Insteon Hub and Garage Door Control Kit

Control Your Garage Door From Anywhere Using Your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Includes 1 Insteon Hub, 1 Garage Door Control Kit, 1 Keypad On/Off Switch, and 1 Mini Remote With Visor Clip and Tabletop Stand
Works with most standard garage door motors that provide a contact closure input as a trigger. Systems that have a built-in WiFi connection (such as MyQ) may not be compatible. Refer to your garage door motor instructions or call Smarthome for assistance in determining compatibility with your motor.

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  • Remotely Monitor and Control your Garage Door

    Know if you accidentally left the garage door open and remotely close it if necessary. With the Insteon Garage Control Kit, which includes the Garage Door Control & Status Kit the In-Wall Controller, the Vehicle Remote Control + Visor Clip & Tabletop Stand, and Hub you will always know whether you forgot to close the door to the garage.

    For multiple garages, you can purchase these products individually.


    How It Works

    I/O Linc's output relay wires to your garage door motor just like your existing button, allowing you to remotely operate your garage. The included garage door sensor mounts to the garage door and is wired directly to I/O Linc's sensor input. Receive instant alerts when using the Insteon Hub


    Insteon Garage Door Works Smartphone Door

    Remote Control

    Whether for convenience or security, your smart phone and tablet allow you to control your garage door from anywhere you may be through the Insteon App.

    Smartphone Alerts

    Instant Alert

    With Insteon Garage Door Control & Status Kit, you can receive instant alerts via email or notifications the moment the door is opened. Requires the Insteon Hub and a home internet connection.



    Multiple devices in one.

    An Insteon Wall Keypad is a unique blend of wall switch and multi-button remote control. When you replace your existing wall switch with an Insteon Keypad, you keep control of your light fixture while simultaneously adding remote control of other Insteon devices.




    Controlling your house has never been so easy

    Insteon Hub is an Insteon central controller for the rest of us; a simple and straightforward device that connects you to your home from any smartphone, or tablet, anywhere in the world. Control Wall switches, outlets, and thermostats at home or remotely and receive instant email or push notification alerts from motion, door and window, water leak, and smoke sensors while you’re away. Just start with the Hub, select the Insteon devices for your home and enjoy.




    Control four or more devices from anywhere in your home

    The Insteon Mini Remote is a lightweight hand-held remote, make it a tabletop control for your nightstand, counter or coffee table. Control Insteon dimmers, switches, and plug-in or receptacle dimmers.




    Keep a Mini Remote in your car?

    Just get this kit and you'll not only get a visor clip but you'll also get a tabletop stand; great for using on a nightstand, kitchen counter or coffee table.

    Note: Mini Remote range is 50' from the nearest dual-band device. When using Mini Remote in a vehicle, please ensure a dual-band receiver is within range. Walls and garage doors will reduce product performance.


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    Long and Winding Road Review by Bob
    Long and Winding Road

    I have a Liftmaster I-Q system. It was an early attempt at making garage doors smart-phone controllable, but did very little else. Out of the box with this kit, it would not integrate.

    The answer turned out to be purchasing a LiftMaster "883LM Security+ 2.0 MyQ Door Control Push Button" and hacking two leads onto the two switch terminals closest to the edge of the board, then hooking the leads from the Insteon IO Unit to the leads. I ended up buying a cheap terminal contact board with plans to get my old controller hooked back up in parallel with the now-Insteon enabled 883LM.

    One star demerit because I had to use a soldering iron with no advance notice.

    Posted on 3/11/2016

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  • •  1x - Garage Control Kit Monitor & Alerts
    •  1x - Insteon Hub
    •  1x - Insteon 6-Button Scene Control Keypad with On/Off Switch
    •  1x - Mini Remote - 8 Scene
    •  1x - Visor Clip and Tabletop Stand

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