Intermatic EH10 Electronic Water Heater Timer

Intermatic EH10 Electronic Water Heater Timer

Save Money By Using Automatic Timer For Your Water Heater
  • Electronic Water Heater Timer
  • Program to repeat daily schedule, 5-day work week schedule, weekend, or any individual day schedule
  • Schedule for operation during the lowest time-of-day rates
  • Switch off during period of utilities peak power usage
  • Control up to 6 ON/OFF operations daily



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  • The Intermatic EH10 Electronic Water Heater Timer provides automatic control for electric water heaters, featuring to-the-minute accuracy in programming and time keeping. The time switches can be programmed for repeat daily scheduling, 5-day working week scheduling, weekend scheduling or any individual day scheduling. Timers can also be scheduled for operation during the lowest time-of-day rates or to switch off the electric heater during period of utilities peak power usage. The time switch can be set to operate for up to 6 ON/OFF operations daily for a maximum of 42 on/off operations weekly. It provides a convenient external override switch and LED load indicator for ease in scheduling hot water as required for extra hot water demands. This timer can be used for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and military facilities. Comes with a "AA" alkaline battery carryover which protects both time keeping and program information for a minimum of 3 years.

    • Switch: SPST
    • Case: Drawn steel 7-3/4" (19.7 cm) H x 5" (12.7 cm) W x 3" (7.6 cm) D
    • Switch Rating: 30 Amp Resistive or Inductive 120-240 VAC; 1 HP, 120 VAC; 1-1/2 HP, 240 VAC; 5 Amps Tungsten, 120/240 VAC.
    • 3,600 Watts @ 120V; 7,200 Watts @ 240V
    • Knockouts: Combination 1/2" - 3/4" nominal knockouts, one on back and each side of case and two on bottom.
    • 3 year alkaline backup
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    Review of 25103 Review by STANLEY
    Review of 25103

    I was disappointed that this timer is for a 110 volt heater and not the correct timer for my 220 volt water heater. The web site and the person I spoke with at Smarthome both said it would work for 220. It's a 110 volt timer but technically, the single pole switch is RATED for 220. Smarthome was very good about taking it back but they failed to steer me to the correct timer which I ended up buying elsewhere. In the old days the people at Smarthome were familiar with their products but now they are just order takers. The timer I eventually got was the 220 volt version from Intermatic and I love it. It's easy to program and we get hot water when we need it and the heater is off the rest of the time. I look forward to getting my electric bill.

    Posted on 6/4/2011

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