ISY994i Home Automation Controller with Dual-Band PLM


Universal Devices ISY994i Controller - Insteon Support + PLM

Easy-to-Use Central Controller Configures and Programs Insteon Devices
  • Kit Comes Complete with ISY-994i Controller and Insteon Dual-Band PLM (PowerLinc Modem)
  • Extends the capabilities of ISY99i Series
  • Remotely Accessible from any Standard Web Browser
  • Does Not Require a PC to Operate
  • Supports 256 Devices/ Scenes and controls up to 300 Programs
  • Apple and Android apps available


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  • The ISY994i/IR Pro is one of the most advanced Insteon controllers on the market and has numerous features to satisfy the most advanced DIY'er or seasoned home control enthusiast. If you need unbridled control, the ISY994i is your controller.

    The ISY994i/IR Pro supports up to 1,024 devices and scenes and a maximum of 1,000 programs. The ISY994i/IR Pro controller is able to configure and program Insteon devices using Insteon native protocols and specifications. This allows it to directly write to Insteon devices internally instead of just in the controller, creating a more robust network. You can set up timer events and custom event triggers, as well as monitor and control all the Insteon -compatible devices in your home from any web-browser anywhere in the world. Now you can check if the lights in your house were left on and remotely control them from your computer at the office. The IR model allows you to program your infrared universal remote to control all your Insteon /X10 devices and scenes. The PRO model extends the capabilities of the ISY for extremely large installations.

    Insteon Control

    For Insteon control this device must be paried with an Insteon Dual-Band PLM Serial Interface. The PLM allows for direct communication with your existing Insteon network from the ISY994i/IR Pro controller. The PLM features built-in dual-band technology that sends and receives Insteon signals via powerline and radio frequency (RF), so it doubles as an Access Point. This makes it ideal for new Insteon installs if you have or plan to use an RF-only Insteon-compatible devices like a Mini Remote, Thermostat, Motion Sensor, Open/Close Sensor.

    Additional Features

    • Control other network-enabled devices using an optional Network Module (RS-232 devices can be controlled using an ELK IP232 or Global Cache GC-100 and more)
    • Can be field upgraded to IR platform

    Extends the capabilities of the ISY994i Series

    • An expansion slot which could be utilized to install and support other protocols such as a Zigbee or Z-Wave
    • Control other network-enabled devices using an optional Network Module (RS-232 devices can be controlled using an ELK IP232 or Global Cache GC-100 and more)
    • Non IR models can be field upgraded to IR platform

    Please Note

    ISY994i/IR Pro does provide a port for an optional AC adapter for instances where the PLM does not supply power, or the user prefers to supply power independent of the PLM (for example, PLM 2413S).

    Using any Java-enabled web browser, the ISY994i/IR Pro gives you the ability to control, monitor and configure all Insteon-compatible devices from any web-browser anywhere in the world. Best of all, no software is needed to gain access to your Insteon network. Simply bring up a browser and type in the URL of your Home Automation Controller.

    Native iPhone/iPad/Andriod Apps for Use with ISY-994i Series Now Available

    With MobiLinc and an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch or Android powered device, controlling the lights, thermostats, irrigation, garage doors, devices, entertainment system, and monitoring IP cameras/DVRs and energy consumption in your home or business has never been easier!

    MobiLinc Features:

    • Securely access your ISY anywhere with MobiLinc Connect cloud service. No complex networking required. It just works
    • Supports Geo-fencing for true home automation when leaving or arriving home
    • Supports Push Notifications to be instantly notified about Insteon/Z-Wave changes you are interested in on all your iOS devices
    • Voice Control plug-in controls your ISY with the power of voice from your iOS devices
    • IP Camera plug-in supports live streaming from thousands of IP cameras and DVRs to your iOS devices
    • ELK Support for home security integration on your iOS devices
    • Supports Energy Monitors to display real-time energy consumption
    • Custom Dashboard for all your favorite devices, scenes, and programs
    • Supports a virtual unlimited number of ISY-99x controllers
    • Customize your devices, scenes, and programs with icons and custom names

    See for more information.

