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With their spacious5,000 square-foot home, Tom and Joyce needed a lighting control solution that waseasy to operate and maintain and that didn’trequire running new wires: Theywanted to avoid paying the nearly $100,000 they spent on a hard-wired systemin their previous home, a system fraught with problems in design and difficultiesin maintenance. They found that when things didn’t work as theyshould, the installers had “tremendous trouble trying to figure out what waswrong.”imagename As Tom and Joyce considered a wireless solution, they learned that afriend had INSTEON installed in his home and was thrilled with its reliabilityand ease of use, so they decided to give it a try.Since their friend had a smaller home, Tom and Joyce were at first concernedthat INSTEON might not work as well for their needs as it did in their friend’sapplication. Once they received their INSTEON products, Tom and Joycebrought in an installer. While it might have taken a typical homeowner a coupleof weekends to complete the installation, the INSTEON-certified installer had them up and running within a couple of days. Before the installer left, hegave Joyce a few tips on programming scenes, showing her “how to link andset up scenes and do all that fun stuff” so that she wouldn’t be dependent ona professional to make scene or dimming changes whenever she wants.Now Tom and Joyce enjoy in-wall keypads, hand-held remotes and completecontrol over every light in their house. They shared with us that, theirINSTEON network works “really, really well.” By design, INSTEON networksare ideal for larger homes, because they actually become more reliable withevery added device. As Tom says, “It’s pretty incredible what you can do forthis price; such a great value that you don’t have to live in a multi-million dollarhouse to be able to afford this.”

Welcoming guests into their home has never been easier for Tom and Joyce: INSTEON has given them thepower to turn on all the entryway lights, exterior lights and the lighted glass sculpture atop their elegantwinding staircase with the press of a button. Arriving home and walking from room to room has never beenmore practical: Their entryway keypads have a scene for each of the adjacent areas of the house so theycan turn off lights behind them and avoid fumbling around for light switches in dark rooms. In their entryway,Tom and Joyce use SwitchLinc Dimmers for their overhead and accent lights, KeypadLinc Dimmers atthe entry points for scene control and an ApplianceLinc plug-in module for the lighted glass sculpture. Bestof all, every switch is labled with custom etching, so both they and their guests know exactly which lightsthey are turning on.

“I highly recommend a system like this. It’s user-friendly; it’s convenient. I truly love the idea ofbeing able to create scenes to turn a light on or off anywhere, conveniently.” – Joyce

Dining Room
dining roomNothing creates ambience and compliments and accents a beautiful marble fireplace quite like great lighting.When entertaining dinner guests, Tom and Joyce use INSTEON to spend more time socializing andless time managing their lights. They instantly create the perfect mood with their “Dining” scene, which setsthe wall sconces and overhead lights to medium brightness and dims the surrounding rooms, focusing energyand attention to the dining room. With a tap on their RemoteLinc, they can turn off all the kitchen lightsfrom the dinner table, saying to their guests, “Let’s eat.” Tom and Joyce use SwitchLinc Dimmers for theirsconces and overhead lights, a KeypadLinc Dimmers for scene control on either side of the dining room, anda black RemoteLinc for easy remote control of all lighting without leaving the dinner table.

Kitchendining room
For Tom and Joyce, the kitchen is not only a place to cook, but a breakfast nook, a wet bar, and a path tothe garage. They use INSTEON in this room to save a few trips across the kitchen and a few dollars ontheir electric bill by knowing their lights are off when they leave. In multi-story homes especially, makingsure all the lights are off can be very tedious and is frequently neglected. Tom and Joyce use their awayscene to turn off every light in the house, with the exception of a few dim night lights. Also, from inside thekitchen, Joyce can see that she’s left the outdoor lights on and can turn them off without going back outside.Tom and Joyce use SwitchLinc Dimmers for their overhead halogen lights and breakfast nook chandelierand KeypadLinc Dimmers for their under-cabinet lighting and scene control from several different locationsin the kitchen.

“I love the remote ability I have; that’s a fantastic feature” – Joyce

“I really love having keypads for everything where you can just come in the kitchen and you have ascene, you don’t have to worry. We’ve got the away scene, we know we have the light on in the entry,we have the kitchen light on, and we have a small light on in the family room, for when we’re away.I love the away scene.” – Joyce

When Tom and Joyce turn in for the night, they rest a little easier knowing they have INSTEON controllingtheir lights. They feel safer knowing that if they hear a strange noise during the middle of the night, theycan turn on every light in the house, both deterring intruders and exposing dark corners. They feel morerelaxed knowing that they won’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lights in the rest of the house. Tomand Joyce’s favorite scenes are the “Tom” and “Joyce” buttons on their bathroom keypad: Since they liketheir bathroom lights at different levels, they know they can always tap the button to activate the perfectbathroom lighting for them. Tom and Joyce use SwitchLinc Dimmers for their overhead lights, LampLinc plug-in dimmers for their plug-in lamps, KeypadLinc Dimmers for scene control, and a KeypadLinc mountedin a plug-in tabletop enclosure for easy bedside access.
dining room

At a Glance
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Sq ft: 5,000
Built: 2003
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 5
INSTEON Devices: 95
Favorite Scenes:
Master Bath “Tom” and“Joyce”, “Away” Scene
entry keypad and switches
 The entryway keypad has a scene for each of the adjacent areas of the house so they can turn off lights behind them and avoid fumbling around for light switches in dark rooms.
Dining Room
entry keypad and switches
The keypad in the dining room instant lighting moods are at their finger tips.
entry keypad and switches
While at the dinner table, quick access to the kitchen lights is done with the RemoteLinc.
entry keypad and switches
One of the kitchen keypads controls the lights above the sink, recessed lights around room and track lights above the island.
entry keypad and switches
Accessing multiple switches throughout the kitchen, family room and dining room is possible from a couple of keypads located near the main kitchen entrance.
entry keypad and switches
Next to their bed they have control over the entire house from a tabletop keypad.
entry keypad and switches
Control over plug-in devices such as fans, lamps and space-heaters are possible using ApplianceLinc and LampLinc modules.
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