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March Contest Winner:
Michael Eyring

It has been the dream of home owners since the advent of home automation to integrate products such as lighting controls and security systems together, to act as one system that is both reliable and affordable. Our March winner of the Smarthome Home Control Giveaway, Michael Eyring, has been working towards making this dream a reality.

Michael has a bit of experience with home automation, experimenting with X10 and other related technology several years ago. While affordable, many of the X10 products weren't as reliable as he wanted. Over the years he was able to use his experiences to make these products work, not just in his home but he has helped others with setting up systems of their own. In searching for a new and reliable technology that he could use, Michael immediately came across Smarthome. As one of the most recognized home automation sources on the internet, he found and researched INSTEON. According to Michael, "...the style of the switches and the appeal of a fast, reliable power line technology is what attracted me to become an early adopter."

With INSTEON automation controllers able to fit the bill with what he was looking for in replacing X10, he was able to move forward and integrate his entire home with automation. His current setup uses an INSTEON-compatible Elk M1 Gold security system as the automation controller and backbone of his system. Connected through the Elk, he has smoke detectors, heat sensors, HAI thermostats for climate control, INSTEON technology for lighting control and a Xantech IR distribution system for AV. Michael has been able to take control of his entire home and manage all of his systems easily and reliably. He is currently on working on incorporating an irrigation system as well.

With the contest winnings, he plans on first installing an INSTEON IRLinc, so that he can use his Harmony 550 remote to incorporate his AV and lighting control systems into one remote. He also plans on upgrading his existing keypads with laser etched buttons. According to Michael, "I recently tried one of these for a new project when we renovated one of the rooms in our house. The quality is very nice, and a tremendous improvement." An INSTEON OutletLinc will be an upgrade for other plug-in units, if simply for being more aesthetically appealing. Finally, adding a INSTEON RemoteLinc to his son's room will be a more convenient way to turn off the lights after reading to him and putting him in his crib.

When asked what product he would like to see join the INSTEON family, Michael responded by explaining the value a higher power relay switch would provide. The high power relay switch would be good for an application where there are multiple fluorescent lights on one circuit.

Congratulations again to Michael, may Smarthome help all of your home automation dreams come true!

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Last Updated: April 22, 2008

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