How are our customers using their INSTEON networks?

How Are Our Customers Using Their INSTEON Networks?

Nighttime Trip to the Bathroom
I worry about my mom getting up in the middle of the night so I had my husband install a keypad by her bed that she can use to light a dim path to the bathroom at night. She's not worried about waking everyone up with bright lights and I'm not worried about her tripping on something in the dark.
- - - Sandy

Home Theater Lighting
My 'Movie Time' scene has a 'Laundry Off Statement' cause I hate it when my wife leaves that light on (ALWAYS).
- - - Dave

Energy Savings
I'm saving on my energy bill by dimming lights only to as bright as we need them.
- - - Paul

Separate Ceiling Fan from Lights
Independent control over a ceiling fan and the attached lights. I wired 2 In-LineLincs up into the junction box: one for the fan, one for the lights. Then I replaced the existing wall switch with a KeypadLinc with load wire capped. Now I can control the fan and lights independent of each other - even do preset levels, not to mention control other INSTEON devices with the extra KeypadLinc buttons.
- - - Isaac

I have two teenagers at home and my wife and I don't stay up as late as they do, but we do want to know when they're in bed. We use the KeypadLinc buttons in our bedroom as status lights on the kids' rooms - that way we can tell them to go to bed if we notice their lights are still on at 3am.
- - - Greg

New Parents
We have a new baby so I keep a controller by the bed for when we have to get up in the middle of the night for feedings. The lights come on dim in our bedroom and in the baby's room so my wife doesn't trip over things in the dark.
- - - Kyle

Alarm Clock
My favorite way to wake up is with the sun, but weekdays I have to get up early for work and that is just not an option. I set my timer software to dim slowly on in the morning and now I don't have to wake up to an annoying alarm clock.
- - - Mark

Hot Showers
I'm using a relay (2476S) on a hot water recirc pump and KeypadLinks in the kitchen and every bathroom. Every "A" button controls the pump. All "A" buttons are linked so if someone in the bathroom turns on the pump the "A" light lights in every room so everyone knows the pump is working.
- - - Bill M.

Home Improvement
I could install the In-LineLinc at the fixture, disconnect the mech switch, mount the wireless switch in its place (or anywhere in line of sight), and -- *voila* -- I have INSTEON control without having to rip out the walls (until I can afford to do so).
- - - Byron

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