    Agave Home Automation for Insteon®, Z-wave and X10 control via ISY

    Agave - ISY app for mobile home automation of Insteon® and Z-Wave® devices. Agave Home Automation allows for seamless, secure and customizable remote access to your Universal Devices ISY Controller from your Android® smartphone and tablet

    Many Insteon® and Z-Wave devices can be controlled through ISY using Agave. If you find one that isn’t supported, contact the developer (we’ll need a node dump of the device from an ISY).

    Agave can control your ELK M1 Home Security system through your ISY. Arm and disarm in all Elk modes including status of and control of bypass of all of your Elk zones.

    Agave works with your favorite Insteon devices (requires an Insteon-compatible ISY). Whether you want to control an Insteon Thermostat, LED light bulb, On/Off Switch Relay, Dimmer switch, IO Linc Sensor/Relay, Triggerlinc Open/Close sensor, Motion sensor (2420 verified), smoke sensor, or an EZFlora/lawn sprinkler, Agave works for you. As new Insteon devices are released, we work to add them quickly to Agave.

    Agave works with several Z-Wave devices (requires a Z-Wave compatible ISY). Schlage Door locks, thermostats, on/off and dimmable switches, MIMOLite sensors, and Aeon Multisensors can be controlled through Agave. If you have a Z-Wave device that isn’t already added to Agave, we’ll work with you to get it added quickly (please contact the developer!).

    Agave can connect to your ISY using any combination of the following methods in the order

    • Direct Connection via private home network (local) connection (usually the “primary” connection)
    • Direct Connection via external network/cellular data connection (may require port forwarding on router) (often the “secondary” connection)
    • UDI Portal (Requires subscription through UDI)

    See for more information.

    Agave Home Automation Features

    • Control of both Insteon®, X10 and Z-wave devices via the Universal Devices ISY home control center
    • Secure SSL connection
    • Customizable home screen – Move the controls for you most used devices for easier access
    • Customizable buttons and status updates – Change switch types and status indicators to fit your home automation set up
    • Connect to your home network via WiFi, mobile data or UDI Portal
    • Real time home status updates
    • PIN code locking and Encrypted user credentials
    • Multiple profiles and device support
    • Scene control – single button control for multiple device settings

    See for more information.

    Additional Features for the ISY994i Series

    Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world and on any platform

    • Monitor, control, and configure your system remotely.
    • Secure Web Server with certificate management (up to 2048 bits).
    • Automatically create port forwarding rules on your UPnP enabled router.
    • Browser-based Java Applet or Java Web Start Application.
    • Support for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

    Field Upgradeable/Auto Upgrade

    • Many new features added regularly via firmware updates.
    • Admin Console automatically notifies you of official firmware updates
    • Standard ISY994i and ISY994iZw is field upgradeable to ISY994i/IR Pro and ISY994iZw/IR Pro to support additional devices/scenes

    Realtime clock on board

    • Supports Daylight Saving
    • Supports automatic sync with internet time sources (NTP)
    • Automatically calculation of Sunrise/Sunset times based on location

    Device Management

    • For easiy monitoring, control and management Devices can be linked to the ISY using thier Insteon address or by pressing their SET buttons. Once linked to the ISY, devices can be monitored, controlled and managed through the ISY's built-in web server and Java-based Administrative Console
    • 3rd party products are available to monitor and control your home from your iPhone, PC, Nokia touch panel, and more!
    • If you already have devices installed and programmed, the ISY can crawl your existing Insteon network to automatically link discovered devices
    • Replace Device: seamlessly replace a defective device with a new one
    • Replace Modem: seamlessly replace a defective modem (PLM) with a new one
    • Restore Devices: simply restore your device to its correct settings if it is factory reset or has somehow lost its programming
    • Create folders/sub-folders to help organize your devices and scenes
    • Support for majority of Insteon products

    Scene Management

    • Supports up to 1024 devices/scenes
    • Use simple drag/drop to easily create scenes containing multiple devices
    • Create controller/responder relationships between all devices within the scene
    • Easily change scene attributes for each and every one of the devices within the scene
    • Once programmed, scenes operate completely independent of the ISY for the quickest response time and most reliable operation

