Insteon Remote Control Portable Thermostat

Wireless Climate Control for Your Whole Home
  • Use as a stand-alone Insteon temperature and/or humidity controller
  • Use as a wireless sensor and controller of the Insteon Thermostat
  • Use with I/O Lincs as a wireless thermostat (especially helpful if you have fewer than 4 wires going to your existing thermostat)
  • Make the temperature comfortable where you are
  • Battery-powered; optional 5V Power Supply available
  • Add the remote temperature sensor to monitor fish tanks, pools, spa, etc.



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    Multi-zone ready.

    You don't need to have a mansion to benefit from a multi-zone thermostat system. With the Insteon Thermostat, you can connected up to two additional Insteon Wireless Thermostats for remote temperature monitoring in your home. Place one in the hottest room in the house and use it as a basis for cooling your home. Add one to your guest bedroom and let the in-laws have a say in household temperature. Or simply move the temperature sensing from a dark and deserted hallway to the center of your home.

    Wired Thermostat

    Control and automate your 24V-based heating and cooling

    24V AC

    1 and 2 Stage Heat

    1 and 2 Stage Cooling

    Forced Air Fan

    Wired Thermostat for Heat Pumps

    Control and automate your 24V-based heat pump heating and cooling system

    24V AC

    1 Stage Heat

    1 and 2 Stage Cooling

    Forced Air Fan

    Heat Pumps Only

    Emergency Heat

    Wireless Thermostat

    Anywhere-in-the-home temperature monitoring and line voltage system support

    2 AA Batteries

    Optional 5V Power Supply

    Millivolt Heaters1

    Line-Voltage Heaters2

    1. Control of millivolt heaters requires an Insteon IO Module and at least one dual-band Insteon device.

    2. Control of line voltage heaters requires an Insteon Micro Module.


  • General
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Product Name Insteon Wireless Thermostat
    Manufacturer Product No. 2441ZTH
    UPC 813922010800
    Warranty 2 years, limited
    Warranty 2 Years
    Insteon Features
    Powerline Mesh Repeater No, uses battery power
    Insteon RF Mesh Repeater Yes, with DC power adapter (sold separately)
    Insteon Controller Yes
    Insteon Responder Yes
    Maximum Links/Scenes 400
    Status LED Dual-color red/green, blinks during setup
    LED Brightness N/A
    Local Control No
    Commands Supported as Controller On | Off
    Commands Supported as Responder N/A
    Software Configurable Yes
    RF Range 50 ft. (depending on your home’s construction)
    Phase Bridge Detect Beacon No, RF only device
    Insteon Device Category 0x05 (all frequencies
    Insteon Device Subcategory 2441ZTH (915MHz) | 0x0A
    Mounting Wall mount or tabletop stand
    Wire Connections N/A
    Screw Clamp Connections Yes, 4 position (external temperature sensor and DC power adapter)
    Case Color White
    Set Button 1
    Plastic UV stabilized ABS
    Beeper Yes
    Beep on Button Press Optional (off by default)
    LED 1 dual-color red/green, blue LCD backlit display
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 3.4" x 5.7" x 3"
    Weight 0.55 lbs (8.8 oz)
    Operating Environment Indoors
    Operating Temperature Range 39° to 104°F (4°to 40°C)
    Operating Humidity Range 0-90% relative humidity
    Storage Conditions -4° F to +158° F (-20° C to 70° C)
    Voltage 2 AA batteries (included) or 5VDC Adapter, (sold separately)
    Frequency N/A
    Load Type(s) N/A
    Maximum Load N/A
    Minimum Load N/A
    User Replaceable Fuse No
    Hardwired Remote Control N/A
    Retains All Settings Without Power Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
    Standby Power Consumption 22 micro-Amps
    Certifications FCC, IC Canada, EN International
    FCC ID SBP2441ZT
    Safety Approval(s) N/A, low-voltage device
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    Works good, wish it was as simplier installation. Review by Todd
    Works good, wish it was as simplier installation.

    I wanted to document this incase someone else was having the same issue.  I have successfully installed the 2441ZTH Insteon Wireless Thermostat v.0E and linked this to the ISY994i.  It took a while before the Current State (Temp) showed up in ISY.  I tried many combinations, what I've ended up with was using a USB power supply and a USB cable to power the device.  (I had many laying around)  Then I added manually and factory reset a couple of times.  Eventually I found that you could connect the device using the Link Management and start linking.  I did have the device close to a Insteon 2635-222.  I think just having it up and connected for a while it eventually started sending the temperatures.  Set the thermostat mode via the ISY to Auto, and put the heat to 80 and cooling to 90.  It's working and I'm guessing it's just something you have to fiddle with.
    Keep trying if you're having fun with it, eventually (30 minutes of playing around) it will send temps to ISY.
    Best regards,

    Posted on 12/19/2017

    Love This Review by Amelia
    Love This

    I got this because I didn't have a thermostat upstairs. Connects well to the wired thermostat. Only problem I have had is without the additional DC power, it runs on battery power and has trouble connecting to the app.

