Insteon Wireless Open/Close Sensor
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Insteon Open/Close Sensor

Automatically Control Lighting When Doors or Windows Open and Close
  • Automatically control lights and appliances when doors open and close
  • Wire standard security sensors to Open/Close Sensor to monitor several doors and windows
  • Battery-operated for easy installation
  • Excellent range - up to 150' from nearest Access Point or any dual-band device
  • Award-winning Insteon technology provides superior performance and reliability
  • Also available in 4-Packs

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    Gain the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be alerted when the back door sneaks ajar or the side window slides open, activate lights, and always be on top of your home's security. Useful for anything else that opens, with the Insteon Hub, you know the exact state of your home's situation, at home or away, day or night.

    Smart Phone
    Smartphone Lights

    Automatic Automation

    Brighten those dark closets and pantries with automation by turning lights on and off when you open and close the closet or pantry door.


    Instant Alert

    Let Insteon be your watchdog. With an array of Insteon sensors throughout your home, you can receive instant alerts via email or notifications the moment something is amiss.

    Perfect for:

    Doors Windows SafesLiquor Cabinets
    Cleaning Supply Cabinet Refrigerators Drawers
    Perfect For


  • General
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2843-222
    UPC 718122388912
    Color White
    Range 150' ft. (line of sight)
    Operational Gap 1/2" between magnet and main case
    Frequency 915MHz ISM Band
    Patents Protected under US and international patents issued and pending (see Operation
    Status LED Green. Blinks on activation
    Aux. Sensor Input Senses contact closure
    Aux. Sensor Input Wire >= 20 gauge wire
    Setup Memory Non-volatile EEPROM
    Insteon Features
    Insteon Addresses 1 hard-coded out of 16,777,216 possible
    Insteon Links 30
    Insteon Device Category 0x10
    Insteon Device Subcategory 0x02
    Insteon RF Yes
    Insteon Product Key (IPK) 0x000049
    Operating Conditions Indoors, 32 to 104° F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Dimensions Main: 3.46" x 1.32" x 0.76",
    Magnet: 2.28" x 0.55" x 0.43"
    Weight 3.5 oz.
    Operating Conditions Indoors, 32 to 104° F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Dimensions 4.1" H x 1.8" W x 1.2" D
    Weight 3.6 oz
    Power 1x AA Alkaline Battery (included)
    Battery Life 6 months (w/ 2 links @ 50 activations per day)
    Certification EN 300 220-2, 301 489-3
    IEC 60669-2-1
    IEC 60884-1
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    Works well for the most part Review by Amelia
    Works well for the most part

    Got these for my doors and windows. The door sensors work well. I have casement windows and the sensors kept falling off.

    Posted on 12/19/2017

    Doesn't turn device on or off Review by Bill
    Doesn't turn device on or off

    I have a scene set up to turn on/off garage light when door opens/closes. Sensor and light switch are connected to the hub and set up in a scene. Everything appears to do what it is suppose to, but the lights do not turn on when door opens. On the app the sensor is triggered and the light icon is activated, but alas light does not turn on. Light will turn on just fine through the app when manually selected, just not when the sensor tells it to. Out of ideas........

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. You would want to check to make sure that you created the scene to the correct state for the light. If issues are still persisting beyond that, you would want to contact the support team at 800-762-7845.

    Posted on 11/25/2017

    Missing jumper support fail Review by Gregory
    Missing jumper support fail

    Called support about the missing jumper indicated by the instructions. They RMA'd the unit. Very disappointed to learn it isn't supposed to be there and support apparently dosn't know this.

    Posted on 7/19/2017

    Easy to install but sure wish an extra magnet was available Review by Stuart
    Easy to install but sure wish an extra magnet was available

    Sensor installed easily. Programming for alert notification was equally as easy. My only wish is that an extra magnet was available for purchase as I use these in sliding window and door applications and with an extra magnet, I could monitor a partially open window or door.

    Posted on 4/26/2017

    Does NOT work with Amazon ECHO Review by Robert
    Does NOT work with Amazon ECHO

    Alexa cant give you the status of it.

    Posted on 1/10/2017

    Does Not Work Properly with ISY Review by Joel
    Does Not Work Properly with ISY

    The device instructions in the box are completely wrong.

    There are some better instructions here on the web. Followed these exactly and the unit links as described for manual linking but no matter what I do it cannot be seen by the ISY.

    Called tech support twice and they really do not have any idea how any of this works with ISY. The first technician was completely clueless but the second call I spoke to someone that basically told me they do not know how or if it works with the ISY.

    I tried the forums and some people responded with ideas but they did not help either.

    Smarthome Insteon products are pretty good but their technical support is terrible so you are basically on your own.

    Posted on 12/4/2016

    Worked great for about 2 weeks Review by roriol
    Worked great for about 2 weeks

    I bought two of these. One works fine, the other worked fine for two weeks then died. I tried 3 different batteries, all new, none worked. Can't put in into link mode. It's just dead dead dead.

    Posted on 12/14/2015

    Heartbeat Included - Excellent upgrade Review by Patrick
    Heartbeat Included - Excellent upgrade

    I received four of these new units and wanted to share my thoughts about them. I was very fortunate to find these units did not in fact lose the jumper to allow dual mode as mentioned by others.

    This can be explained by the fact these units were older stock units with hardware Rev 1.9, produced on 3514. The ISY indicates the firmware which includes the heartbeat function as v.40

    This new addition of the heartbeat node is most welcomed and excellent to see. Having the heartbeat node allows the person to know if the placement of the unit is within RF range and if the battery is still operational.

    The inclusion of the the external set / program button is most excellent. This is another great Insteon update to an existing product line.

    I have written the above review for the benefit of others as Smarthome / Smartlabs has been absolutely terrible in their communications to the customer base about changes to the product line.

    In 2015 your company needs to do a lot better in terms of updating the users manual and listing the change logs of features or deprecation of features from a product.

    Having a customer purchase a item only to find out a specific feature has been removed / omitted is NOT being customer focused!

    Lastly, your engineers need to relay this same information to the Tech Support people because they are getting bombed each day by customers telling them things they should already know!

    But don't because none of you talk to each other.

    Posted on 7/16/2015

    Disappears in ISY Review by Mark
    Disappears in ISY

    Every time I reboot the ISY, I lose the connection to my open/close sensors. I have to remove them from ISY and re-add them.

    Otherwise, their function works like advertised.

    Posted on 5/24/2015

    Missing Features Review by Charles
    Missing Features

    The jumper is no longer part of this unit and the manuals are completely irrelevant. This item can no longer operate two separate functions and will ONLY turn on a scene when the door is opened and off when it closes. If you want it to activate a scene when you open the door and not immediately turn off when the door closes, you are out of luck. Bad update and incorrect unstructions, not sure what they're thinking...

    Smarthome response: We're sorry that the latest version no longer supports two separate functions via the jumper. The Insteon engineers did indicate that the functionality is still there but software selectable only. The latest manual will get posted shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Posted on 3/31/2015

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    • 1x - Magnet
    • 1x - AA Battery
    • 1x - Mounting tape
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