    Programs, Schedules, and Variables

    • Programs are easily created by simple mouse point and click
    • Create complex schedules using precise time, from/to, days, sunrise/sunset times, offsets, etc.
    • Create complex triggers based on the combination of schedules, any event (e.g. key press), and many other triggers
    • Use Variables to control the flow of programs
    • Complete support for Wait and Repeat constructs including Random values
    • Custom and user defined email and SMS Notifications to custom user groups

    X10 Support

    • Built-in X10 support includes the use of programs to control your X10 devices using IR, schedules, or events from other Insteon/X10 devices
    • Optional X10/A10 Module features enhanced X10 capabilities, including support for X10 devices in the device tree

    Developer Friendly

    • Free REST, Web Services, and Java SDK for easy integration with 3rd party hardware and software - or development of your own
    • Discounts on products and modules for eligible developers

    Unit Comparison Chart

    ISY994i ISY994i/IR Pro ISY994iZw ISY994iZw/IR Pro
    Insteon® Support
    (Requires Dual-Band PLM)
    X10 Support
    (Requires Dual-Band PLM)
    Z-Wave Support
    (Z-Wave radio included)
    Max. Number Of Nodes
    (Node = deivces,
    buttons, scenes, folders)
    256 1024 256 1024
    Max. Number Of Programs 300 1000 300 1000
    Amazon Echo Support
    (Requires ISY Portal subscription
    ($49. every 2 years)
    Infrared Remote Control

    Important Notes:

    • ISY994i requires an Insteon serial PLM. PLM model number 2413S is compatible with ISY
    • ISY994i does require a power supply when used with a PLM which supplies power via the RJ-45 port (for example, PLM model 2413S)
    • ISY994i does provide a port for an optional AC adapter for instances where the PLM does not supply power, or the user prefers to supply power independent of the PLM (for example, PLM model 2413S).
    • Please refer to ISY994i for specifications
    • Please refer to 2413S for specifications
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    Rock-solid, powerful and reliable Review by Randy S.
    Rock-solid, powerful and reliable

    I've had two of these units (main home and vacation home) for the past five years.

    This is the controller you want to get if you're serious about doing real stuff with Insteon and Z-Wave. Yes, the admin console is currently based on Java (if you want a rich, desktop-style app user interface) but there is also a browser-based UI that works fine; it's just not as sophisticated as the Java application. They've improved the launcher in the last few months also; now it automatically queries the ISY you're logging onto and gets the appropriate version of the Java admin console app so there aren't problems anymore with having mismatched versions of the firmware in the ISY and the Java admin console app.

    This unit is capable of real-world tasks that few, if any, other automation controllers can handle. For example, I have some Insteon water leakage detectors near my water heater, well pressure tank, and other places in my basement that might be prone to water leaks. The ISY is capable of the kind of programming necessary to monitor the "heartbeat" signal that the leakage detectors send out once per day to indicate they're alive and well. (They're battery-powered, so you want to be able to monitor them.) If the program running in the ISY hasn't received a "heartbeat" in the last 24 hours, it sends a text to my phone letting me know.

    I also have an Insteon thermostat in my vacation home. Once a day, the ISY unit I have there sends me a status report to my phone with the current house temperature and other vitals. It notifies me if the burglar or fire alarm is sounding, or if the temperature drops below a certain point in the house.

    Finally, one of its best features (in my opinion) is that the ISY keeps its own database of all the links between your Insteon devices (scenes, etc.) and independently verifies them to ensure your Insteon network is "whole" with no missing links. It can then query the link table in any of your Insteon devices and compare that table to the one in its own database, and if there's a mismatch, the ISY can "reach out" to the Insteon device and sync up the device link table with the ISY one. (When programming a whole house of Insteon devices over the network, it is common to have a glitch now and then that results in the link table in a given Insteon device not being set quite correctly.)

    A lot of thought and effort has been put into the design of this device. If you want rock-solid reliability of your Insteon network and the ability to do some serious, real-world applications, this is the best unit out there. And there's an active set of web forums where people share the programs they've developed to do various things. The lead developer of the ISY also participates on these forums.

    Posted on 12/30/2018

    Works well Java access software updates are a real PITA. Review by MevetS
    Works well Java access software updates are a real PITA.

    The software works well although if you ever getting into trying to program things, it is severely limited by having to use the most basic of logic. Makes writing a program a much more complex task then it should be.

