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John and Allison LockyerA Father/Daughter Story:
John Lockyer ? Product Development Project Manager
Allison Lockyer ? Marketing Intern

John has been at Smarthome for 10 years and has been automating his home for even longer than that. Allison just started at Smarthome as an intern in the marketing department but has been around home automation virtually all her life.

John Lockyer ? Product Development Project Manager

How did you get into home automation?

I am a bit enthusiastic about energy conservation, and I wanted a way to not have the porch light on all night. I bought an X10 Mini-Timer and a few modules so I could turn the light off from the comfort of my bed, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Describe the setup in your home.

Since I’ve spent the past decade automating my home, I still have a lot of old X10 stuff.  While not as reliable as INSTEON, they still work – most of the time. Like many early adopters of home automation, I run a typical mixed X10/INSTEON environment in my home. I have X10 motion sensors in the backyard that activate my sprinklers after 10 p.m. to drive away stray cats and potential male visitors for my daughters. On the other hand, all the lights in my home are completely controlled by INSTEON-compatible SwitchLincs, KeypadLincs and ControLincs. As my old X10 products break down, I’m slowly upgrading to convert my entire home into a complete INSTEON home.

How has your experience been with the upgrade from X10 to INSTEON?

When INSTEON first came out, I went ahead exchanged all the X10 controllers in my house with INSTEON ones. Honestly, the difference in reliability is like night and day. I had an X10 keypad in the entryway that was supposed to control the lights in the living room and in 8 years never once did turn the darn light on. Ever since changing it out for an INSTEON-compatible KeypadLinc, it’s worked every time.

What’s your coolest setup using INSTEON technology?

I have a dedicated home theater room that I use INSTEON-compatible controllers to set up different lighting scenes that I can activate with a touch of a button. The “Movie Time” scene slowly fades the lights off so I can enjoy my movies, and the “All On” scene turns all the lights on when I need to clean the room.

What’s your next INSTEON upgrade project?

I’ve been eyeing the EZRain INSTEON Sprinkler Controller to get the reliability I need for my sprinkler system. What I really want though is an INSTEON-compatible motion-sensing floodlight. There isn’t one yet, but that would be tops on my wish list.

Allison Lockyer ?Marketing Intern

How was growing up in the “home of the future”?

Since I don’t really remember a time when we didn’t have all the cool stuff in our house, I didn’t think of it as being the “home of the future.” But all my friends would be impressed when they came over because we had a sensor in the driveway that would automatically turn on the living and dining room lights in the house. We also have a really cool home theater room that you can control everything from just one controller.

Any downside growing up with home automation in your house? Perhaps, your dad’s “pest” control sprinkler system?

I was NOT happy at the time when my friends would get sprayed with water. However, thinking back now, it’s pretty hilarious. Honestly, I think everything else that my dad has put in is pretty cool. The only exception would be the timers he put on the lights in my sister and my bathroom and set them to turn on for only 15 minutes. Yes, we always forgot to turn the lights off, but who only stays in the bathroom for 15 minutes?? WE’RE GIRLS! Let’s just say that those timers were taken out pretty quickly.

You’ve recently moved out of your childhood house. What do you miss most not having all the home automation gadgets and gizmos around?

I’m not lazy or anything, but I do miss the convenience of being able to control all the lights from one location. What I really miss most is not having cable television and fast DSL Internet connection, but I guess those aren’t home automation things, huh?

Last Updated: June 13, 2007

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