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February Contest Winner:
Margaret Smith and Family

One Family?s dream to Go Green
Do you remember when you first met George Jetson, Jane his wife, and the rest? His futuristic home where the Lights turn on by themselves? Meet Martha Smith, our February winner of the Smarthome Home Control Giveaway. Like George Jetson, Martha is ready for a home where her lights turn on and off by themselves and with INSTEON lighting Technology her dreams of a futuristic home will come true.

Martha is new to home automation. As she was exploring ways to curb her ever climbing utility charges she came across INSTEON. After changing out her lights for compact fluorescent, she was still investigating practical ways of managing her living room lighting. Tired of leaving the lights on after they go to bed, Martha can look to ApplianceLinc modules, a PowerLinc Controller, and the Smarthome Manager Essential Timer software to make sure her lights are off in the middle of the night. This one simple change will help her save on her monthly electrical bills, and that is just the start.

Living on a raised ranch, Martha has a finished basement that they have made into a play area for the kids. A basement like this can get quite cold in the winter and warm in the summer and Martha wants a solution her children can easily control. Nothing will be easier for the kids than to press a button as they enter or leave the room. Martha can keep an eye on their tenacity, with the press of a button from the INSTEON KeypadLinc with White Tabletop Enclosure Kit, and the INSTEON Remote Control Thermostat, 7-Day Programmable, Martha will be able to change the thermostat to the preset ?not in use? temperature, and use the On/Off to check light status of the basement and turn them off if need be.

Saving electricity and cutting the fuel use to her basement and living room is just the beginning. With one thermostat and one room in her home planned out, and several more to go, Martha and her family are just getting started on what they can do. With several more projects on her mind, INSTEON will be part of them all.

Martha is very excited to move to home automation, and is exploring how INSTEON can solve her needs. So Martha, from our family to yours, WELCOME to the Smarthome Family.

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Last Updated: March 12, 2007

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