Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank Deluxe with 3 Jellyfish


Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank Deluxe with 3 Jellyfish

Jellyfish will Mesmerize All Onlookers with their Hypnotic Movement in LED Lit Water
  • All needed hardware for setup included
  • Comes with 3 jellyfish, 2 hermit crabs and 2 cleaner snails
  • "Arrive alive" guarantee from Jellyfish Art
  • Tank holds up to 5 jellyfish
  • Color-changing LEDs turn tank into a work of art



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  • Jellyfish majestically and almost effortlessly glide through the water in a truly hypnotic fashion and now they can do so in a living room, bedroom or even an office. From Jellyfish Art comes the winner of the 2011 Global Pet Expo's best in show aquatic category, the Desktop Jellyfish Tank Deluxe with 3 Moon Jellyfish, 2 Red Leg Hermit Crabs and 2 Cleaner Snails. This Deluxe kit also comes with everything else needed to bring these magnificent creatures of the sea to your home. You might wonder how do they ship live jellyfish? Jellyfish Art has perfected this technique to the point in which they include with the order their "Arrive Alive" guarantee for each jellyfish, crab and snail. They even take it a step further and guarantee each will stay alive for at least two days after arrival. The jellyfish need to be in salt water which can be made by mixing RO (reverse osmosis) filtered water or distilled water with aquarium salt (see video in "More Info" tab) or simply bought from an aquarium store.

    The jellyfish tank is specifically designed for jellyfish because they are not capable of surviving in a traditional, rectangular, fish tank without major modifications. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank is circular in design and fitted with a filtration system that keeps the jellyfish suspended in the water. The tank is capable of housing up to 5 jellyfish and can support jellyfish friends such as red leg hermit crabs (included), cleaner snails (included), damselfish and more. Waiting about a month before introducing additional fish to the tank is recommended to ensure the jellies have time to get acclimated and allow the tank to build up healthy bacteria. The Desktop Jellyfish Tank also comes with color-changing LEDs at the bottom of the tank which are controlled via an included remote. It is this feature that takes the Desktop Jellyfish Tank from cool to stunning because it turns the tank into a piece of living art. The LEDs will light up the water causing the jellyfish, themselves, to glow the same color making their slow, effortless movement hypnotic to watch. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

    Shipping Note: Jellyfish Art is unable to ship jellyfish to Hawaii, PO Boxes or outside of the United States.

    Jellyfish Art Technical Support: 888-660-6476

    Making Salt Water: Salt water can be purchased from local aquarium shops, usually for $1/gallon or less. However, if you wish to make your own this can be done too. To make your own salt water for the Desktop Jellyfish Tank you will need aquarium salt mixture and RO (reverse osmosis) filtered water or distilled water. Do not use tap water which has not passed through a RO filter as it might contain contaminants harmful to the jellies. See the video below to see how it can be made at home.

    Jellyfish Care: They aren't any more difficult to care for than normal aquarium fish. Jellyfish should be feed once a day and if you know you will be missing a day or two simply feed them a little extra before and after. On a weekly basis 25% of water should be changed and salinity of the water checked. Perform a monthly cleaning to thoroughly remove excess debris.

    Shipping Live Jellyfish: Arrive Alive guarantee ensure they will not only be alive when you get them but that they will also stay alive for at least 2 days after. Should a jellyfish not make it, Jellyfish Art will replace it for free. Jellyfish will arrive in sealed plastic bags inside of insulated shipping boxes via FedEx. They are capable of remaining perfectly healthy in their shipping containers for up to 36 hours and each box will also contain acclimation instructions. Note that jellyfish can not be shipped to Hawaii, PO Boxes or outside of the United States.

    Jellyfish Tank vs. Regular Aquariums: Jellyfish require special tanks with special water flow patterns to ensure that the jellies are not sucked into the pumps. Thus, the key differences amongst the two are the circular design and filtration to keep jellies safe in their tank. Regular aquariums have one direction filtration which can suck-up the jellies.

