Insteon Motion Sensor II


Insteon Motion Sensor II

Control Any Insteon-Compatible Device with the Insteon Motion Sensor
  • Turns on Insteon-controlled lights/appliances when motion is detected
  • Turns off after motion stops
  • Optional night-only mode prevents motion from turning lights on during the day
  • Adjustable day/night threshold
  • 30 feet detection range with up to 90° arc
  • Award-winning Insteon technology provides superior performance and reliability
  • Optional power via USB cable – sold separately (a right-angle type USB cable is required for this power connection)
New Features
  • Improved wireless performance
  • Smaller, modular design allows for tabletop, wall or corner mounting
  • External setup button provides for quick setup and easy testing
  • Motion override button temporarily pauses the sensor from activating lights

Note: Insteon Hub and Insteon for Hub app running on iOS or Android required for configuring motion sensor settings. Default settings: 30-sec countdown, night-only is disabled.

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  • Wireless indoor and outdoor motion monitoring

    Our new and improved wireless motion sensor makes activating lights or scenes based on movement easier and more reliable than ever. Motion Sensor is perfect for areas in your home where lights are commonly left on like the laundry room, closets, and the garage. When used with the Insteon Hub, your home's security is always safe, at home or away, day or night.

    Occupancy Sensing

    Turn any Insteon-controlled light into an occupancy sensing device by pairing it with a Motion Sensor and turn on lights automatically when you enter a space and off when you exit.

    Save Energy

    By automatically turning lights off when rooms are unoccupied, you'll not only reduce your electrical bill but you'll save your own energy by not having remind family members to turn lights off.

    Get Notified

    Pair the motion sensor with the Insteon Hub and receive alerts to your smartphone when there's unexpected motion. You can also sound an alarm or chime sound by pairing to an Insteon Siren.

    Countdown Timer

    Countdown timer lets you decide how long after motion has stopped before turning lights off.

    Night-Only Mode

    Set the motion sensor to turn lights on based on motion only when dark. Light sensitivity adjustment* allows you to set just how dark it needs to be before lights turn on.

    Super-Simple Setup

    Unlike other connected motion sensors on the market, Insteon sensors can be paired directly with wall switches, plugs and other Insteon connected devices - no hub required. Using with the Insteon Hub provides more features and configuration options. The choice is yours.

    • *Settings adjustable only through Insteon App on iOS and Android. Default settings are 30 seconds countdown and night-mode disabled.

    What's New

    New Design

    Smaller and more modular design gives you multiple mounting options while maintaining a lower profile than traditional motion sensors.

    Improved Wireless Performance

    With a completely new antenna design, you'll get a longer range, and more consistent performance than our previous model.

    Battery or USB Power

    Power your sensor with the included long-life lithium battery or use a micro USB cable* for battery-free operation while simultaneously turning the sensor into an RF repeater.

    Give Motion a Pause

    If you you're having a party or just need a break from automated lighting, tap the Motion button on the sensor to temporarily pause detection for the evening.

    • *USB cable and power adapter sold separately.

    The Insteon motion sensor can activate lighting and other Insteon connected devices when motion is detected. After motion has stopped the sensor will turn connected devices off. Connect it to the Insteon Hub and the sensor can also alert you to unexpected motion while away from home.

    Configurable Settings (available via Insteon Hub and other compatible controllers):

    • Nightmode – Tells the motion sensor that you want it to work only at night
    • Light Sensitivity – How sensitive the motion sensor is to detecting light
    • Motion Countdown – The amount of time that the motion sensor will wait before turning off linked devices
    • On Only Mode – This mode causes the motion sensor to only send the “ON” command and ignore the countdown. The customer will be responsible for turning off the light when they leave the room.
    • Motion LED – Option to disable the LED indicator that flashes when motion is detected

    Mounting Options

    Snug in the Corner

    Set the motion sensor on any flat surface for quick and easy motion detection.

    Flexible on the Wall

    Mount the motion sensor on a wall and use the flex mount to angle it to see only in a particular area.

    On the Surface

    Set the motion sensor on any flat surface for quick and easy motion detection.


  • General Specifications
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2844-222
    UPC 813922014723
    Available Colors White
    FCC ID SBP28442
    Industry Canada 5202A-28442
    Patent No. Protected under US and Foreign Patents (see
    Warranty 2 years, limited
    Audio Alert Beeper
    Setup Memory Non-volatile EEPROM
    Status LED Red/Green LED
    Insteon Features
    Insteon Device Category 0x10
    Insteon Device Subcategory 0x16
    Insteon Links 24
    Insteon Messages Repeated Yes, only when powered by USB
    Insteon Powerline Device No
    Insteon RF Device Yes
    Multi-Link Support Yes
    Multi-Unlink Support Yes
    RF Beacon Yes
    Radio Frequency 915.0 MHz
    Radio Frequency Range 150 feet
    Software Configurable Yes
    Dimensions 1.9” H x 2.13” W x 1.79” D
    49mm H x 54.2mm W x 45.5mm D
    Enclosure Material UV stabilized plastic
    Mounting Tabletop, flexible mount or corner mount
    Operating Environment Indoors and outdoors
    Operating Humidity Range 0-85% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Operating Temperature Range 32º to 104º F
    0º to 40º C
    Set Button Yes
    Storage Temperature Range -4º to 158º F
    -20º to 70º C
    Weight 3.3 oz
    Battery Type 3.0V Lithium CR123A
    Battery Life 6 to 18 months, depending on usage
    Supply Voltage 3.0V DC CR123A Battery or 5V DC Micro USB
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    No sure how I feel yet Review by Jason
    No sure how I feel yet

    I have just ordered 4 of them. I will update on a true initial review once it is in stalled and programed and running.

    these reviews are not helping me to feel comfortable with me purchase. I hope this doesn't become a problem.

