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November Contest Winner:
Paul Anderson

Congratulations to Paul Anderson from Bartlesville, Oklahoma for winning the November Smarthome Home Control Giveaway. He came across a Smarthome advertisement one day while searching for various home automation products, saw the contest and began entering. After taking a chance and entering the contest a few times, he now has $500 worth of INSTEON products to fill his home and take advantage of home automation. Paul has limited experience with home automation, currently using an automated sprinkler system to control the watering of his flower bed; and a motion detector on his front porch light. With his contest winnings, he will certainly be able to take things a step further and add some convenient, fun and energy efficient INSTEON home automation devices. Lighting and appliance control is the backbone of INSTEON technology, and Smarthome has no shortage of products to choose from; dimmers and switches, plug-in modules and motion sensors, wire-in/outlet modules, keypads & touch screens and remotes. INSTEON automation offers total home automation and control at the press of a button. Congratulations again to Paul Anderson!

Enter the Smarthome Home Control Giveaway now to win $500 of INSTEON-compatible products. The next winner could be you!

Last Updated: December 29, 2008

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