    Feeding: Jellyfish should be fed once per day and 3 jellyfish will eat approximately a pea-sized chunk of food. To keep them as healthy as possible it is recommended to split the feeding dosage in half and do a morning and evening feeding. Jellyfish Art highly recommends using their specially formulated jellyfish food to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrition which can not be guaranteed form other fish foods. Jellyfish Art food is made from plankton high in HUFAs (highly unsaturated fatty acids) and should be stored in the freezer.

    Combining Jellies with other Fish: Jellyfish Art has had success introducing clownfish, blennies, gobies, hermit crabs and snails into the Desktop Jellyfish Tank with the jellies. If more than 3 creatures will be living in the tank extra water changes will need to be performed. Animals that are not compatible with the jellies are cleaner shrimp and any non-reef safe fish. Corals and anemones are also advised against. If adding creatures to the tank with jellyfish it is recommended to do so after the jellies have had at least a month to acclimate themselves to the tank.

    Moon Jellyfish: Though they have the same stinging cells as all other jellyfish, their venom has no effect on people. They have white saucer-shaped bodies that look like a full moon and will glow with whatever color light is shown upon them. Their stomachs are located in the center of their frame and have a distinct four-leaf clover shape. A Moon Jelly has no central nervous system and thus all of their movements are controlled by an organized network of nerves. They are found in a range of temperatures all over the world though the ones provided prefer room temperature conditions.

    Red Leg Hermit Crab: Diet consists of algae and uneaten foods and are found in Atlantic reefs. They will spend most of their time rummaging through the live rock at the bottom of the Desktop Jellyfish Tank and usually become very active during feeding awaiting uneaten food to fall to them. In order to grow it must leave its shell, lay on its back and shed its exoskeleton. This is typically done at night over a period of several hours and during this time they should not be disturbed.

    Cleaner Snail: Will roam the jellyfish tank searching/eating algae, uneaten food and other debris. Occasionally they can be seen crawling up the sides of the tank to do this but typically stick to the bottom of the tank. They are roughly 1" and make great companions for jellyfish and hermit crabs.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Jellyfish Art
    Manufacturer Product No. Desktop Jellyfish Tank and Deluxe Kit
    Tank Dimensions L 8in x W 15in x H 17in
    Shipping Dimensions L 22in x W 19in x H 11in
    Weight 16 lbs
    Hermit Crabs Included 2
    Cleaner Snails Included 2
    Jellyfish Included 3
    Jellyfish Capacity 5
    Tank Gallons 6
    Power 115V (60Hz) electrical source
    Tank Water Salt water
    Tank Water Temperature 60°F to 90°F
    Tank Maintenance - Weekly 25% of water should be changed
    Tank Maintenance - Monthly 90% of water should be changed
    Jellyfish Moon jellies that are non-stinging
    Jellyfish Lifespan At least 2 years if properly cared for
    Jellyfish Feeding - Pea-sized piece of food once a day
    - Split feeding dosage in half and feed once in morning and once in evening for optimum nutrition
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year against defects, components, materials, and workmanship
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    • 1x - 6 Gallon Jellyfish Tank
    • 3x - Jellyfish
    • 2x - Red Leg Hermit Crab
    • 2x - Cleaner Snail
    • 1x - 6 ounce food supply
    • 1x - Feeding pipette
    • 1x - Air pump
    • 1x - Airline
    • 1x - Hydrometer
    • 1x - Substrate
    • 1x - Color-changing LED
    • 1x - LED remote control
    • 1x - Filtration media
    • 1x - Power supply
    • 1x - Algae cleaner magnet
    • 1x - Water quality test kit
    • 1x - Aquarium salt, 10 gallons
    • 1x - Water heater
    • 1x - Floating thermometer
    • 1x - Nutrafin cycle, 1oz
    • 1x - Clear vacuum hose
    • 1x - Substrate

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