Insteon Custom Etched Decorator-Style Screwless Wall Plate, 2-Gang - White

Label Your Decorator-Style Switches with an Elegant, Custom Etched Screwless Trim Plate
  • Custom etching helps to easily identify which switch control which light, appliance or scene
  • Attractive, textured wall plate features clean, screwless mounting with uninterrupted lines
  • Designed to complement Insteon and other Decorator-style switches

  • Note: Custom etch products take 14 days to process and ship

  • Prior to adding this to your cart, fill in the text boxes below with the print you want to appear on the wall plate (CAPS WORKS BEST)

Item #: 2400CT2  

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  • Take Your Switches to the Next Level with Custom Etched Wall Plates
    Custom etching allows you to personalize your wall plates for whichever application you choose and makes it easy to quickly see what each switch controls. It's perfect for guests in your home: now they can easily identify which switch controls which light or appliance, no more guessing. This can be especially handy if you are using Insteon switches to fill your entire home with personalized mood lighting; the custom etched trim plate will let you to uniquely identify scenes throughout your home such as: Dinner, Movie Time, Romance, Bed Time, etc. This 1-gang screwless wall plate is the perfect upgrade if you already have Insteon switches in your home; if you don't, SwitchLinc Dimmer is available separately.

    Attractive, Modern Design
    Sleek, smooth and seamless, screwless wall plates appear to float freely on the surface of the wall, framing every device beautifully. Single-gang through six-gang wall plates offer ample provision for the most complex lighting or premise wiring requirements, and these mid-size wall plates come in handy when additional wall coverage is required. With clearly marked top edges, mounting plates are easy to orient and attach. Screwless wall plates clip smoothly into place with gentle pressure leaving only a clean, uncluttered appearance that will add to the appearance of your home.

    Custom-etching is also available on the following plates:

    Personalizing Laser-Etched Wall Plates
    Please follow these instructions to order your custom SwitchLinc paddle:

    1. After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your customization order details for your records.

    2. Your custom paddle will be created and will arrive via United States Postal Service within 7 to 10 business days.

    3. Due to the nature of the customization of each product, all sales are final. Returns will only be accepted due to an error on the part of Smarthome.

    Customization Process Explained: Laser etching your custom labels onto the custom trim plate requires a careful, detailed process to ensure your satisfaction. The plate is secured on a template and placed into our laser etcher. Your designated text is copied directly from the invoice and inputted manually into the computer, and the laser then etches your trim plate with your selected text. The template is removed from the laser etcher, and the trim plate is prepped, painted, and set to dry. The trim plate is polished to a high shine after any excess paint is removed. All custom trim plates go through a careful quality-control process before the plates are packaged and shipped to your home.

    When placing your order, please note:
    • Your custom names can be displayed in the following way:
      1. Etched on Top of trim plate
      2. Etched on Bottom of trim plate
      3. Etched on Top and Bottom of trim plate
    • Etching space is limited to 15 characters per line, with a maximum of 2 lines per section
    • For best results, use all capital letters

      Each wall plate is laser-etched with your detailed room description. Smarthome is unable to accept returns on special-order items. For more information, please see our return policy.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No.: 2422-232
    UPC: 813922013047
    Dimensions: 4.89" H x 4.94" W x 0.25" D (124mm H x 125.5mm W x 6.5mm D)
    Opening Dimensions: 2.65" H x 1.35" W (67mm H x 33.5mm W)
    Wall Plate Style: Two-gang, screwless
    Flammability Rating: UL Recognized, 94-5VB Rating*
    Approvals: ETL
    Operating Temperature 32° F to 130° F (0° C to 54° C)

  • 1 Review

    Review of 2400ct2 Review by SteveP
    Review of 2400ct2

    These trim plates look very good. Install easily.
    The lettering is easy to read but not so big as to draw attention.

    Looks are a little different from standard deocra plate.
    The edges between the front and sides are rounded, but more sharply than the standard Decora plateradius of 1/16 compared to a 1/4 standard radius. If you have another trim plate nearby you may want to change the other plate to an unmarked one of the same style.

    Smarthome tells you it may take two weeks to ship but then go on to frustrate you. First you receive shipment notice saying the items in your order have shipped, including the laser-etched plate. Couple of days later you get their box with shipping documents that say the custom plate is in the box. But it isn't!
    Smarthome knows it isn't in the box. And will tell you so after 15 minutes on the phone.

    Just wait out the two weeks. It will show up. If the package is delivered to a company shipping/receiving be sure to tell them not to reject the shipment due to shortages.

    Posted on 2/9/2010

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    • Back plate
    • Mounting screws

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