What Can Thanksgiving Dinner Teach Us About INSTEON?

What Can Thanksgiving Dinner Teach Us About INSTEON?A curious link drawn between this once a year feast and an everyday technology
The doorbell rings. There is a moment of silence, a deep breath, and then it begins. Thanksgiving dinner with the whole clan. What does that have to do with INSTEON, the most powerful, reliable and affordable home management technology available? In a word, everything.Most other home control technologies require a network controller to direct the traffic, like Uncle Frank holding court with embellished stories about his tours in the French Foreign Legion. If you tune out, there's going to be trouble. With INSTEON, every device on the network is a peer, which means that while you're stuffing the turkey, Aunt Martha jumps in to chop onions and cousin Ted gets to peeling the potatoes. And you didn't even have to ask.INSTEON's network is redundant, meaning that every device on the network receives and relays every message to every other device on the network. Think of the racket at the table when everyone is trying to talk over everyone else, except that the net result is not an unintelligible din but a sleek digital mesh that ensures every message gets where its supposed to with unsurpassed reliability.At some point during dinner, you're torn. You really want to stay at the table and converse with the adults, but you just know your nieces and nephews are two minutes away from using gravy as finger paint on the new wallpaper next to the kids' table. That's how it's been with home control technology - there's X10, which uses your home's existing electrical wiring to do the job but sacrifices reliability and flexibility. Or you could go with a wireless system like Z-Wave or ZigBee, but that requires a routing strategy and an intelligent controller. INSTEON bridged the gap by improving and incorporating both technologies - a powerline solution with revolutionary speed and capacity, and a wireless solution that lets you connect the whole house without any network supervision. No supervision? Imagine that.When the pie is gone and the coffee is cold, and the last car full of relatives has chugged off into the night, there is a feeling of triumph at having pulled it off; knowing that as intimidating as it may have felt, you nailed it. Installing and using an INSTEON network will give you that same feeling, but the three days of cooking and cleaning are reduced to about ten minutes of easy setup, and instead of facing a mountain of dishes and three trips to the dumpster, you can relax and enjoy a new level of comfort, security and convenience in your home. Your family, you have to live with. Your home, that INSTEON can help you control.INSTEON can be found online at: www.smarthome.com, www.homedepot.com or www.amazon.com

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