Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank


Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Aquarium and Filtration System Specifically Designed for Jellyfish
  • All needed hardware for setup included
  • Tank holds up to 5 jellyfish
  • Can support various other saltwater creatures
  • Color-changing LEDs in tank turn it into a work of art
  • Aquatic category best in show winner at Global Pet Expo



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  • Jellyfish majestically and almost effortlessly glide through the water in a truly hypnotic fashion and now they can do so in a living room, bedroom or even an office. From Jellyfish Art comes the winner of the 2011 Global Pet Expo's best in show aquatic category, the Desktop Jellyfish Tank. The jellyfish tank is specifically designed for jellyfish because they are not capable of surviving in a traditional, rectangular, fish tank without major modifications. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank is circular in design and fitted with a filtration system that keeps the jellyfish suspended in the water. The tank is capable of housing up to 5 jellyfish and can even support jellyfish friends such as red leg hermit crabs, cleaner snails, damselfish and more. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank also comes with color-changing LEDs at the bottom of the tank which are controlled via an included remote. It is this feature that takes the Desktop Jellyfish Tank from cool to stunning because it turns the tank into a piece of living art.

    Jellyfish Art Technical Support: 888-660-6476

    Making Salt Water: Salt water can be purchased from local aquarium shops, usually for $1/gallon or less. However, if you wish to make your own this can be done too. To make your own salt water for the Desktop Jellyfish Tank you will need aquarium salt mixture and RO (reverse osmosis) filtered water or distilled water. Do not use tap water which has not passed through a RO filter as it might contain contaminants harmful to the jellies. See the video below to see how it can be made at home.

    Jellyfish Care: They aren't any more difficult to care for than normal aquarium fish. Jellyfish should be feed once a day and if you know you will be missing a day or two simply feed them a little extra before and after. On a weekly basis 25% of water should be changed and salinity of the water checked. Perform a monthly cleaning to thoroughly remove excess debris.

    Jellyfish Tank vs. Regular Aquariums: Jellyfish require special tanks with special water flow patterns to ensure that the jellies are not sucked into the pumps. Thus, the key differences amongst the two are the circular design and filtration to keep jellies safe in their tank. Regular aquariums have one direction filtration which can suck-up the jellies.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Jellyfish Art
    Manufacturer Product No. Desktop Jellyfish Tank
    Tank Dimensions L 8in x W 15in x H 17in
    Shipping Dimensions L 22in x W 19in x H 11in
    Weight 16 lbs
    Jellyfish Included 0
    Jellyfish Capacity 5
    Tank Gallons 6
    Power 115V (60Hz) electrical source
    Tank Water Salt water
    Tank Water Temperature 60°F to 90°F
    Tank Maintenance - Weekly 25% of water should be changed
    Tank Maintenance - Monthly 90% of water should be changed
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year against defects, components, materials, and workmanship

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    • 1x - 6 Gallon Jellyfish Tank
    • 1x - Feeding pipette
    • 1x - Air pump
    • 1x - Airline
    • 1x - Hydrometer
    • 1x - Substrate
    • 1x - Color-changing LED
    • 1x - LED remote control
    • 1x - Filtration media
    • 1x - Power supply

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