iSmartAlarm DWS3R Door and Window Sensor (2-Pack)

iSmartAlarm DWS3R Wireless Door and Window Contact Sensor (2-Pack)

Receive Alerts when a Door or Window is Opened
  • Accessory for iSmartAlarm Security System
  • Monitor open/close status of doors, windows and more
  • Communicates with system from up to 320 feet away
  • Wireless, battery-powered
  • Easily placed at any door or window opening using two-sided adhesive tape
  • Removable and moveable – Can be used on a door today, a window tomorrow


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  • The iSmartAlarm DWS3R Wireless Door and Window Contact Sensor is an accessory for use in expanding an iSmartAlarm Home Security System coverage. Contact Sensors can be placed almost anywhere with double-sided adhesive tape to monitor open/close status. When the magnetic contact is' broken' between the contact sensors, it will wirelessly communicate the status to the iSmartAlarm's CubeOne which will then notify the user via text and/or activate the audible alarm. The Wireless Door and Window Contact Sensor is powered by a CR2032 3V battery and has a communication range of up to 320 feet in open space.

    This product includes 2 Wireless Door and Window Contact Sensors.

    Examples of Use:
    •  Doors
    •  Windows
    •  Sliding glass doors
    •  Drawers
    •  Cleaning supplies
    •  Liquor Cabinets
    •  Refrigerator
    •  Pool gate

  •  General Specifications

     Brand  iSmartAlarm
     Manufacturer Part Number  DWS3R
     UPC  858176004083
     Classification  Internally Powered
     Device dimensions  50mm x 50mm x 13mm
     Weight  27.4g
     Power  1*3V (CR2032)
     Frequency  908MHZ
     Distance  <100m (Outdoor, open space)
     Operating Temperature  -10° C ~50° C (14° F ~122° F)
     Operating Humidity  30° C (±2) ≤85% (±5)
      Storage and Transport Temperature  -40° C~55° C (-40° F~131° F)
     Storage and Transport Humidity  40° C ≤90%
     Magnetic gap (Close to Open)  <20mm
     Magnetic Gap (Open to Close)  <20mm
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  • •  2x - Door and Window Contact Sensor
    •  2x - CR2032 Batteries

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