    Posted on 11/1/2018

    So many false postives Review by Terrence
    So many false postives

    I set this up to replace failed x10 outdoor motion sensor lights. The x10 sensors worked perfectly in the same area and would only be set off by small animals/people/cars but this sensor alerted probably 30 times the first night - all false positives. Totally worthless in this application. Could it be that it is a defective unit? Also you can use it outside but it is not really water proof - you will need to mount it in a protected location. Finally the mount is insecure - anyone who can reach it could pluck it off and walk away.

    Posted on 9/24/2018

    Works well, terrible battery life Review by Jerry
    Works well, terrible battery life

    These new IR sensors work pretty well. I purchased 2 when they were on sale and mounted one above my front door and the other by a rear door. They detect motion well and activate the wall sconces next to each door. My only gripe is that battery life is dismal. I'm only getting 3 weeks of battery life. I also wish there was a way to be notified of a low battery condition.

    I just ordered rechargeable CR123a batteries from Amazon to see if they perform any better. I'll report back if they do.

    Posted on 9/23/2018

    i like the new one Review by Chris
    i like the new one

    i have had the old ones for years and like this new one better. with the udi isy running 5.0.13a it can be controlled and programmed remotely. i guess because i am using the usb power cable i don't have to press the set button.

    i crammed a phone micro usb in it because i have tons, but for this price you should include the bare 90 degree usb cable

    Posted on 8/9/2018

    Easy to set & works with ISY 994 Review by Edgar
    Easy to set & works with ISY 994

    I like the accessible location of buttons, outside of a screwed-in cover-plate & easy to install. I have one in the MB & one outdoors (covered area); blends with the siding. It works pretty good. Battery lasted ~ 6 mo. Used an old hub to change setting to night only, 15 minute timeout & Led off; hope that the the battery should last a lot longer, since USB Power Cable is out of stock.

    Posted on 7/24/2018

    Better but not best Review by JT
    Better but not best

    The accesible location of buttons, outside of a screwed-in coverplate, is a definite plus. However, the mount is flimsy. I had to bend the mount at a 60-degree angle. This made the fit less tight, and the sensor fell off of the mount. The prior version's mount was more reliable and flexible.

    Posted on 5/27/2018

    Some good some not so good Review by Bill
    Some good some not so good

    I have been living with both the older and these newer motion detectors for a while. Here is what I've found.

    Good -
    - I like the smaller size, it fits in easier, and blends in so that it is less obtrusive. Nice design change.
    - I really like the mount. I saw one review that said flimsy. It is not actually flimsy, but flexible. The wire surrounded by rubber lets you adjust the positioning after it is installed. After breaking several of the old mounts, I love this new mount. I find it easier to work with and more adjustable. Nice design.
    - I like the controls on top of the detector. No longer do I have remove from the mount (without breaking the mount), unscrew (without loosing the screw) and play twist the hands to push the button and watch the LED. Now with the buttons on top, it is easy to work with, even when on a ladder. Good change.
    - The feedback LED is big and bright. Makes it easy to see when you push the buttons and test motion ranges.
    - Battery cover is easy to get to and remove (which is a good thing given the big con below).
    So in general, I like most of the design changes.

    Cons -
    - Battery life is abysmal. Big, big, big, BIG problem. I am going through expensive lithium batteries like they are candy. They are not, they are expensive, especially compared to the cheep AAs that I used to use, or the AAAs that I used in the x10 motions. (yes, I have been a customer for a long, long time).
    - Does not work with Openhab yet. I know this is not Smarthome's problem, but since I don't know what the commands that are sent out are, it is going to take some time to sniff them out and see about submitting an update for the Insteon binding.
    So not many bad items, but the battery life is killing me. I wish, oh wish, there was something I could do about that.

    Also, for the future, it would be nice if linking didn't require physically touching devices. When you mount lights in the eaves of your house, and put motion detectors high on the walls, running around with a ladder to link devices is not fun. To get around this, I have only been linking to the hub, as I install them, then using Openhab to do any real intelligence.

    Posted on 5/21/2018

    Motion 2 Issues Review by Dan
    Motion 2 Issues

    Motion 2 is not yet completely compatible with ISY controller. I had to use an Insteon Hub to program settings. Also the documentation for what some settings do is not very explicit. I cannot find Occupancy mode for motion 2. Also they are pricey.
    Otherwise, they are compact and attractive additions to my network.

    Posted on 4/18/2018

    Nice product, terrible support and management Review by Vince
    Nice product, terrible support and management

    Good device but very difficult to program for the simplest of rules or automation. Support was no help

    Posted on 2/11/2018

    Doesn't work with Insteon+ app or the Insteon Hub Pro (HomeKit compatiable) Review by Wallis
    Doesn't work with Insteon+ app or the Insteon Hub Pro (HomeKit compatiable)

    Pros: It's a sleek design and it linked with the Insteon LED lightbulb I wanted controlled by motion very easily. The motion detector does turn the light ON and then OFF after default 30 seconds timeout.

    Cons: 1. This device is not recognized by the Insteon+ app or the Insteon Hub Pro, so there is absolutely no way to change the settings such as timeout duration, night mode, or remotely disabling motion.

    2. Following on from #1, there is no manual way to adjust the timeout or night mode settings via the sensor itself.

    Thank you for your feedback. At this time Insteon sensors are not supported within the HomeKit environment. Currently, the only way to adjust the internal settings is through the Regular model 2245-222 Hub.
    For a complete list of HomeKit compatible devices, please review the page below.

    Posted on 2/6/2018

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