Insteon Wireless Remote Control Kit
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Insteon Wireless Remote Control Kit

The Power to Control Lights in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Includes 1 8-Button Mini Remote (8-Scene), 1 LED Bulb, 1 Plug-in Dimmer Module, and 1 Plug-in On/Off Module



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  • Control Your Home Without Getting Up


    Hassle-free RF Programming

    Home automation isn't just for "Techies" anymore. Setting up remote controllable appliances and dimmable lights is as easy as pushing a button.


    Compact, Push Button Wireless Remote

    The Insteon Mini Remote's radio frequency technology gives you all the control you need at home. The small, convenient, hand-held remote can control 8 or more devices with the push of one button.


    Control Eight or More Devices from Anywhere in your Home

    Lightweight hand-held mini remote, make it a tabletop control for your nightstand, counter or coffee table. Control Insteon switches, and plug-in or receptacle dimmers.

    Long Battery Life

    Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Based on average usage, expected battery life between a charge is 9-12 months.

    No More Darkness

    Turn on your house lights from the car when your hands are full by attaching it to a visor clip (sold separately).


    Mount it to the wall to create a traditional switch in the perfect location - without having to run wires. (Wall mount bracket and wallplate sold separately)

    Mini Remote Family

    Insteon Mini Remotes are available in 4-scene, 8-scene, and Mini Switch versions for more control.



    Dim Any Plug-in Lamp

    Home control doesn't need to conflict with your décor; sophisticated or contemporary, elegant or wacky, Insteon Plug-In Dimmer let you bring any plug-in lamp to the home automation party.


    Custom On-Level

    Not every room needs to be bright all the time. With Dimmer Module, a customizable On-Level lets you pick how bright your lamp is when you turn it on. Set the brightness to be anywhere from 1- to 100%.

    Programmable Ramp Rate

    The days of being startled by instantaneous bright light are gone. Ramp Rates with Dimmer Module let you specify how quickly or slowly a lamp turns on. Slowly brighten from off to on over the course of 0.1 seconds to 8 minutes.

    Complete Scene Support

    Control multiple lights or appliances from a single button with Scenes. With Dimmer Module, scenes let you gracefully fade lights in and out, combining the benefits of both preset On-Levels and Ramp Rates.



    Control Anything You Plug-in

    Small, compact, and powerful. Insteon On/Off Module can handle even the toughest job in your home. The robust 1800 watt resistance lets you plug in Large T.V.s and even small motors up 2 horse power.

    Plug-in In-Line Control

    Setup of your Insteon Plug-in device couldn't be easier. All you have to do is connect your lamp or appliance's power cord to the outlet on the bottom of the Insteon module and then connect the Insteon module to a regular unswitched power outlet.

    Buttons When You Need Them

    If you need to turn your connected device on or off when your remote controls aren't handy, you can just tap the up or down arrows on the side. Chances are, you'll find your Insteon Wall Switch or Smartphone a better remote control, though.

    1800 Watts

    Indoor On/Off Module is equipped with a special integrated relay and grounded NEMA 5-15 outlet that lets you remotely control up to 15A appliances or 1800W of incandescent lighting.



    Light up Any Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, or Hallway in an Instant

    Control every aspect of your LED Bulbs. Sync multiple bulbs to fit your lifestyle. Dim or brighten areas of your house to set the perfect mood-lighting.

    Remote Control

    Your mini remote allows you to set-up multi-device scenes, configurable Ramp Rates and On Level. Remote control, in this case, is much more than being able to turn on (or off) your lights.

    No More Fumbling

    Enjoy the freedom that comes with lighting automation and set yourself free from your phone. Insteon LED Bulbs can respond to the Insteon Mini-remote just with screwing in the light bulb. Slow brighten to wake you up in the morning or just ensure the porch light turns on at sunset and off at sunrise.

    Ramp Rate & On Level

    With Ramp Rate, you decide how long it takes for your LED Bulb to turn on or off; pick a ramp from instant all the way to 8 minutes. Sometimes you just don't need the full brightness of a light bulb. With On Level, customize the preset brightness from 1% to 100%.


    With the tap of a single button, you can change the lighting in your entire home. Scenes let you link together all of your lights (and appliances) to create dramatic moods or efficient groupings.

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  • •  Mini Remote Owner's Manual
    •  Mini Remote Quick-Start Guide
    •  Plug-in Dimmer Owner's Manual
    •  Plug-in Dimmer Quick-Start Guide
    •  Plug-in On/Off Owner's Manual
    •  Plug-in On/OffQuick Start Guide
    •  LED Bulb Owner's Manual
  • •  1x - 8-Button Mini Remote
    •  1x - LED Bulb
    •  1x - Plug-in Dimmer Module
    •  1x - Plug-in On/Off Module

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