June Smarthome Home Control Giveaway - David Sias

June Contest Winner:
David Sias

The June winner of the Smarthome™ Home Control Giveaway is David Sias. David?s interest in home automation started in the early 90?s when he began integrating X10 components with his home in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. He used a few dimmers, appliance modules, timers, a motion sensor, receiver, and software to automate his home. He came across Smarthome on the internet in the mid 90?s and continued to expand his X10 network.

After retiring from the Los Angeles Count Fire Department in 2005, David and his wife Patty moved back east to be closer to family. While building a new home, David researched home automation products and was interested in a solution that was more reliable and robust than X10. He decided to go with INSTEON as his core automation components for lighting and appliance control. "I installed over two dozen INSTEON dimmers and relays, and I am adding more all the time; plus RemoteLinks and an IRLink," David said. He also noted, "I pre-wired the house with an Elk M1 Gold security system purchased from Smarthome." This allowed him to take advantage of the versatility INSTEON has in being able to seamlessly blend in with an Elk security system. As an added feature of their home, he installed a twelve zone NuVo whole-house audio system with inputs from CD, AM/FM radio, XM radio, TV and computer sound controlled by keypads in each room.

With his giveaway earnings, David plans to add more INSTEON dimmers and timer switches and possibly install HomeSeer software for complete home control. However, he is really looking forward to putting in some of the new INSTEON products available: thermostat adapters, motion sensors, 220V Outdoor On / Off Switch Kit and NetLinc - INSTEON Central Controller.

In an effort to constantly bring our customers more of what they want, we asked what other INSTEON products he would like to see. He responded by saying that we seem to have all of our bases covered and that he was impressed with the number of new products that have been released over the past year. While that is great to hear, Smarthome will continue the quest to introduce new home automation products that make life more convenient, fun and energy efficient.

Congratulations to David in winning our June contest and for making his home a Smarthome!

Enter the Smarthome Home Control Giveaway now to win $500 of INSTEON-compatible products. The next winner could be you!

Last Updated: July 21, 2008

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