    Posted on 12/19/2017

    Reads Temperature Incorrectly Review by David
    Reads Temperature Incorrectly

    I am using the Insteon wireless with the Insteon power supply. It reads 2 to 3 degrees F higher when powered externally, than it does on battery power. I set it right nest to the wired thermostat and another thermometer. They all read pretty much the same on battery power, but not on external power. I am guessing that there is a voltage regulator that makes the thermostat hotter on external power.
    I couldn't get the wireless thermostat to do anything useful. It just kept messing up the settings of the wired thermostat. I have removed the wireless thermostat from all scenes and disabled it in ISY, so now I am using it as a clock, thermometer, and hygrometer. The temperature is not even accurate.

    Posted on 11/23/2017

    Working well with I/O Lincs Review by Lou
    Working well with I/O Lincs

    Bought with an I/O Lincs to replace an older Totaline type unit.

    Thermostat package is larger than it probably needs to be. Radio range seems fine (it is only talking to other wireless Insteon devices, not via wireless to the I/O Lincs, which supports only power line communications).

    Backlight is bright and displays are clear and make sense ("Heat" mode vs "Heating" when calling for heat...nice!). Totaline did not display when it was calling for heat.

    Main drawback is no program running when on batteries only, which the Totaline did. But the superior user interface makes it acceptable in our use case. Might be a deal breaker in some other situations. Using an external power supply kills the portability factor, although it does still eliminate the need for wiring to the furnace room.

    Insteon App with Hub apparently cannot communicate with the thermostat when it is on battery power. Pretty dumb really, as that is an expectation for Insteon devices. It should be talking to the Hub periodically which could cache communications with the thermostat.

    Posted on 5/4/2017

    Using to monitor pool temp. Works great! Review by Bertram
    Using to monitor pool temp. Works great!

    Using the external sensor to monitor temp of the pool water. This is working well.

    Posted on 12/20/2016

    Reverts back to Slave Mode Review by BigDigger
    Reverts back to Slave Mode

    I decided to install the Wireless Thermostat at another location in my house and soon discovered that it keeps reverting back to slave mode. Apparently this is a known issue that goes back a few years according to the link below. This is a big disappointment as this is one of the primary reasons I purchased this thermostat. Smarthome needs to step up to the plate and fix this bug.

    Posted on 11/27/2016

    Worthless as a remote thermostat Review by dfwniceguy
    Worthless as a remote thermostat

    I purchased two of these to use as remote sensors for my two thermostats. I had been using a similar setup with a different manufacturer and had high hopes that these would work as well and would also allow me to use my Insteon setup to give me remote connectivity to my thermostats. My thermostats are placed in locations (hallways) that do not give an accurate reading of the temperature inside the rooms they are meant to control. By using remote sensors, I am able to more accurately keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature.

    What a disappointment! Unfortunately, the remote unit consistently reverts to being the "slave" thermostat. Sometimes the two will maintain the proper "master/slave" relationship for a few days, sometimes they work properly for a few minutes.

    I worked with the Smarthome tech support guys and tried a number of experiments, none of which resolved my issue. You can literally place the remote thermostat next to the wall thermostat and they will forget their "master/slave" relationship.

    When the tech support guys told me that nobody else had reported similar problems and that there was nothing more that could be done, I decided to replace the thermostats with the previous non-Insteon models that were working fine.

    I would definitely recommend that you not purchase these for use as a remote thermostat.

    Posted on 8/9/2016

    Exactly what I needed Review by Luke
    Exactly what I needed

    I needed a thermostat upstairs to operate a second zone I just installed (with electronic dampers and a zone controller), but I didn't want to fish wires through the wall. So I wired up an Insteon thermostat to the zone controller and put a portable Insteon thermostat upstairs as the master. This works like a CHARM. It is exactly the solution I needed and I have no complaints whatsoever.

    Posted on 7/24/2016

    Works well; but try to use it with the newer 6v power supply Review by Luke
    Works well; but try to use it with the newer 6v power supply

    I'm using this to control a HVAC duct booster fan in order to pump air to my finished attic. It works very well for me. It has been reliable though it has failed to turn off the booster fan a couple of times (rare though). The device is far away from the relay (2 floors away) so I suspect this would work better if closer or if I had more devices.

    - Looks nice
    - Temperature and humidity readings are accurate (I cross-checked it with some other sensors)

    - Doesn't have a good way to turn on the backlight. It comes on when you press a button on the thermostat (such as the temperature up button) but that means you have to increase the temperature to get the backlight on. I believe newer ones have fixed this by making the set button accessible without opening the cover.

    Other thoughts:
    - I am using this with the 6v power supply so that I can query the temperature remotely. The device seemed to intermittently respond. However, Insteon sent me an newly designed power supply (without my asking) and the device works more reliably now.

    Posted on 2/25/2015

    Works perfect Review by GeorgeG
    Works perfect

    I use this as a wireless controller for 2 space heaters which are plugged into 2 Insteon outlet modules. Works perfect and is like having central heat with very precise control. If you want this to control your central HVAC system you need to start with the wired controller and use this as a remote sensor/controller.

    Posted on 1/20/2015

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