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May Contest Winner:
Mike Riccio

Out with the Old and In with the New

Since the beginning of home automation, developers have created products that make controlling lights and appliances convenient. There are many different companies out there, some with products that only control a few different lights, some that are very expensive, some with products that are not very dependable and some that simply have products too difficult to install. At Smarthome, our engineers came out with INSTEON just over three years ago, with the goal of offering products for your entire home that are convenient, affordable, reliable, easy to install and fun to use. Smarthome would like to congratulate the May winner of the Smarthome Home Control Giveaway, Mike Riccio, who has taken advantage of the power that INSTEON home automation products have and incorporated them with several other automation systems.

Mike and his wife have been using X10 products for years, and while happy with what they were originally designed for, like many other people they were unhappy with the reliability of X10 communication. In September of 2007 they purchased a new home in San Carlos, CA and decided to upgrade from the old X10 automation and use new INSTEON products as the backbone for their home automation system. Mike uses Indigo INSTEON Software for Mac to control all of his INSTEON devices from his computer. His INSTEON devices start with a pair of Access Points for communication across electrical phases and via radio frequency (RF); and a PowerLinc USB Interface which allows for communication between his computer and the INSTEON network. According to Mike, "...altogether, I have 33 SwitchLinc Dimmers, 9 SwitchLinc Relays, 2 KeypadLinc Dimmers, 1 In-LineLinc Dimmer, 3 LampLinc Dimmers, 1 ApplianceLinc On/off Module, and 1 RemoteLinc Remote Control." In addition to the standard lighting and appliance control, he has created scenes that include stairway lighting, alarm triggered lighting, exterior accent lighting, automatic bathroom fan control and virtual 3-way circuits. He really likes the fact that the switches are more attractive than the standard ones that came with the house and that he can control everything from his computer and via the web.

Outside of lighting Mike has installed an intercom system, whole house HDTV video distribution from a central location, IR control, Universal remote control, and much more. Right now he is "currently researching adding solar panels to our house to power all of this equipment in a more environmentally-friendly (and more cost-effective) manner." While he has not yet decided what he is going to do with his winnings, certainly some new devices are in mind like the INSTEON Controlled 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, INSTEON IRLinc IR Receiver and the INSTEON 8 Button Keypad Countdown Timer with Dimmer.

Congratulations again to Mike Riccio, a true Smarthome enthusiast!

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Last Updated: June 30, 2008

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