Insteon Plug-in Dimmer Kit + Hub with Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Sandstone

Add Alexa to Any Room & Voice Control Your Home
  • Includes Insteon Hub, 2 Insteon plug-in dimmer and a Echo Dot
  • Full local control (Dim/Bright, On/Off)
  • Control a light remotely, turning it on and off and adjusting brightness levels
  • Using the Echo Dot, you can use your voice to control lights, thermostats, switches and more*
  • Additionally, just by using your voice, you get real-time information of things you want to know, including the latest weather, traffic, news, sports and more

Note: The included Insteon Hub is required as an interface between Echo Dot and other Alexa-compatible Insteon devices. With the Insteon Hub you can also control Insteon devices from a smartphone or tablet. For a complete list of Alexa-compatible devices, including Insteon, click here.





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  • Voice control of your home works, and it has never been so easy - this kit is the perfect introduction for anyone! With the included Echo Dot, you’ll be able to use the Alexa app to import your Insteon devices through the included Insteon Hub via your home Wi-Fi connection. Within minutes your devices will be setup, and you’ll be able to use simple voice commands to start controlling the included Plug-in Dimmer Module and Plug-in On/Off Module. It’s as simple as saying:

    “Alexa, dim the living room light”
    “Alexa, turn on the living room fan”

    Alexa takes your voice commands, sends them to the Insteon Hub, which triggers the Insteon devices and your desired action to take place – instantly. Once you get started, we know you’ll be back for more – add an Echo Dot to every room and fill your home with all kinds of home automation devices just waiting for your direction.

    Echo Dot (3nd Gen) – Sandstone

    Use Echo Dot to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, turn up the thermostat while reading in your favorite chair, or dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie—all without lifting a finger…or even raising your voice. Echo Dot works with smart home devices such as lights, switches, fans, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more. This kit includes an Insteon Hub, Insteon Pug-in Dimmer and Insteon Plug-in Dimmer Module - everything you need to get started with voice control of lights and appliances in your home.

    Insteon Hub

    Insteon Hub is an Insteon central controller that connects you to your home from any smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world. It allows you to remotely control Insteon devices and receive instant email or push notification alerts from motion, door and window, water leak, and smoke sensors while you’re away. It also acts as an interface between the Echo Dot and your Insteon devices, allowing you to control Insteon light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, and thermostats with your voice.

    Insteon Plug-In Dimmer Module

    Insteon Plug-in Dimmer Modules let you add remote control of all of these "less sophisticated" plug-in lights. Not every room needs to be bright all the time. With a Dimmer Module, a customizable On-Level lets you pick how bright your lamp is when you turn it on. Ramp Rates with the Dimmer Module let you specify how quickly or slowly a lamp turns on. You can control it all with your voice through Echo Dot.

  • For complete product specifications, please visit the individual product page by clicking on links below
    Product No. 4444-DTK12A
    Echo Dot (3nd Gen) Click for Specifications
    Insteon Hub Click for Specifications
    Insteon Plug-in Dimmer Click for Specifications
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    • 1x - Echo Dot (3nd Gen) – Sandstone
    • 1x - Insteon Hub
    • 2x - Insteon Plug-in Dimmer Module

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