conical design offers a space saving, safe, and stable anti-slip rubber foot base
  • Illuminated ON/OFF safety switch with protective cap
  • Two 5V, 2.1A USB charging ports
  • 15A resettable circuit breaker with LED surge protection indicator light


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  • Kreative Power’s P108W5B2-1P2 POWRAMID with 2 USB Ports and 5 Foot Cord solves a common problem riddling modern day power strip designs: obstructed adjacent power sockets that prevent you from using every outlet simultaneously and forces you to constantly reach down to plug and unplug your devices. However, the alternative pyramid shape of the POWRAMID allows for these power outlets to accommodate larger, or abnormal, shaped adapters side-by-side while taking up less space while providing a reliable and sturdy non-slip base. There are also two additional 5V, 2.1A USB charging ports for you to charge smaller devices and appliances that don’t use a standard power outlet adapter. The ON/OFF safety switch light located on the top of the LED indicator light on the side are illuminated to make certain your products are on and protected. The ON/OFF safety switch is also protected by a clear plastic cover to ensure that your connected products are not accidentally powered off if something were to come in contact with the unit. Should your unit experience a power surge and shuts down, a 15A resettable circuit breaker is located on the side. For convenience, a five foot long power cord gives you plenty of room to run your POWRAMID to the nearest outlet.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Kreative Power
    Manufacturer Product No. P108W5B2-1P2
    Number of outlets (total) 6
    Cord length 5 feet
    AC PLUG STYLE Straight Plug
    SURGE RATING (Joules) 1080J
    Resettable circuit breaker 15A
    Max. spike current (total) L-N 24,000A

    L-G 24,000A

    N-G 24,000A
    Electrical rating 120V



    Clamping voltage 500V
    Response time <1 nsec
    Emi/rfi noise filter 150kHz - 100MHz

    Up to 40dB Attenuation
    USB output 5V, 2.1A
    Usb charge ports (Total) 2
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