Insteon Remote Control Door Lock Controller

Lock and unlock your home's doors from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Use with the Insteon Hub and remotely lock and unlock your door from your smartphone or Apple Watch
  • Works with a MiLock deadbolts, doorknobs and handle sets - refer to Door Lock Compatibility below
  • Control multiple locks within a 30 foot range
  • The Insteon Lock Controller replaces (and is formerly known as) MorningLinc
Please Note: This not an Insteon Dual-Band device. It uses Insteon powerline communication to receive signals from Insteon controllers and a proprietary wireless RF communication to talk to with MiLocks products.


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  • Remote Control

    Control access to your home from any Insteon device in your home. If you're not at home, you can use a smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch to lock and unlock your doors when paired with the Insteon Hub.

    Lock Compatible

    The Insteon Lock Controller is compatible with a wide-range of MiLocks door locks and deadbolts in an array of finishes that are designed to match your home's existing hardware.

    Remote Control

    No matter where you are - at home or abroad, you can always control access to your home.


    From your Smartphone   Using an Insteon Keypad   With a Mini Remote

    With the Insteon Hub, you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere - so long as you didn't forget your smartphone with your keys. And because Insteon Hub makes it easy to setup scenes, you can create a goodnight scene that ensures your home's doors are secure as you fall asleep.

      With 6 or 8 buttons to choose from, you can control your home's door locks with separate lock and unlock buttons wherever you happen to have an Insteon Keypad - by your nightstand or on your way out to work through the garage door.

      The 4 or 8 buttons on a Mini Remote are well suited to controlling your home's door locks. With just a few taps of the set button, you can lock and unlock your doors wherever you have a Mini Remote positioned.

    Please Note: Lock Controller is not currently compatible with Insteon Hub Pro or Insteon+

    Control on Apple Watch

    With the Insteon App on Apple Watch, you'll never be without your house keys; all you need is your iPhone and an Insteon Hub and you can lock and unlock your home's doors with just a tap on your wrist.

    Door Lock Compatibility

    Lock Controller is compatible with a wide range of MiLocks door locks and deadbolts. Chances are, there's a finish and style that will suit your needs and your home.


    Satin Nickel


    Deadbolt + Keypad + Handle Set

    Satin Nickel

    Antique Brass

    Oil Rubbed Bronze


    Satin Nickel


    Please Note: The Insteon Lock Controller is compatible with MiLocks deadbolts and doorknobs with RF wireless capability only (all listed above) - MiLocks does offer some deadbolts and doorknobs without RF capability which will not work with the Insteon Lock Controller as they have no wireless functionality built-in.


  •  General Specifications

     Manufacturer  Insteon
     Manufacturer Product Number  2862-222
     UPC Code  813922015645
     FCC ID  SDFRF01
     Industry Canada  5250A-RF01
     Patent No.  Protected under US and Foreign Patents (see
     Warranty  2 years, limited


     Audio Alert  Beeper, can be enabled/disabled through software
     Operation Modes  Insteon
     Load Sensing  No
     Local Control  Yes
     Setup Memory  Non-volatile EEPROM
     Status LED  Red/Green LED

     Insteon Features

     Insteon Device Category  0x0F
     Insteon Device Subcategory  0x0A
     Insteon ID  1
     Insteon Links  400
     Insteon Messages Repeated  Yes
     Insteon Minimum Receive Level  10 mV
     Insteon Minimum Transmit Level  3.2 Vpp into 5 Ohms
     Insteon Powerline Device  Yes
     Insteon Powerline Frequency  131.65 KHz
     Insteon RF Device  No, powerline only
     Maximum Controlled Scenes  1
     Maximum Memberships  400
     Multi-Link Support  Yes
     Multi-Unlink Support  Yes
     RF Beacon  No
     Radio Frequency  Insteon RF - No (not an Insteon dual-band device); MiLocks RF - Yes
     Scene Commands Supported as Controller  On, Off, Fast-On, Fast-Off
     Scene Commands Supported as Responder  On, Off, Fast-On, Fast-Off, Beep
     Software Configurable  Yes


     Dimensions  3.2” H x 2.05” W x 1.05” D (81.2mm H x 53mm W x 26.6mm D)
     Weight  3.3 oz
     Enclosure Material  UV stabilized plastic
     Mounting  Ungrounded, polarized electrical outlet, NEMA 1-15
     Operating Environment  Indoors
     Operating Humidity Range  0-85% relative humidity, non-condensing
     Operating Temperature Range  32° F to 104° F (0° C to 40° C
     Storage Temperature Range  -4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C C
     Set Button  Yes


     Pass-through Outlet  No
     Power Consumption  <0.75 Watts
     Supply Voltage  120 Volts AC ± 10%, 60 Hertz, single phase
     Surge Resistance  Surges over 1,000 volts
  • 10 Reviews

    Works well enough Review by Gregg
    Works well enough

    I've had mine for about six years. I really tried to use the SmartHome Insteon controller but it is very limited. I now use a Universal Devices isy994i.

