Koolatron VF02 Blue 10 Can Vending Fridge, Blue

Koolatron VF02 Blue 10 Can Vending Fridge, Blue

Vending Machine-Style Refrigerator Holds and Dispenses Up To 10 Cans
  • Holds ten 12oz cans
  • Interior microcomputer manages cooling and vending
  • Chills cans to 32°F below room temperature
  • Quiet operating thermoelectric cooling system
  • Plugs into regular 120V household outlet


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  • Wouldn't it be cool to have your very own vending machine filled with whatever canned drinks you so choose to fill it with? With the Koolatron 10 Can Vending Fridge you can! This mini Vending Fridge stands 18.25 inches tall and features an interior microcomputer that runs the machines cooling and vending systems. Cans are chilled quietly to 32&degF below the ambient room temperature using a thermoelectric cooling system. The Vending Fridge plugs into a standard 120V household electrical outlet and will consume 65W of power. Inside the Vending Fridge there are 2 dispensing sections that each hold up to 4 cans while an additional 2 can be stored in the pre-chilling section. The front display window opens from the right side and allows for 2 cans to be displayed, using suction cups, so users will know what beverage dispenses from each section.

    The Vending Fridge should be placed within 6ft of a wall outlet to avoid having to use an extension cord. To ensure adequate air circulation through the vent grills the back of the fridge should have at least 4 inches of space between it and any walls. The Vending Fridge will dispense cans between 3.5 to 5.4 inches tall and 2 to 2.6 inches in diameter. For best operating and cooling results the Vending Fridge should be setup indoors in an area out of the sunlight that is free from wet or humid conditions. A can at room temperature can take several hours to chill down.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Koolatron
    Manufacturer Product No. VF02 Blue
    UPC 785169787947
    Package Dimensions L 13.4in x W 14.0in x H 19.6in
    Package Weight 20 lbs
    Product Dimension L 12.63in x W 12.25in x H 18.25in
    Product Weight 18 lbs
    Power 120V outlet
    Power Consumption 65 watts
    Cans Held 10
    Type of Can 12oz
    Can Height 3.5in to 5.4in
    89mm to 136mm
    Can Diameter 2.0in to 2.6in
    51mm to 66mm
    Finish Blue
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    • 1x - Vending Fridge, Blue
    • 1x - Power cord
    • 2x - Suction cups
    • 1x - Manual

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