Koolatron/Lentek MM35-12 Insect Repellent Wristband (12-Pack)

Koolatron/Lentek MM35-12 Insect Repellent Wristband (12-Pack)

Keeps Mosquitoes, Gnats and Other Pests at Bay
  • DEET FREE - pesticide Free-Non-Toxic
  • EPA Exempt - all ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as SAFE)
  • Geraniol is tested and patented by University of Florida
  • Koolatron offers a complete line of natural insect repellents for the entire family
  • Repel mosquitoes, ticks, red fire ants, biting flies, fleas, no-see-ums, & even lice
  • Re-useable up to 120 hours when stored in the provide plastic pot between uses



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  • Mosquitoes, gnats, no-see-ums, insects and other outdoor pests are far more than just annoying inconveniences.Don't leave yourself and your family unprotected against blood-feeding bugs by wearing the MM35 Insect Repellent Wristband. As an alternative to chemical sprays or lotions, this wristbands will protect you from biting insects with an all natural ingredient. Each wristband is embedded with geraniol, and emits a gentle fragrance that is a proven and tested repellent, providing a coverage area around your own personal space.

    The Insect Repellent Wristband is perfect for use in all outdoor activities, such as gardening, evening walks, picnics, outdoor sporting events, hiking, camping, fishing, and so much more!

    Geraniol was discovered, tested and patented by the University of Florida Department of Entomology, who tested many thousands of compounds and found that specific molecules of Geraniol demonstrated broad-based insect repelling capabilities. Testing confirmed that Geraniol is an excellent insect repellent and is far superior to citronella as well as many products containing DEET.

    The active ingredient is encapsulated into the plastic matrix and is given off as a vapor so no liquid chemical touches the skin. The vapor shield repels insects several feet away, before they land. The wristbands do not contain DEET or any other chemical pesticides. Geraniol, the active ingredient, is considered to be GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the EPA and does not require registration. This is particularly important when considering how to protect children from mosquitoes.

    Each wristband is effective for up to 120 hours when kept in their provided re-sealable container between uses. Storing in the plastic storage pot in which it is packaged will extend its life. Re-use and store the wristband as often as needed to enjoy maximum usage. The wristband was designed and formulated to protect children. The wristband has breakaway feature for added safety, eliminating the danger of a child getting caught and not being able to break free. If placed in the mouth, there is no liquid chemical to ingest. For infants, we recommend that the wristband be attached to strollers or carriages, out of their reach.
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    Review of 61712 Review by THEODORE
    Review of 61712

    These insect repellents worked as advertised and allow me to sit outside without being bothered by mosquitoes. Even though the item was originally back ordered. I was sent the item within 2 weeks of the order date.

    Posted on 7/11/2011

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