    I have set up a scene that unlocks the door when the garage door opens. I can control all of my devices from anywhere using the ISY Portal

    I also set up a control using IFTTT and the ISY Portal so that I can send a text message to un/lock the door. Unfortunately IFTTT doesn't get around to responding to the text for 1-3 hours (yes, one to three hours).

    Mine came with a couple of key fobs. Recently I found one wasn't working. Poor manufacturing ... cold solder joint. Fortunately, I could fix it.

    Good battery life!

    Smarthome needs to get their act together. They have some great ideas and pretty good technology, but they have little follow through:eg. fixing bugs and writing robust software. It's like, "oooh! we came out with a cool product! OK, done with that and we're bored with it. Let's do something else." They have a habit of burning first adopters.

    Posted on 4/16/2017

    only wireline - works often but not always Review by Wido
    only wireline - works often but not always

    This works - most of the time. At first it didn't, then when I called support, after they logged into the hub, it started to work. When I asked what they had done - nothing, apparently it just started working.

    I was told that this device does not connect to the hub via RF, wireline only - so it's susceptible to noise etc, and probably also the reason why it does not always work.

    Curious thing: I had to reset my hub to change the username, and when I reconfigured everything, again the lock controller did not work. I took 1-2 hours and it started working again - not sure what happened in that time.

    Posted on 2/22/2017

    Works as Advertised Review by Rick
    Works as Advertised

    The controller does what it is supposed to do - locks and unlocks. Setup on the Insteon hub was as expected. One thing to note is that it cannot be part of a scene (at least not that I have been able to figure out).

    Posted on 11/28/2016

    good thing it doesn't work with Echo Review by Michael
    good thing it doesn't work with Echo

    I haven't used this product, but wanted to responsd to Jelmore's review. I would be alarmed if any lock controller worked with Echo right now. Echo has little or no security built in and will respond to anyone. It's quite possible that if any stranger in the know could stand outside by a door or window and yell loudly enough, Echo would happily unlock the door for them.

    Posted on 9/22/2016

    WARNING - Apple Smartphones Only Review by James
    WARNING - Apple Smartphones Only

    i purchased this controller one week ago and only after I'd paired it with the MiLock deadbolt did I understand that this will not connect to the Insteon Hub using the Android smartphone app.

    Very disappointing and really, really hard to understand (the PHONE is the incompatibility?).

    The product description made me feel so stupid, especially after spending an hour trying to add the controller and both devices just sit and blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink - blink.

    Product description needs to be clear that this is useless to Android Smartphone users.

    Posted on 9/5/2016

    This product is awesome! Review by Kenwin
    This product is awesome!

    Problem solve and it's resolved. I thought this might not work, but after 10 minutes (might take asking a brother or friend like me) who knows what to try and not (but I doubt you can break this-it plugs into the wall just make sure there's one not being used near your front door). Also, the hub should be near by.

    Make it work! It's amazing I lock and unlock from around the city, country and world.

    Posted on 7/20/2016

    Works but... Review by Jelmore
    Works but...

    Works well, but I should have done my homework - it does not work with Echo

    Posted on 7/10/2016

    cannot get sink with Insteon Hub Review by Sreenivasan Kotay
    cannot get sink with Insteon Hub

    I have a home automation with Insteon Hub, I cannot get the lock controller to sink
    So it is useless

    Posted on 5/28/2016

    my remote lock controller does not work with my Insteon Hub! Review by Cheenutty
    my remote lock controller does not work with my Insteon Hub!

    This equipment is defective
    do not buy it!

    Posted on 5/27/2016

    Works great Review by alvino
    Works great

    This works very well with Indigo. My only complaint would be that it's yet another plugin. I would rather have a version that can be hardwired in a J-box and doesn't consume another outlet.

    Posted on 5/24/2016

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