Keystone ECO WP4S-WHI-001 Waterproof Smartphone MarineCase, White


Keystone ECO WP4S-WHI-001 Waterproof Smartphone MarineCase, White

Turn an iPhone 4 or 4S into a Waterproof Underwater Camera
  • Waterproof iPhone case up to 20 feet or 6 meters
  • Case is IP58 certified for water, sand and dust
  • Compatible with iPhone 4 and 4S
  • Full touch screen and call functionality
  • Great for underwater photos and videos


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  • The mortal enemy of the Smartphone has always been water. The iPhone acts as a lifeline to the world and is in their owner's possession at all times of the day but what happens when you want to go to the beach? How about the pool? Or what about boating? The list goes on and on and in all instances a decision must be made to either safely leave your iPhone behind where sand, water and other elements won't hurt it or bring it with and hope nothing happens. Now, with a Waterproof Smartphone MarineCase from Keystone ECO water, sand, snow and dirt will no longer be a deterrent but instead a welcome friend. Designed to work specifically with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S this case is IP58 certified to protect against the elements so that lifeline to the world can safely go everywhere you do. For example, take pictures and video while snorkeling and upload them online for everyone to see without even getting out of the water. With this case you can safely bring your iPhone 4/4S underwater with you up to 20 feet (6 meters) and use it like a professional underwater camera. The case has a clear silicon protective membrane on the front which supports touch screen giving the phone full functionality to still text or make calls. Even if the idea of bringing an iPhone underwater makes you tremble the case can still bring peace of mind that the Smartphone will be safe when brought around water. By also protecting the phone from sand and dirt, places such as the beach, river or lake are no longer a cell phone danger zone. Also included with the iPhone 4/4S MarineCase is a neck strap that attaches to the top of the case for hands-free storage in the water when a pocket or purse isn't an option. Have a Droid? Check out the Droid compatible Waterproof Case.

    Please Note: This product is only available for shipping within the United States lower 48 states.

    Hands-On Research
    I'll quickly get to the point so you don't have to read more than you want to, it works! I had a chance to sample the TIDE Smartphone Case as well as the ECO MarineCase for the iPhone and in my testing they each worked perfectly. My Smartphone happened to be a little too big for the TIDE and I don't have an iPhone so for testing I used a dollar bill and credit card for each case. In the instructions are directions on how to test the case beforehand to ensure it works. This is critical because it'll let you know ahead of time if the case is working correctly or if it is defective. Make sure to do this. I submerged the case in a bucket of water for a few minutes and then let it float in the water for about 20. Upon completion all the contents inside were dry with no traces of water seeping in. In a separate test borrowing another person's phone I had a chance to see how well the silicon cover integrates with touch-screen. It worked perfectly just as if there was no case at all so users will not have to sacrifice the ability to use the phone while in the case. Though made for use with Smartphone's I see lots of other uses outside of that which would give it use year round in lots of various settings.
    Jason T - Smarthome employee

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Concord Keystone Trading, LLC
    Manufacturer Product No. WP4S-WHI-001
    UPC 816050010384
    Shipping Dimensions L 5.63in x W 1.13in x H 9.88in
    Shipping Weight 0.38 lbs
    Product Dimensions L 5.75in (146mm) x W 3.00in (76mm) x H 0.75in (19mm)
    Product Weight (Without Phone) 0.26 lbs / 4.2 oz
    Waterproof Yes
    Waterproof Depth Up to 20ft or 6 meters
    Waterproof Certification IP58
    Materials Clear silicon membrane on front cover
    High impact polycarbonate hard shell
    Color White
    Warranty Manufacturers warranty card included with purchase
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