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December Contest Winner:
Gary Hubbard and Family

When he learned he had won the Smarthome Sweepstakes for the month of December, Gary Hubbard contacted Smarthome immediately to share his excitement and his story.

"I guess you would say my story is short and simple," Gary wrote. "I have been interested in the concept of my home being fully automated and having an easy, cost-efficient way to control lighting and security. I came to your site and enjoyed looking through all the different products. I just can't believe all the things that are available! My wife and I have 7 children/stepchildren and we are always looking for ways to simplify life and make every day living more enjoyable in our home."

With his prize of $500 of INSTEON products, Gary already has big plans for his home.

"I think that my first project will include one of the INSTEON starter kits. They look like they will get me started with the basic components that I will need. One of my first goals is to be able to turn off lights around the house that have been left on by using one centrally located keypad."

But Gary's vision isn't limited to automated lighting. When asked what future products he'd like to see available with INSTEON technology, Gary wrote, "Something I would like to see in the future (if it's not available already) is to be able to automate my sliding door in my family room, that opens up to my deck outside. We have a dog and three cats that enjoy going in and out all evening long, just to disturb my television viewing and overall relaxation. Although I need the exercise, a remote sitting next to me in my recliner would be a wonderful way to open and close the sliding door without too much movement on my part. I would love to have that as my next project!"

Gary Hubbard and his family are already on their way to enjoying their more "functional, fun and friendly home." Click here to enter to win your own $500 INSTEON giveaway!

Last Updated: February 1, 2008

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