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Your Voice is the Remote

With Amazon Echo, Dot, Fire TV or any other Alexa-enabled device and an Insteon Hub (2245-222), your voice is your remote control for your lights. Just say, "Alexa, dim the nightstand." A quick pulse of her light ring and your lights are off, on or anywhere in-between.

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Scene or Group Control

Alexa can control Insteon scenes for fast whole home lighting control as well as control things connected to your Insteon Hub such as Sonos. Alternatively with the Alexa app, you can group Insteon devices alongside devices from Logitech, Phillips Hue, and control them all simultaneously.

Control of Insteon devices with Amazon Alexa requires Insteon Hub (2245-222) and Amazon Alexa-enabled device connected to a North American Amazon account.

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Alexa Understands Your Home

Experience the convenience of smart home voice control with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices and Insteon Hub. All you have to do is ask Alexa to "turn on the lights," "dim the chandelier" or "set my upstairs thermostat to 76 degrees." There's no need to lift a finger - your smart home wish is her command.

Amazon Echo Commands On

"Alexa, turn on the lava lamp"

Amazon Echo Commands Off

"Alexa, turn off the aquarium"

Amazon Echo Commands Brighten

"Alexa, brighten the kitchen lights"

Amazon Echo Commands Dim

"Alexa, dim the reading lights"

Amazon Echo Commands Brightness

"Alexa, set the brightness of the bedroom lights to 50%"

Amazon Echo Commands Hotter

"Alexa, raise the upstairs thermostat temperature by 4 degrees"

Amazon Echo Commands Cooler

"Alexa, lower the master bedroom thermostat by 2 degrees"

Amazon Echo Commands Set Temperature

"Alexa, set the living room thermostat to 75 degrees"

Insteon Hub Required.

Make sure you have everything you need to get up and running with Alexa voice control. Integration requires an Alexa-enabled device + Insteon Hub (2245-222).

Control with your Voice

Get your hands on an Amazon Alexa-enabled device today and start controlling your home with your voice.

Control with your Voice

Integrate with Amazon Alexa, Logitech Harmony, Sonos and more with Insteon Hub.

Control with your Voice

Brand-new to Insteon? Grab a Starter Kit and you'll be talking to your home in no time.


Amazon Alexa works in conjunction with Insteon Hub to control a wide range of Insteon devices including Wall Switches, Plug-in Devices and LED Bulbs.

Insteon Devices

Integration with Alexa-enabled devices requires Insteon Hub (2245-222). Not all Insteon devices support all features; for a detailed list of supported Insteon devices and features, see this article.

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