How It Works

How It Works?

How It Works

What makes INSTEON the most reliable home automation technology is its dual-mesh network. The "dual" part of the network refers to INSTEON devices using both radio frequency signals and the home's existing electrical wiring to talk to each other. Every message is confirmed as it is received, and if any errors are detected, the message is automatically resent.

Unlike all other mesh networks, INSTEON's "mesh" network has EVERY INSTEON DEVICE acting as a repeater -- receiving and sending every message to all other devices on the network. So instead of stressing the network by adding more INSTEON devices, you actually strengthen it. (See how this works.) Other mesh networks use router tables, and only those products involved in routing the signal act as repeaters – creating a less reliable network.

Smarthome INSTEON Signal Propagation Demo

INSTEON Signal Propagation
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With no central controller or networking setup required, setting up your INSTEON network is a simple plug and tap to link one INSTEON product to another. Best of all, every INSTEON device has its own unique ID, so neighbors and would-be hackers can't control your home.

For a detailed description of what INSTEON is and how it works technically please visit or check out this PDF document.

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