JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap

Humanely Catch Skunks Without the Worry of Getting Sprayed
  • Made of solid 6" PVC pipe
  • Prevents skunks from lifting their tails to spray
  • Prevents scratching and biting
  • Spring-loaded door trap design prevents environment-related misfires
  • Nickel sized holes for identification
  • Also safe for use with squirrels, cats, rabbits, opossum and other similar sized animals


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  • Are the unpleasant foul odor of a skunk ruining your outdoor atmosphere? The JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap is the safe and humane solution for your problem. The Spray Proof Skunk Trap has a spring loaded door that automatically closes once the skunk enters the tube. The tube is made of heavy duty six inch PVC pipe, and once the skunk is inside, it prevents it from being able to lift their tail to spray - it also eliminates the possibility of scratching and biting. Once the trap door has been shut, you can identify your catch through small holes on the door - the rest of pipe is solid, making your catch invisible to people or other animals passing by. It is the safest trap on the market and can be used by homeowners as well as animal control specialists.

    Skunk trap is 99% spray proof

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer JT Animal Controls
    Manufacturer Product No. ADC6
    UPC 897180002005
    Dimensions (Approx.) 24" L x 9" W x 8" D
    Material Type Metal, PVC and steel
    Weight (Approx.) 6 lbs

  • 4 Reviews

    It works! Review by Skunk B Gone
    It works!

    I had doubts on the trap, but first time I used it I caught a big skunk that decided to live under a barn foundation. I used peanut butter as bait smeared on the trip plate.

    Posted on 12/30/2015

    No Problems Review by Ryan
    No Problems

    This is the same type of trap used by vector control for trapping skunks, which is why I went with it. It is simple and easy to use. I just bait it with dry cat food and have caught the skunks within a couple of nights. No risk of getting sprayed, and easy to submerse in water for skunk 'disposal'.

    Posted on 12/30/2015

    Pathetic Review by Skunk Slinger

    You could give me one. My trap arrived broken. My money was refunded. The vendor didn't want it back. So, I fixed it. There are no instruction on how to get the skunk out of the trap. The bait end of the trap is riveted closed so the skunk has to exit backwards. There is no way to hold the spring load door open. I was able to tie the door about halfway open. After 30 minutes, no movement. So, I became the Skunk Slinger. Grabbed the end of the trap, held the door open with my hand and slung 15 feet through the air. That worked great because it was a small skunk. The one I tried to sling today was a big one and only got 1/2 way out of the trap before he sprayed and I threw the trap as far as I could. I finally rigged the door on a barbed wire fence to keep it open and left it. Hope someone steals the trap.

    Posted on 10/12/2014

    Review of 60210 Review by BRYAN
    Review of 60210

    So far, no trapped skunks. The spring mechanism is too stiff I believe so the skunks eat the bait without triggering the trap. They then go on their merry way...The prior purchase of the electronic sensor trap worked great WHEN it worked. But that trap lasted for three skunks trapped (about a month)then the electronics stopped functioning.

    Posted on 1/19/2014

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