Keypout K100 Keypout Anti-Lock Bumping Device


Keypout K100 Keypout Anti-Lock Bumping Device

An Easy Way to Help Protect Your Home from Break-In
  • Works with nearly every deadbolt handleset
  • Prevents lock bumping and lock picking
  • Provides added peace of mind
  • Great alternative to electronic deadbolt door locks
  • Small and lightweight for easy storage when not in use



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  • Do you want increased protection from break-in's but have a living situation that doesn't allow you to change out your deadbolts? If so then look no further than the Keypout Anti-Lock Bumping Device. The Keypout works by sliding over your existing door knob and deadbolt to securely keep the deadbolt locked and in place. This prevents the deadbolt lock from being bumped or picked leaving its user with the peace of mind that they are safe in their home. If you happen to live with roommates it is a great way to ensure you are afforded the privacy you deserve if there is more than one key for your room. For optimal protection it is best to place the Keypout over your deadbolt lock at an angle for a snug and tight fit. It fits with nearly all deadbolt door lock handlesets allowing its user to use it on a bedroom door, front door and even bring it with them if they move or are traveling. Because the Keypout is not big and bulky it stores away easy when not in use and is not a hassle to bring with you when traveling. For day to day storage the Keypout easily lifts off the deadbolt lock and rests around the door knob of whatever door it is used on. The Keypout is an ideal security product for, but not limited to, renters, college students, people living on their own, single parent homes, offices, senior citizens, babysitters and home owners that do not want to change their lock(s).

    Hands-On Research
    I sampled this product for a week and to put it bluntly, the Keypout works as advertised. It doesn't offer the glitz and glam of an electronic deadbolt door lock but then again it doesn't cost you anywhere near as much as one either. It's very simple to use, doesn't involve any sort of wiring or setup and in my opinion does alleviate thoughts of break-in. Granted someone can still always kick down a door or smash a window but you can hear those. This will protect against the silent lock-pick break-in which is what I liked most about it. I used the Keypout on a handful of different make deadbolt door locks and it worked without issue on all of them. If looking at the face of the Keypout as if it were a clock I needed to use the slots at 3:00 o'clock and 9:00 o'clock for proper fit on all the locks. These kept the deadbolt snugly in place when trying to open the doors from the outside via a key. While I don't know how to pick a lock I felt pretty confident that it would do the trick at preventing it. The Keypout seems like it'd be perfect for college students, people who live on their own and for senior citizens. I would absolutely recommend it though to anyone looking for an easy security solution.
    Jason T - Smarthome employee
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer KeyPout
    Manufacturer Product No. K1000
    UPC 853206001018
    Dimensions L 13.50in x W 4.50in x H 0.75in
    Weight 0.25 lbs
    Slotted Locks on Face 5
    Construction Durable resin
    For Use With Deadbolts door locks
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    Review of 55801 Review by BRIAN
    Review of 55801

    It does whats its supposed to do.

    Posted on 3/29/2014

    Review of 55801 Review by REBECCA
    Review of 55801

    Easy installation - works well.

    Posted on 10/27/2013

    Review of 55801 Review by DAVID
    Review of 55801

    Great idea to prevent unwanted intrusions. Be sure to measure the distance of the dead bolt to the door handle because if the length is greater than 11 inches this device may not fit properly.

    Posted on 5/1/2013

    Review of 55801 Review by YOKO
    Review of 55801

    The idea is good and it looks good but the compared to the quality of the product being just a thin plastic, the price seems a little expensive.

    Posted on 3/10/2013

    Review of 55801 Review by RJC
    Review of 55801

    Works Perfect as my kids at college tell us all the time!! Perfect, easy, safe and secure !

    Posted on 1/1/2013

    Review of 55801 Review by MARY
    Review of 55801

    It works well with the smaller lock. I mean the smaller lock that turns the knob to lock the door. Mine is too large for that. When I tested, it kinda slip off a little because my lock is too large. It works well with the smaller one. You may want to test it out to see if it fit on the door lock. Good luck!

    Posted on 12/26/2012

    Review of 55801 Review by JIM
    Review of 55801

    Product performs as intended. Low cost, portable, and peace of mind.

    Posted on 10/7/2012

    Review of 55801 Review by Peter
    Review of 55801

    The Ultimate Lock comes with a similar feature built in but the Ultimate Lock can withstand up to 4000 pounds of force which your normal deadbolt can certainly not do. This device works only on handleset doors? can it work with regualr doorknobs?

    Posted on 9/18/2012

    Review of 55801 Review by THOMAS
    Review of 55801

    Does what it was designed to do.
    A little expensive for a piece of plastic!

    Posted on 3/21/2012

    Review of 55801 Review by JERRY
    Review of 55801

    I bought one keypout k100 to see if it really worked. It worked so well, I bought four more for my house and two for my sister's house. So simple, but it works perfectly. Jerry W., Moreno Valley, Ca.

    Posted on 12/31/2011

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