INSTEON Custom Commands for HouseLinc

INSTEON direct commands are used when you want to control a specific device that may or may not be linked to HouseLinc. Also, direct commands can provide access to features of a device that are not currently supported in HouseLinc.

The Custom Commands window is laid out as follows

HouseLinc Custom Commands Explained

  1. Message type options are Direct Standard or Direct Extended
  2. INSTEON Device ID (e.g., AA.BB.CC)
  3. Start hop should equal the number of hops that your device is away from HouseLinc PLM. If you don't know how many hops away your device is from the PLM, it is recommended you leave this at 3.
  4. Command field for specifying the exact commands you want to issue

Commonly Used Direct Standard Commands


Command 1

Command 2

ON 11 00 through FF (see Common Brightness Levels for values)
FAST ON 12 00
OFF 13 00
FAST OFF 14 00
BRIGHT 15 00
DIM 16 00
BEEP 30 01

Common Brightness Levels



0% 00
10% 19
25% 40
50% 7F
75% BF
90% E6
100% FF

Note: On-Levels values range from 0-255, then are converted to hexadecimal. For example, 100% On-Level is 255 (in decimal), and FF (in hex). So, for a 100% On-Level, FF would be entered here.

Custom Command Popup

Example: Referencing the tables above, to turn a dimmer on and set it to 50% you would...

  1. Enter 11, which corresponds to an INSTEON On command
  2. Enter 7F, which corresponds to a 50% On-Level


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