Jackson Systems T-32-P Universal Programmable Thermostat

Jackson Systems T-32-P Universal Programmable Thermostat

Save Energy and Money by Programming Your Heating and Air Conditioning System
  • Programmable for all 7 days of the week
  • Large digital display
  • Two or four schedules per day
  • Add outdoor or indoor temperature sensors



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  • Don't waste money by leaving your heater or air conditioning system to run all day set at just one temperature. Your family leaves the home for a while for school or work, then comes home. Why have the heater running all day when no one's home? And you should set the temperature lower at night when everyone's snuggled under the blankets. This large screen programmable thermostat can solve those problems and save you money!

    Adaptable to all types of HVAC systems: 1 heat/1 cool, 2 heat/2 cool, 2 heat/1 cool heat pump, 3 heat/2 cool heat pump, 2 heat/1 cool dual fuel, and 3 heat/2 cool dual fuel. You can easily program either two or four programs per day, like one for when you're usually home and one for when you're away, or one lower temperature for night, warm the house up for when you awake, lower when you're at work, and warm up again when you return in the evening. Each day of the week can have a different program.

    There's a keyboard lock so unauthorized people can't wage a thermostat war with you. You can use the adaptive recovery option to tell it a temperature you want the home to be at a certain time; it will calculate when to activate the system, based on its history. Add an outdoor sensor to help your heat pump system operate at its highest efficiency, and you can also see the outside temp on the display. Add indoor sensors to activate the system based on the temperature in a different part of your home, or average the readings. There's a soothing blue backlight to make the display readable any time of the day or night. The thermostat operates on the 24VAC of your system, with a 3v lithium battery to maintain the clock in case of power failure.

    Add more functionality to your new thermostat by adding Indoor / Outdoor Remote Temperature Sensors. You may add as many as you wish so long as the total resistance adds to 10KΩ. If this new thermostat is smaller than the old one you are replacing, consider the Jackson Systems Wall Plate to cover the spot.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Jackson Systems
    Manufacturer Product No. T-32-P
    Heating Setpoint Range 41° to 120°F
    Cooling Setpoint Range 43° to 122°F
    LCD Display Units C or F
    Time Display 12 or 24 hour
    After Hours Override Time 1/2 to 12 hours
    Adjustable Heating Limit 41° to 120°F
    Adjustable Cooling Limit 43° to 122°F
    Advanced Fan Options Manual, Auto, Intelligent Fan
    Adjustable Purge Cycle 0 - 5 minutes
    Modes Manual Heat / Cool, Cool Only, Heat Only, Auto Changeover
    TT Terminal Functions Outdoor Temp Sensor, Indoor Remote Sensor, Temp Averaging
    Adaptive Recovery On or Off
    Adjustable Balance Point
    • High 32° to 122°F or Off
    • Low 14° to 77°F or Off
    Input Voltage 24VAC 50/60Hz +/-15%
    Relay Rating 24VAC @ 1A per relay
    Operating Temperature 32° to 122°F
    Operating Humidity 0 to 95% Non-Condensing
    Accuracy +/-0.3°F
    Temperature Sensors 10KΩ NTC Type 3
    Short Cycle Protection 4 Minutes to Off
    Display Resolution 1.0°F
    Outdoor Temp Display Range -10° to 140°F
    Optimized Start/Stop Time vs. Temp Differential - Updating
    Display Size 2.75" x 1.88"
    Dimensions 4" x 4.38" x 0.88"
    Approvals FCC Part 15 (pending)
    Mfgr Warranty 5 years, limited

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