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January Contest Winner:
Lee Johnston and Family

As someone new to home automation and INSTEON technology, Lee Johnston is eager to learn about all that Smarthome and INSTEON have to offer. With the $500 of INSTEON products recently won in the Smarthome INSTEON sweepstakes, Lee intends to create a safer and much more convenient home.

What is your background with home automation?
I am not overly familiar with home automation other than using a timed thermostat on my heater. I am very happy about winning your contest and am excited to learn more on this subject.

How did you discover Smarthome and INSTEON technology?
What truly attracted me to your store was the vast number of lighting solutions for saving energy. I am interested in the motion detector LCD lights that you have as well as the energy-saving bulbs.

Describe the setup in your home.
Right now we don't have a setup, but we have the guest bedroom in the basement that we are finishing. There are several lights but nothing convenient - everything has to be plugged in to be on or unplugged to turn off. We also have our laundry down there, and the light is not connected to a switch either. The only switch is at the bottom of the stairs, so you have to walk down in the dark. Hopefully with your products we will be able to fix this.
What will be your first INSTEON project?
I would like my first project to be setting up a system on the outside of my home that includes motion detectors and timed landscape lighting. It is a little scary to come home to a dark house, and I have a wonderful garden that could benefit from some timed lighting themes.

I will probably also get a starter kit for controlling my lamps. I use fluorescent bulbs in my lamps, and I haven't figured out which starter kit would be best for that yet.

What products would you love to see join the INSTEON family?
I would like to see more starter kits that are put together with novices in mind. I see that you provide online help, and that is wonderful. I see the holiday lighting package, and that is great, but perhaps a specific kit for outside landscape lighting would be great, as well.

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Last Updated: February 5, 2007

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