    But the biggest PITA with this system is the updating of the code for the Administrative Console. It's more of a pain than it's worth, at times. I've had updates work flawlessly and then again, I've had to repeat the update numerous times. You never know. Often it is is supposed to be because of the Firewall being left on. I'm still trying to get the latest update to work and I have several devices to add and integrate. I guess I'll have to write a support ticket. Unfortunate, since otherwise, this is a very reliable and functional system.

    Posted on 10/16/2017

    Happy Review by MrBates1313

    The controller gets 5 stars. I had a problem getting the PLM working but read some reviews and followed the procedure to power all down, wait 30s, power PLM up, wait 30s, power controller up. That has been working now for a month. Haven't had any power failures so we will see what happens when I do. Hopefully the tech support is right and it should all work fine. We will see.....

    Posted on 11/14/2016

    Not Reliable Review by John
    Not Reliable

    I invested in this controller a couple of years ago when Smarthome discontinued supporting their HouseLinc software. It's not easy to program, and I found it very unreliable. I had to install an Insteon on/off module on the power cord to the ISY so that I could power off the ISY from an Insteon hub and re-power it, whenever the ISY controller would lock up. Telephone support, which Smarthome had promised would be quick and thorough turned out to be a "don't call us, we'll call you... several days later." They could offer no solution for why the ISY was locking up.

    The final straw came a couple of days before we were heading out on vacation, when suddenly the ISY turned everything on (all 60+ Insteon controlled lights and fans). At that point I pulled the plug in the ISY and went back to using HouseLinc. I wish they still supported HouseLinc... it had features the ISY doesn't have, and it actually works.

    Posted on 7/8/2016

    Love the unit Review by Donald
    Love the unit

    I've had it for a month now and love it. Had a house full of X-10 modules with Adcon and the Leopard, however this is much more reliable with Insteon. This unit working with X-10's is marginal, not very reliable, most probably cause is probably the fact they are not designed to work with LED's.
    As far as support, Steve is the best, he knows it all and is a great asset to the system.

    Posted on 3/21/2016

    Finaly a reliable controller ! Review by Sam Beigi
    Finaly a reliable controller !

    Tried the insteon hub first and had to switch to this controller. Reliable and performs well. Could use a better interface but overall a great product.

    Posted on 12/3/2015

    Best Insteon controller !!! Review by Steve Ko
    Best Insteon controller !!!

    I've initially started with the Insteon Hub but ended up returning it and getting the ISY. Solid product

    Posted on 11/30/2015

    Great product Review by Dan McCoy
    Great product

    I have had my I S4 for several years & I really love it, I have no complaints & think it is worth every penny, it does require a bit of learning to use it but once you get the hang of it, you will love it !

    Posted on 7/1/2015

    ISY was worth the money!!! Review by Curtis Nelson
    ISY was worth the money!!!

    I originally bought the Insteon Hub, but returned it for the ISY Controller. Dont need a dedicated computer. The ISY was worth the money!!!

    Posted on 5/19/2015

    Review of ISY994i Review by Ryan
    Review of ISY994i

    Have had this controller for over two years now and can report that it is absolutely rock solid in its performance. I have just over fifty devices (mostly light/outlet switches and garage doors sensors) and it hasn't missed a beat. I use the programmatic feature significantly. If my garage doors are open for more than ten minutes, my wife and I get a text notifying us (great if we forget to close either bay). If the fireplace has been on for over two hours, same thing there - very nice in case we walk out and forget to turn it off. Also have programs running for the bathroom fans. When the light is turned on, I have the fan turn on - when the light is flipped off, the fan stays on for another five minutes before turning off.

    Really appreciate the fact that it has the NTP (network time protocol) feature so it's time stays accurate (a significant problem with earlier controller models). Also slick that it adjusts sunrise and sunset depending on your location - living in the Pacific Northwest, that change can be several minutes a day.

    All in all a I'm quite pleased with this unit. My only reason for not giving it a five star rating is that it can be somewhat confusing at times when defining devices. Don't get me wrong, it is a quantum leap over doing it manually, but I've seen other posts regarding controller/responder settings and I agree that can take a little getting used to depending on what you're trying to accomplish. I wouldn't let that stop you though - this controller is exactly what you need if you're at all in to home automation.

    Posted on 5/2/2015

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