Insteon-Compatible Girder WHP Software

Easy-to-Use PC Software Controls Every Aspect of Home Automation On Site or Over the Web
  • 30-day trial plug-in support for Insteon available free from
  • Control your home automation system using your PC on site or over the Web
  • Supports a wide range of hardware -- including infrared audio/video devices
  • Unlimited licenses allows home control from any computer in the home



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  • Control every aspect of your home's lighting, security, climate settings and even entertainment components, even if you're not at home. The Insteon -Compatible Girder Whole-House Pro Software provides an automation and integration tool that sits in the computer notification area of every PC in your home and watches for specific events, such as the pressing of a light switch or a remote button or even simply sundown. When it recognizes an event, this inclusive, expandable software triggers one or more actions, such as turning on a light or adjusting the thermostat. Smarthome does not accept returns on any opened software.

    What You'll Need
    Whether you want to manage your video and audio hardware, adjust your home theater lighting, or program your security system, you can control and automate it all with Girder. Plus, Girder's library contains hundreds of plug-ins, pre-configured actions, and support for leading third-party hardware devices and software applications. In addition to a PC running this software, all lights and appliances to be controlled will need to be connected to X10-compatible, Z-Wave-compatible, or Insteon-compatible switches or plug-in modules; a $40 Insteon plug-in is required to control Insteon-compatible devices, but a 30-day trial of this plug-in is available free through In order to communicate your commands to these automation devices, you'll need a powerline interface. The Insteon-Compatible Girder Whole-House Pro Software supports the PowerLinc Controller V2 USB as well as the All Housecode RF Transceiver for RF interfacing.

    Easy to Use
    Access and control your home automation system remotely from any Internet-connected computer. The Insteon-Compatible Girder Whole-House Pro Software features Web-based system control, so you'll be able to turn the heat on before you head home from work, check your security system status, and schedule lights to turn on at sundown. You'll appreciate the highly customizable on-screen display for user notification, status reports and menus.

    Weather Application
    Check the local weather remotely or the forecast for the next few days through your system or remotely from any Internet-connected computer. The Insteon-Compatible Girder Whole-House Pro Software has a weather application that retrieves weather information and graphics for your current location from the Internet and displays it on your screen.

    Caller ID Application
    If you have your telephone connected to your home automation, you can use the Insteon-Compatible Girder Whole-House Pro Software to show Caller ID information on all networked monitor displays when a new call is received. You can even have the software announce your caller verbally using the software's voice application. Girder can convert text messages into speech and play this through the computers' audio outputs. Spoken announcements can be restricted to particular times of day if desired.

    Expanded Software Licensing Available
    The Insteon-Compatible Girder Whole-House Pro Software comes with unlimited licenses for every PC in your home to create a home automation network. If you only need a single license for your residence, purchase the Pro version instead.

    A/V Media Integration Option
    Unlike other home automation software applications, Girder can also provide full control of your multimedia experience. When used with infrared and wireless remote controls, Girder can control programs like WinDVD, WinAmp and Windows Media Player, in addition to many others so you can sit back and enjoy your digital library from your couch. Compatible IR remote controls, such as SnapStream Firefly, ATI Remote Wonder I/II/Plus, Streamzap, IR Trans, USB-UIRT, and Niveus, are required to take advantage of these features and are sold separately. These remotes deliver commands through a supported IR transmitter device; supported devices include GlobalCache, Nirvis SlinkE, IRTrans and USB-UIRT. Once set up, your Girder software will accept standard IR commands and create macro responses to buttons pressed. This means you'll be able to control your home theater PC and hardware from startup to mid-movie play and pause to shutdown. Use Girder with your remote to play music from your digital media library, select playlists, crank the volume and play digital DJ for your next party!

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    Promixis Product No.: P0156
    Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 9/16"
    Licenses Included: Unlimited residential licenses in single home
    System Requirements: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003; 30 MB free disk space; 256 MB memory

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